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Andy Karl (Phil Connors) Photo © Manuel Harlan

Andy Karl (Phil Connors) Photo © Manuel Harlan

Last night Tim attended the official opening night of his new musical Groundhog Day at The Old Vic Theatre in London.

The show received a full standing ovation from a delighted audience and enthusiastic reviews are rolling in:

The Telegraph *****

“Groundhog Day: the Musical is an instant classic – and could be better than the movie”

The Times *****

“so much fun that it should be illegal.”

“manages to couple laugh-out-loud British humour with American razzmatazz.”

The Independent *****

“Such a tonic that it’s a pity you can’t get a repeat prescription for it.”

The Stage *****

“An absolute triumph”

“…tone is finely established in composer Tim Minchin’s evocative and exhilarating score… It is at once supremely melodic, magical, haunting and hilarious.”

WhatsOnStage *****

“[Andy Karl’s] is an outstanding performance at the centre of a magnificent work that sends everyone out into the night cheering – and just a little wiser.”

The Guardian ****

“fantastically smart, clever and witty”

Evening Standard *****

“…relentlessly amusing, Groundhog Day is a treat.”

Andy Karl (Phil Connors) Photo © Manuel Harlan

Andy Karl (Phil Connors) Photo © Manuel Harlan

Andy Karl plays Phil Connors, a cynical Pittsburgh TV weatherman sent to cover the annual Groundhog Day event in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Caught in a time loop, he’s forced to relive the same day again and again…and again. As Phil becomes increasingly despondent, is there a lesson being learned and will he ever figure out the secret to break the cycle?

Carlyss Peer plays Rita Hanson, his kindly producer, alongside an ensemble cast.

Four of the Matilda creative team: Tim, composer and lyricist, director Matthew Warchus, choreographer Peter Darling and designer Rob Howell reunited and joined forces with writer Danny Rubin to collaborate on this new musical based on his 1993 hit film.

Andy Karl (Phil Connors) and Carlyss Peer (Rita Hanson) Photo © Manuel Harlan

Andy Karl (Phil Connors) and Carlyss Peer (Rita Hanson)
Photo © Manuel Harlan

Groundhog Day will be on until Saturday 17th September, 2016.

More information, full cast details and Tickets can be found on The Old Vic website. You can also book over the phone: 0844 871 7628 or in person at The Old Vic.


UPDATE: You’ll find a selection of photos, by Dan Wooller, taken at Groundhog Day‘s Press Night in WhatsOnStage here.

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Ron MacPhee on 13th of September 2016

It is many years since I have been moved so deeply by a production. Groundhog Day is everything that is brilliant at its brilliant best. I’m a reluctant to single out one aspect of the show for more praise because it is all fantastic . . . . I hope I can see it again some day. Thank you.

Manda on 1st of September 2016

Please please please say they are to announce a London transfer or a UK tour of Groundhog Day. I can’t get tickets. 😢 having loved Matilda I have read these reviews and watched the previews videos but it appears to be the hottest ticket in town!

Lucy Melluish on 30th of August 2016

Your musical sounds fabulous! Is there any way of knowing how I can book tickets for its next run in london or in the UK?

Heather Elliott on 20th of August 2016

Congratulations Tim Minchin and colleagues! Saw Matilda in Toronto last month, and am now learning to play “When I Grow Up” on the piano, badly, but with enthusiasm. I teach middle school in Indiana so I don’t get out much, but I hope I get a chance to see GHD someday!

Dickon on 19th of August 2016

As an early birthday present, and after listening to me rave about Mr Minchin’s brilliance for many years (starting late with The Canvas Bag tour), I was given an unbeatable, but compellingly repeatable, birthday present. We both so enjoyed GHD last week that I am now trying to find more tickets to show my friends what all the fuss is about. Ab-so-lute-ly brilliant! Anyone who rhymes ‘basis’ with ‘stasis’ in a musical is not just writing songs! The music, the direction, the actors, the sets. Stunning. Will you PLEASE film it so that we can then buy a DVD (or BluRay) for posterity? I’ll buy a few! Thank you again.

Vivien on 19th of August 2016

Please take “Groundhog Day” on tour so more of us can enjoy it.

Glenda on 18th of August 2016

Congrats once again, Tim! Not surprised by the rave reviews, of course. So happy for you! Looking forward to seeing it, and will jump at the chance to buy an original cast recording of yet another collection of your masterful compositions as soon as it’s released. Maybe your next project ought to be to make a little more room to display the awards that will undoubtedly be coming your way. Bravo!!

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