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Get excited Australia because there’s one hell of a show coming your way!

Your favourite fashion icon / mock rock star / musical theatre composer (delete as applicable) is heading back to the iconic Sydney Opera House to play a special, one-off show on its forecourt!

Tim will be performing on Monday 23rd February 2015 as part of the On The Steps series of concerts.

He’ll be bringing with him a band of unspecified size, to play a currently undecided setlist that’ll feature a mix of your favourite classics, with a few bits and pieces you might not have heard before thrown in for good measure!

This is Tim’s only Australian show scheduled for 2015 (apologies to the rest of the country) so you’ll want to get your tickets sharpish and, fortunately, we’ve got a presale link for you:

The presale opens on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 at 10am and closes on Thursday 4th December 2014 at 5pm.

The general sale will then run from 10am on Friday 5th December 2014.

UPDATE: This show is now SOLD OUT.

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Donna Keen on 4th of December 2014

[sigh] Please come to the East Coast U.S.! Envious of you fans coming to the Australia performance. Nevertheless, still trying to turn friends/family/coworkers to the “Tim” side.

Bernita Jenkins on 1st of December 2014

Hey, Tim,

I am but a humble, under-earning individual…BUT I JUST BOUGHT TICKETS ! Sorry to shout…This is a rarity & I had to choose between you & The Foos (which is obviously a big deal).

See you on the 23rd… (I will wave manically from the stairs (obviously the extra chair-price saved will buy a morsel of food).

Am looking forward to some major rib-tickling…

Karen Griffin on 1st of December 2014

Christmas present for our whole family! Hopefully!

marcia spitzkowsky on 28th of November 2014

Is this standing only in a big crowd? Any facilities for disabled people with MS who are not in a wheelchair yet? Would love to go but will probably fall down and not be able to watch after half an hour of standing in a crowd.

Anita on 28th of November 2014

Any chance it will be televised?? You Tube??

Hilton on 28th of November 2014

FFFFFk yeah,
Oh I’ve been waiting for this!
Tim I’m a ginger, and my partner’s a ginger (well he says strawberry blond, wtf’s with that huh) and want Ginger backstage passes mr Minchin!
Can’t wait!

Tyler De Jong on 28th of November 2014

Hey Tim/Tim’s team,
Considering booking flights/hotels over to Sydney for this show, will there be a meet and greet package available? Cheers guys! :)

Ian smith on 28th of November 2014

Can’t wait!!!!

Cheryl Rymer on 28th of November 2014

What’s an Aussie to do in New Zealand?

Heather Pulsford on 28th of November 2014

Well that sorts out my Christmas present. Who could possibly want more.
Will be a concert long to be remembered.

Angela on 28th of November 2014

Anyone know if we need to register for presale? Or is it just all in?

Angela on 28th of November 2014

Do we need to register for presale???

Julie White on 28th of November 2014

Aww Tim, spent all my pocket money buying flights & tickets for Matilda (Sydney). Agree with Liz. Please, how about a treat for us Wait Awhile = West Aussies. Cheers Julie

Kathy Patten on 27th of November 2014


Liz on 27th of November 2014

C’mon Tim! Just one in your home town please? Long way for us West Aussie fans to travel.

Briony Burnes on 27th of November 2014

I’m trying to be calm but I’m just fan girling so hard right now!

Cindy on 27th of November 2014

Sydney only? Dammit. Hello, Qantas.

Sandra on 27th of November 2014

Melbourne has got steps too. Dammit now i’ll have to book a flight

Tammy Brownhill on 27th of November 2014

I can’t wait!!!! It’s going to be a fabulous show

Sarah Braithwaite on 27th of November 2014

Presale? Im pre-excited!!!!!!!!

Zoe Ford on 27th of November 2014

YES!!! ahahahahaha YES!

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