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Tim & Rich RHLSTP 2016

Back in July Tim was a guest on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP).

The episode will be available on Wednesday 14th September. You can watch and/or listen via these links:

Video of the interview will be on iTunes and YouTube.

Audio will be on iTunes and British Comedy Guide.

RHLSTP #114 Fish Pie Mix- Tim Minchin: Rich has exciting news that will make other puppet-sex enthusiasts very jealous, but there’s no time for even a brief wank using the hand of a 100 year old ventriloquist dummy as it’s the second coming of, if not the new Jesus, certainly the new Judas, Tim Minchin. The pair bring out the best worst in each other again, alternating between inappropriate chat about wangs and fufus and serious topics like the rise of anti-intellectualism, the imminent destruction of the planet and what motivates anyone to betray a living God. Also what would you do if you had the chance to destroy a space ship where a small majority of the aliens were evil? Should dirty britcom confessions be seen as a compliment? How does David Duchovny spend his spare time on set? Has anyone interviewing Tim not attempted the obvious Groundhog Day joke? And most importantly has Tim Minchin ever tried sushi? This is the one place that will tell you.”

UPDATE (To add video)

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