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Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

Tim’s been cast as Friar Tuck in a gritty new take on the classic Robin Hood story.

Scripted by Joby Harold and directed by Otto Bathurst, Robin Hood: Origins is scheduled for release in the US March 2018.

Taron Egerton will play Robin Hood, with Jamie Foxx as Little John and Eve Hewson, Maid Marian. Jamie Dornan, Ben Mendelsohn and Paul Anderson also star in the action-adventure feature,

Filming will take place in Croatia and Hungary, where some training has already taken place.

Those of you watching Tim’s Instagram account, a couple of weeks ago, now have an explanation for those photos in boots, on horseback and more.

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MaryLou from New Jersey on 23rd of February 2017

So happy and proud of you, Tim. Are all your dreams coming true? It seems like life couldn’t be better. Love you! Best of luck! MaryLou from New Jersey

Richard Dowson on 17th of February 2017

Having followed and loved your work, all I can say is this; Onya Tim. Keep loving your job, your life and yourself. Give as much to yourself as you do to the world.

Aleksandra on 15th of February 2017

It should be illegal. Friar not supposed to be so sweet and sexy. But the whole Catholic Church will be cheering seeing him on his knees praying.

Sue on 15th of February 2017

Cripes– Wee Timmy AND Jamie–I’ll pee myself.

Fiona Moore on 15th of February 2017

ZOMG is Ben Mendelson the Sherriff?????

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