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October 2006

Adam Hillsong

by Tim 20th Oct | 91 comments

Hi guys.

I’ve had a lot of interest in the song I wrote for Spicks and Specks (TV show in Australia). You can see it in all its homoerotic glory by clicking HERE.

You Northern hemisphere types who haven’t heard of the show or its host, Adam Hills, will be confused. (All you need to know is that Hillsong is the name of one of those huge, wealthy, obscene, exploitative church groups near Sydney, and that Adam is a charming, funny, good-looking Australian comedian… with one of his feet missing.)

Adam Hillsong (Not endorsed by the Hillsong Church pty ltd)

At night I dream of your quirky, intelligent face
I wistfully wish for your monopedal embrace.

But I am just a fan
You are the father of humanity
But if you’ll be my man
I would give a rib to be your Eve

Hills are made for climbing and I’ll climb them all for you
And dem
Valleys you traverse I’m not averse to going down into

Wherever in your Eden you might travel I will follow.
And if a serpent holds an apple and entices me to swallow
I will not be tempted by the fruit the serpent proffers
Though I’ve never been that great at resisting offers made by

Hills are made for climbing and oh boy I’ll do my best
But if the apple is too sweet and shiny to resist
I swear that I’ll try not to choke as with my guilt I grapple
But if inside my throat I feel a lump, it’ll be my Adam’s Apple.

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Hi. As some have already pointed out (thanking you kindly) the album of “So Rock” is available at Middle Eight Music. It’s an Australian-based company, so if you live elsewhere and don’t want to import it (or Dark Side – which is also available from Middle Eight), I’ve got a UK company starting to distribute them soon. I think.

My Australian tour dates are a bit firmer now. It’s looking like:

Wollongong – 17th March.

Adelaide – 19th – 31st March

Brisbane – 9th – 15th April

Melbourne – 17th – 29th April

Sydney – 1st – 13th May

Perth – 21st May

More info as it comes to hand.


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Hi y’all.

Just wanted to let you know about some gigs and stuff.

I’m appearing with the excellent Rhod Gilbert at the Comedy Store in Manchester on the 25 Oct. Which is really soon. Check it out.

Then I’m playing at the Duchess Theatre on the West End (wahoo) on the 12th November. Should be fun. Tickets here.

Then I have a baby. Which should keep me busy for a week or two.

My UK tour runs from late Jan to early March next year. All the exciting details can be found on my gigs page.

I’m sorry I’ve STILL not got any downloads up. For some reason it’s not letting me upload anything, and I need to figure it out. (I’ve just been on the road for ages, so everything’s been on hold a bit til now.)

Also, So Rock IS going to be available online… very soon. Am just waiting on people in Aus. I’ll let yez know. Maybe a week away.

Finally, check out my Myspace page if you’re into that sort of thing. And if you want to join my small but dedicated band of stalkers, you could go here. Nuts. Nice nuts.

Hope everyone is managing to maintain a consistent position between coping and ecstatic.


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