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Largoing back to LA!

by Linzy 28th Feb 2012 | 16 comments

Tim’s extending his stay in LA to play an intimate show at Largo at the Coronet on the 9th April 2012!

The venue holds a measly 280 people, so if you want to see this panda-eyed Australian up close and personal, you’d better get a move on as the show is already on sale!

Tickets are available exclusively online at Largo’s website here.

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Melinda on 9th of March 2012

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU for adding another night!!!!! :D
You’ve lifted us from the debts of despair to the dizzying heights of euphoria!!! <3

While you're in L.A., you might want to check out the famous Rock Star at the County Museum of Art. xoxo

Helena Guerrero on 5th of March 2012

My LA dream play list: So fckng rock, If didn’t have you, Pope song, Lullaby, Not perfect, Prejudice, Angry Poem, Rock’n’roll nerd, Alelluya, White wine in the song, Canvas bag, Peace Anthem, Dark side, Inflatable you, F sharp, Youtube lament, If you open your mind… and I love the Hungry Hippos and religion, tony the fish, american evolution stand up….Can’t stop watching them… Got all DVD’s..

Helena Guerrero on 2nd of March 2012

Knew it will sold out! Got tixs as soon as heard about it, but if you add another show will stay another day, see you twice…wow!….. But , please, SF…

PDXcat on 1st of March 2012

Back up to Portland, pleeeeeeeeeaaassse??!?

Robert on 1st of March 2012

Argh! Sold out… Another show please, Tim?

Al on 1st of March 2012

Sold out already! Please add another show!

Melinda on 29th of February 2012

Waited too long, hoping he might play at The Grove again. :'((
Please add another, Timmy???We need to wear our F’in Tony shirts!

kim camp on 29th of February 2012

SF! – No, better yet, Oakland. They can’t handle you in SF. (yipee!)

rsps on 29th of February 2012

I’ll be there!!

Justin on 29th of February 2012

Seattle plz? last time I ask Tim why no seattle shows, he pointed me to his schedule and He had just added one, saddly ended up too broke to go. ruined my whole month =(

umm... on 29th of February 2012

lol – would be hilarious if he described himself as a ‘panda – eyed Australian’

Helena Guerrero on 29th of February 2012

Got my tixs!!! So excited …saw him last year in LA, flew from SF. I do hope you come to SF soon!

Don on 28th of February 2012

Please, Minchin site fairies, convince Tim to come back to Seattle.

Thank you.

Chris on 28th of February 2012

I’ll wear my kilt again so Tim can pick on me from the stage. :-D

Mystra on 28th of February 2012

I went and saw him there last year. He was awesome. I wish that I had the date free so that I could see him again…

BriiMonster on 28th of February 2012

I’m super disappointed this wasn’t posted by Tim. I love the thought of him describing himself as a ‘panda-eyed Australian’ in the third person. :(

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