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Today, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) have launched a new social networking platform, myShakespeare, for the London 2012 Festival, to mark the start of the World Shakespeare Festival (WSF), the biggest ever celebration of Shakespeare.

myShakespeare, which is supported by BP, is free to access and users can create their own unique searches, based on a particular moment in time, and share their personal data visualisations through Facebook and Twitter.

Tim says: “Saying Shakespeare was a good writer is like saying space is big… The Royal Shakespeare Company produced this festival to celebrate the incredibly diverse ways in which Will’s work still lives, and – most importantly – to encourage you guys to get in amongst it.”

Michael Boyd, RSC Artistic Director, says: “We hope that people will join [the] conversation, either by blogging or through Facebook and Twitter, and make myShakespeare their Shakespeare.”

Tim is the first to join the conversation, introducing the project in the video below in his own very special way. So whether Tim is the sun to you or you compare him to a summer’s day (he makes you sneeze?); whether you love to see him play the Fool or even if, for you, it is all about his Bottom… take a look at what he has to say about myShakespeare especially if you think the soul of the man is in his clothes…

Feel free to comment below on how you might “get in amongst it” and whether you find the end of the video a comedy or a tragedy…


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Lorna on 11th of May 2012

Really enjoyable piece. Thanks.
P.S. Loving the hair! x

hashi on 25th of April 2012

Tim rocks. Every way.

Sophie on 20th of April 2012

TIM YOUR HAAAIIIIR! YOU HAVEN’T BACKCOMBED IT!!! YOU MAY HAVE EVEN BRUSHED IT!!!!! AAAAH!!! Still, looks hot ;) Oh, and I’m thinking you should wear those tights to one of your shows ;) xx

Helen on 19th of April 2012

Shakespeare stuff is great….
but Tim in a codpiece…AWESOME!

Toni on 18th of April 2012

The video is fabulous and the Bard would have loved it! Congratulations RSC – this is a great way to draw in the troops. Oh and Tim, please never change – no matter how you are presented (wild hair, straight hair, curly hair etc) your handsome, kind, intelligent face just mesmerises.

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 18th of April 2012

40 seconds in. Cracks me up everytime. Marry me Tim?

Lucy on 18th of April 2012

Loving the video Tim!
And you are still Rock n Roll in tights!

Lucy on 18th of April 2012

Great video Tim! Love it xx

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 18th of April 2012

Good little video. Made me giggle. And I do love Shakespeare, obviously, it’s hard to not appreciate him. Buutt, what’s happened to Tim’s hair? It’s so long and straight! I miss his wild hair!

Leslie Anne on 18th of April 2012

Love it – Tim’s bringing the codpiece back into casual day wear!

Jennifer West on 18th of April 2012

Fantastic. And you look fabulous in tights! And I love normal you. You look great with makeup and hair or without, not without hair but you know what I mean!

Anny Tait on 18th of April 2012

Bad hair day Tim?

Lyn Matthews on 18th of April 2012

Just when I wondered if there was another reason to adore you. I LOVE Shakespeare almost as much as you.

Simon on 18th of April 2012

Getting dressed in Elizabethan times – “darling, have you seen my codpiece?” “it’s in the wash”. Foul play? Nice vid Timmy…

Rachel on 17th of April 2012

His left leg was rotated internally.

Janine on 17th of April 2012

Brill video – love the tights xx

Liz on 17th of April 2012

The end……certainly a comedy!

Lesley on 17th of April 2012

Lol you always brighten up my day. Xx

Warwickshire Shithouse on 17th of April 2012

I want Tim Minchin in rep at The RSC. I have said it for many years now. Matilda was a fabulous compromise – may there be more of those – but I want him in Shakespeare. Tim is the closest thing to Shakespeare I can find in this modern world. Sure he might swear more than Will, but fuck, he has the best linguistic dexterity I’ve heard since I last was at the RSC. Watching Shakespeare.
Summer in Stratford is great. The kids will love it. There’s the butterfly farm and a living farm at Mary Arden’s House.

Daffy on 17th of April 2012

Tim’s feeling awkward. I don’t like awkward Timmy.

chris on 17th of April 2012

he looks weird without makeup

Paxton Addleman on 17th of April 2012

I don’t know… Wasn’t Shakespeare pretty much just the Jerry Springer’s Real Wives of Elizabethan Shore?
I’m not convinced…

RJK on 17th of April 2012

Will is able to express what most we feel but are mostly unable to put into words. certainly not cool words. I feel that way about Tim’s STORM.

RJK on 17th of April 2012

Will is great because he expresses so well what we humans feel but are mostly unable to put into words. I feel that way about Tim’s STORM.

Vanessa on 17th of April 2012

Best description of Romeo & Juliet ever.

Mary on 17th of April 2012

“all my photo shoots in tights..”

rsps on 17th of April 2012

Great video!

the kidd on 17th of April 2012

looking good in tights there tim old boy

Iona on 17th of April 2012

Nice leggings Tim , Feel a new costume coming on ;)

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