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So Rock Cds Online

by Tim 18th Oct 2006 | 26 comments

Hi. As some have already pointed out (thanking you kindly) the album of “So Rock” is available at Middle Eight Music. It’s an Australian-based company, so if you live elsewhere and don’t want to import it (or Dark Side – which is also available from Middle Eight), I’ve got a UK company starting to distribute them soon. I think.

My Australian tour dates are a bit firmer now. It’s looking like:

Wollongong – 17th March.

Adelaide – 19th – 31st March

Brisbane – 9th – 15th April

Melbourne – 17th – 29th April

Sydney – 1st – 13th May

Perth – 21st May

More info as it comes to hand.


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Al B Here on 11th of January 2007

What about the fans in North America? I caught your Dark Side show during the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal this past summer. Killer show.

Blake on 27th of December 2006

Me and sarah are deciding which concerts to go to…
its hard to choose between them all…. so we are looking at all of them at the moment :P

(i used the dots before i met sarah… honest!)

EmO_eChIdNa on 5th of December 2006

YaY! BRIZZY!!!! oi r there any age restrictions or stuff…cuz me and my m8 tried 2 buy tickets for another gig(bands) and they wouldnt let us in cuz we were too young…that wont happen will it?!?!?! or will i hafta get an older person 2 cum with me???

omg ur a hole 16 years older than me! WOW! thats no fair! u dont look dat old!!! i always thort u were like early-mid 20’s!!! dats amazing!!!….a bit of a let down tho…16 yrs :(

anyways! ROCK ON!

Jonesy on 26th of October 2006

:( Tasmanias a no go by the looks of it. If it’s possible please come, Tassie misses you, all ur fans down here are in mourning, candle light vigils, the whole lot. Please perform in Tas (lights candle)
p.s just got So Rock CD awesome stuff, the fat children songs hell good even though its harsh beyond belief (hums tune)

Taryn on 25th of October 2006

Perth on May 21st hey…looks like I get to spend my 25th Birthday in your company Tim!

Rajita on 24th of October 2006

GWEE, when will ze tickets be available for this crazy romp down under, and which scary fangirls do I have to smackdown to get me one!?

I gave up the piano a year ago, but damn you’re so good and you make it sound so easy I…I want to be like you! 31 eh…I have ten years to reach your level of talent. Better get crackin’!

X. on 22nd of October 2006

Yeah, we all want the finger up your bum lyrics instead of the tax return part.

Cazza/Caroline on 21st of October 2006

OOOH I’m seconding Aston’s request for the other lyrics I heard in Edinburgh, that would be appreciated my good man…go on, you know it makes sense ;-)


Aston on 20th of October 2006

Got the CD in Edinburgh, and I’m sad to say…lyrics in “If you really loved me” are the tax ones! I don’t suppose you could post the bum ones, do you? If don’t there will be…repercussions. As a percussionist, I’m sure you know how awful repercussion can be.

Jacks on 19th of October 2006

You know you’ve made it when you’ve got a nice scarey bunch of stalkers…. calm down girls.

Dani on 19th of October 2006

Yeah… *whines* I hafta wait a week til mine!

*sulks off to room and plays old Tim cd loudly until new Tim cd gets here*


Nicola on 19th of October 2006


Cat on 19th of October 2006

Oh Tim you sexy sexy sex head! I still cannot wait! Sydney!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop thinking about it… & you!!
Hehe I’m going to buy lots more canvas bags with you on them and use one as a school bag when I don’t have much stuff hee hee
And one to get signed and framed…
And one just to keep… And shop with!
But definately one to keep nice.
I’m too good at rambling

Charlotte on 19th of October 2006

I agree with Sarah. Wollongong! Yay! :D

Jono on 19th of October 2006

Oh Yay!!! CD Arrived today… listening to it now. Its soooooooo fucking rock! :P

Nicola on 19th of October 2006

*eagerly awaits arrival of CD*
Hey your Perth tour starts the day before my friend’s birthday. Guess what she’s getting for a present?

Cazza/Caroline on 19th of October 2006

Well there’s not much I can say to this news, I’m not in Australia and I bought So Rock in Edinburgh (twas fate that led me to the Guilded Balloon that day I reckon hehe)

But I will say that I’m happy for those who have yet to hear So Rock….you are all in for a treat, it’s brilliant!!

Nightlife on 19th of October 2006

Ordered it as soon as Middle 8s email arrived. 3 hours later your email arrived. 10 points for being on the ball.

X. on 19th of October 2006

Hey Tim!
Still listening to your CDs nonstop. You’re the best therapy in the world.

Rachel on 18th of October 2006

Nice show in spicks and specks. Think you had Adam going…

Rachel on 18th of October 2006

PLEASE MAKE A TRIP TO TASSIE…SAW YOU TWICE LAST TIME AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU BACK (Hobart) – It got warmer since you were last here ;) (global warming???) haha

Sarah on 18th of October 2006

Yay!! just got So Rock…!!! Timmy you’re so sweet…

Sarah on 18th of October 2006

OMG!!! WOLLONGONG!!! I knew you’d give in eventually Tim… and that’s why I love you… no… that’s a lie… there’s other reasons too…
A woman can always get what she wants if she nags enough!!! ….
Thanks again…

Kirsty on 18th of October 2006

Curse you Sarah… you win this round.

Sarah on 18th of October 2006

Ok… now that I’ve made the first comment… SOO SOOO SOOO SOOOOOOO HAPPY that you’re coming to Wollongong!! And Sydney … like… 2 months apart!!! whoot!!!!… So much to look forward to… Spicks and Specks tonight… whoot!!!

Thank you Tim!

Sarah on 18th of October 2006

First commment! yay!!… Wollongong YAY!!!

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