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Tim will play Chihoohoo in Nathan Jurevicius’s upcoming animated movie Arkie. He joins, already announced, cast members Shailene Woodley, Jai Courtney and Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor.

Arkie is a fantastical adventure about an inventive and inquisitive young girl, Arkie (Woodley) who must leave the safety of her home and embark on an epic journey to the dazzling but dangerous metropolis The City Of Light to rescue her father Blister from the clutches of the evil scientist Dr. Maybee (Courtney).

Chihoohoo (Tim), a hybrid Chihuahua, is a baddie! Boo hiss! He’s one of Dr Maybee’s sly underworld contacts, a ruthless underworld lord who controls The City of Light’s lucrative black market.

Arkie will be on a big screen near you in late 2019.

Arkie was created by artist Nathan Jurevicius (the award winning talent behind the Scarygirl graphic novel and video game). To see additional images and learn more about the film and the team behind it, head over to @arkiethemovie on Facebook.

Arkie Poster_

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Abby Tsui on 1st of February 2018

I’m so proud of you, Tim! I love you!!!

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