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As we announced here, next month ABC KIDS is presenting a series of Play School Celebrity Covers, to celebrate 50 years on air.

Tim’s mini-episode, The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek, is on ABC KIDS at 8am on the 13th July and it will be up on iView shortly after the broadcast.

Here’s Tim and Jemima:

Episodes will air daily on ABC KIDS at 8am and 5pm from the 4th July.

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molly perry on 11th of July 2016

do David Walliams books or Roald Dahls books they’re very awesome and funny!

molly perry on 11th of July 2016

that was random and very short much longer next time

Andy on 1st of July 2016

Damn I wish I could see this. Stupid not being Australian. Gnnn.

And yes, do CBeebies Bedtime stories. Your voice is soothing.

Nicole on 1st of July 2016

Mummy will be watching Play School very closely…

Jenny Storey on 1st of July 2016

You should do Jackanory, you have such a lovely calming voice. X

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