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Play School, Australia’s longest-running children’s series, is celebrating 50 years on air! Next month ABC KIDS is presenting a series of Play School Celebrity Covers, sure to delight both the young and the young-at-heart. From the 4th July, episodes will air daily on ABC KIDS at 8am and 5pm.

Tim’s mini-episode, The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek, is on ABC KIDS at 8am on the 13th July and it will be up on iView shortly after the broadcast.

Here’s a sneak peek at the star-studded line-up who’ll be performing a song or reading a story:

Until we hear the rest of the story, Tim’s apparent existential crisis will remain an enigma…

UPDATE: Click here for a video clip of Tim reading a bit more of The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek.

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Tania on 27th of June 2016

Always the arched window. Always.

Gaynor on 23rd of June 2016

Fabulous! It just needs Richard Roxburgh and it will be perfect!

Leighann on 23rd of June 2016

Ohh my how exciting for all involved and us the viewers. Smiled the whole way through watching this sneak peak at what’s coming up…..cheers from a 50 something year old, my children and grandchildren.

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