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May 2010

Ready for This?

Get… Ready For This!

If you pre-order Tim’s new DVD “Ready For This?” from HMV.com before 1st June 2010 you get a chance to purchase tickets to any of  the upcoming UK tour dates before anyone else.

Cool huh?

Click here to get to the offer…

Please Note: The tour dates and venues will be posted shortly.

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The UK recording of ‘Ready for This?’ is due to be released on DVD, 15th November 2010. It will be available from all good retailers and it can be pre-ordered online at the usual places and hopefully some unusual ones as well. It will also be available from the shop on this site here…eventually.

It will contain a songbook, just as the Australian version did, but whether it will be the same or something different is still to be confirmed. As more information becomes available it will be posted here. This is the same show as the Australian release but recorded in London for the UK audience and those dedicated worldwide types who would like both versions.

The blurb on Play.com says: “Filmed live at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, this massive show contains Minchin’s unique take on musical comedy, spanning topics such as his love of boobs and banging on about rationalism whilst playing the piano rather nicely in a pair of uncomfortably tight jeans.”

I would say this is a fair assessment but it could have been written: “Filmed live, in front of an appropriately excitable crowd, at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, this spectacular show features Minchin’s massive hair, accompanying his expressive eyes, naked feet and unique take on musical comedy: spawning topics such as rationalism, environmentalism, prejudice(ism) and his amour de boobs(ism). He plays the piano, always nicely and oftentimes wildly and excitingly, whilst looking athletic, in a pair of delightfully uncomfortable skinny jeans.”

and this might be why I don’t get to write the blurb…

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