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Due to a flatteringly high demand for tickets (which Tim will simply not allow to go to his head) several more dates have been added to the Australian Tour 2009. In fact there are now dates in the…future… 2010!

There is an additional date in Brisbane at QPAC in December 2009 and then in February 2010: Melbourne Palais Theatre, Sydney The State Theatre and Newcastle Civic Theatre.

For more information take a look at the GIGS page.

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Bryce on 11th of January 2010

Found out about you after your last Australia tour sold out, been an avid fan ever since. The minute I found out you were touring again I had a ticket. Can’t wait to see you live man.

Brad on 13th of November 2009

Tasmania? :(

LCP on 3rd of November 2009

Oh no!! Miss UK dates! :o( heading to Australia in January for 3 weeks – can’t you add a date please… pretty please!?

Ophelia on 1st of November 2009

Oh my, interesting comments =D
You are terrific, just amazing. Please do a tour of europe :)
Austria? :D
Liverpoooollll :)

Nataliee on 30th of October 2009

you must come back to glasgow i couldnt get tickets no matter how hard i tried!!

Karina on 28th of October 2009


Sheila Dalton on 26th of September 2009

I’m trying to save up my money…and begging off people I know…for a flight out for my birthday on December 4th! If I can’t fly out….well….I’ll just have to do with the dvds. Man, I hope I get my school checks early! Hope to see you in Melbourne!

Joe on 24th of September 2009

Well, I’m just happy I saw him at Swansea. Great show, and I know all the others would have been of a similar standard.

Miley – whoa. Fangirls. Wonderful creatures.

Clint on 21st of September 2009

Woo Hoo – I’m in the third row for the first Brisvegas show.

Sarah on 21st of September 2009

Ahahaha… Funny Miley.
Thanks for being nice Tim.

Debbie on 20th of September 2009

I agree with Jenny, Manchester needs you back!! Can’t afford to go all the way to Australia so maybe you could pop back before you go?? Please?!! x

miley cyrus on 20th of September 2009

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love u tim i want to marry u if u was my age !!! i want ur children aahhhhhh i have been to sooo many of your shows i love u ahhhh i cnt believe your actually gonna be reading this omg its so like ahhhhh i love ur eyeliner and hair !!!!!! no shoes makes u even more attractive i love u soo much its not a crush its passionate if only u knew me !

Jenny on 20th of September 2009

Make him do some more Manchester dates!!!

catherine on 20th of September 2009

glasgow needs tim!! i cant get tickets for love nor begging!

Chloe on 20th of September 2009

Fuck yeah. Newcastle cuts a few hours off my travel time, which is excellent!

Cornelius on 20th of September 2009

please come to Tasmania :)

David W on 20th of September 2009

In other news, Tim’s house is being adapted with extra wide door frames… ;-)

Wierdo on 20th of September 2009

I agree with Mollie!

MOLLIE :D on 20th of September 2009

gah, im so jelous of australlian fans.

welsh fans need more tim :D

Dressed in Black on 20th of September 2009

I’ll be seeing you at QPAC… Twice.

Not psycho. ;)
Sue x

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