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I’ve just been sent final figures from the Koko gig in London in December.

We raised a total of £13,561.69 for the amazing work Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) are doing in Syria.

Jut wanted to say thanks very much for coming and putting money into buckets and generally being awesome.

Here is the MSF website if you’re interested in getting more involved.

In other news, I’m in LA with the flu. Hope you’re all well.




me 'n' Pete Clements

me ‘n’ Pete Clements

“Rock For The Docs” photos by house photographer Joe Traylen.

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Mel Mc on 27th of February 2014

When is your next UK gig Tim?

PULAU TIDUNG on 3rd of February 2014

It was a fabulous concert, thank you so much…

MSF Australia on 3rd of February 2014

Thanks mate, much appreciated

Next time you’re back in Homeland, come visit us in MSF Sydney office !
Huge fans there

Ros on 26th of January 2014

Thanks for MSF info. Would like to do more.

Fluff on 25th of January 2014

It was a fabulous concert, thank you so much for doing whatever the hell you felt like doing, it was awesome (if I can get aways with saying that in a British accent). Superb support from your band and Bitter Ruin as well. Get well soon.

Soozie Woozie on 24th of January 2014

Was there! It was fabulous/awesome/amazing! Fank yooo! Get well and come back soon! Xxx

olanoo on 24th of January 2014

Legend. And I can spot my ‘ridiculously good looking boyfriend’, in that audience shot, just under the arms in the air, right in the centre.. I’m somewhere in front of him, but am way too short to be seen! Ha. Wonderful pics from a wonderful night, sorry to have missed you but glad you got the cheese OK. Get better soon! O :-)

Rosamund (Ros) on 24th of January 2014

How exciting and congratulations on raising so much dosh for such a good cause. You really are one in a million. The exciting bit ( as well as the money) is that we were there and in the photo marked ‘You’, on the first balcony, right in the centre, just to the right of the sound and lighting box or whatever it is called (I am sitting next to Mr B who has a white beard..but once was ginger). We were incredibly lucky to be there and to be given seats (quite old) and also having travelled a long way to get there.

Hope you are better soon. Don’t worry, I am in Suffolk and have flu too. Should imagine it is better where you are. Not sure about the flu jab – all those chemicals.

Mandi on 24th of January 2014

Brilliant on all frontieres! Well done to everyone involved. Keep up the good work X

Shelley Bartley on 24th of January 2014

Mr. Minchin, you are an inspiration. Thank you for not being a hypocrite, for being real, and for making a difference!

Kelly Louise Revell on 24th of January 2014

Tim you’re a true inspiration. You’re a fantastically, talented man. You’ve created some wonderful music, my favorites are Predjudice and storm. I would give anything in the world to be able to see you live, unfortunately I’m disabled and have been told I have a life expectancy of 45 I’m 40 now. It’s impossible to get to London on public transport because of my wheelchair. Wish you well get better soon and look after that gorgeous voice. <3 <3 <3

Karen on 24th of January 2014

You are so ROCK, Mr Tim, Good on ya. Big congratulations on the money you have raised. What’s next on your agenda i wonder? Get well soon Mr Tim. Take good care of you.

cinco da mama on 24th of January 2014

Just saw Matilda in NY- I told one of my 10 year old daughters do you know Tim Minchin wrote the music to this show? Her answer – the guy that sings “Ginger”. Ahhh – yes. Hope you feel better

Leonie on 24th of January 2014

Great work and please get well soon you gorgeous man!

Lynda on 24th of January 2014

Great work for a very good cause. Hope you get better soon.

Terry Cain on 24th of January 2014

Be well! :)

kb on 23rd of January 2014

Hey! There’s a vaccine for that! Next year get one!

When I get sick I sit on the couch and watch Tim Minchin videos…….oh.

Carolyn Hardy-Asfour on 23rd of January 2014

Thats wonderful! I hope you feel better soon, that flu is a nasty bug. Drink lots of fluids and watch cartoons with a comfy blanket, it always helps ;o) Take care you sweet heart of human kind

Charlotte on 23rd of January 2014

It’s so great you do such things for charity! You are awesome. Hope you get well soon! x

Charlotte on 23rd of January 2014

it’s so great you do such things for charity! you are so awesome. hope you get well soon! x

Caroline on 23rd of January 2014

It is me, how did you know?!

Lee on 23rd of January 2014

Congratulations! A very worthwhile organization. Thank you for caring enough to get involved.

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