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Ready for This?

Get… Ready For This!

If you pre-order Tim’s new DVD “Ready For This?” from HMV.com before 1st June 2010 you get a chance to purchase tickets to any of  the upcoming UK tour dates before anyone else.

Cool huh?

Click here to get to the offer…

Please Note: The tour dates and venues will be posted shortly.

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The Nugget on 29th of June 2010

Tim, you’ve got to do Liverpool man!!!! It’s in the rules….. (please?)

JD on 20th of June 2010

Ok, I know the dates aren´t out yet – but I REALLY have to know whether or not you´re doing a gig on the 21. of August – please?!

Jen on 16th of June 2010

Looks like the HMV ticket email notification thingy has now been put back to 28th June… naughty HMV for keeping us all in suspense!

Grainne on 8th of June 2010

Will the UK tour include any dates in Ireland?

Qwertyajb on 6th of June 2010

Is it a new show in his 2010 tour? I’ve seen Ready for this live twice and watched the Australian DVD countless amounts of times, and don’t get me wrong, I would love to see it again, but I just want to know if it’s a new show completely? Can’t wait to get the DVD of the UK show :D

Chani on 5th of June 2010

Is there any chance you are heading north to Inverness? I would love to see you live.

Josh on 5th of June 2010

omg what a legend .. CARNT WAIT :D <3

Aisling on 3rd of June 2010

I am full on gutted about my slowness on this.
Shall order ready for this anyway and just try and be more prepared when tickets come out!!
Hopefully he will be coming to Derby again :)

Doobs on 3rd of June 2010

I’ve already bought the Australian version of this DVD, but i’m tempted to get this one too, and then make them fight to see which is best… Seems like a small price to pay to guarantee tickets to the show!

(not) Phil Daoust on 2nd of June 2010

Anyone have an idea on dates? Bridlington Spa would be a good venue Tim – Oasis played their last ever gig there (and it’s 20 miles from me!)

Hayley on 2nd of June 2010

Aww but I already have ready for this.

I need tour dates, now!
P.S, Come back to Wakefield, I don’t fancy travelling to Sheffield again :P

Rhys Davies on 2nd of June 2010


glamlovinkitty on 1st of June 2010

Rather annoyingly, they’ve now changed the deadline to 14 June – with the presale starting on the 16th. I hate it when they change the terms with no explanation and particularly when this delays the procurement of Tim-related goodness.

trikkywoo on 31st of May 2010

(blackout) fuck yeah!

Kathryn on 31st of May 2010

Hmm, if you post your details to HMV now does it still count? Pre-ordered on friday because that was when I got paid.
Wish I knew where I will be living next year, but I’ll be at the show regardless!
I wonder what percentage of my money I spend on Minchin-based products…

yvonne martin on 30th of May 2010

please tour soon Tim!! we are desperate 2 c u!! u r amazingly talented x

Jessica Haywood on 30th of May 2010

YES.YES.YES. I cannot wait! SRSLY! :D

Julian French on 29th of May 2010

aww your amazing tim, even more amazing than the banana and cherry toasty things :D

Bexxx on 29th of May 2010

How long is shortly?!?!?! Because I already ordered my dvd through Play.com, so I’m going to have to buy my tickets like the rest of Joe Public…and I need to know when that will be! Because I want them, but I’d be a bit worse for wear if I just sat here…for weeks….constantly refreshing the page and rocking back and forth…waiting for the dates….I digress….but when?

Davina on 29th of May 2010

I hope you are coming back to Bournemouth this Year! would love to see you again!! xx

Sally Cawdery on 28th of May 2010

Mmmm after I’d bought it I read the terms and conditions and found no purchase necessary. Sure there’s a lesson there! But we saw you at Bloomsbury the night after the election and have been hooked ever since. My 8 old year old’s insult of choice is self indulgent wanker having caught me watching hello on You Tube. Oops!

Gem on 28th of May 2010

Ok, so, I’ve pre-ordered the DVD as commanded. Now what? Will HMV email out to everyone who’s ordered it with info on the tickets? Does it matter that I also pre-ordered two other DVDs at the same time? TELL ME!

Also I bet you’re not coming to Cornwall anyhow and we’ll have to drive six million miles to see you. Please prove me wrong!

Laura on 27th of May 2010

Hey. (:

Are You Playing Is Scotland This Year? :D
Cause You Can’t Forget Your Scottish Friends!

If You Could Come To Scotland, I’ll Buy You A Whisky! :D

Sam on 26th of May 2010

Oooooh… that was sneaky Mr Minchin… :P But I bet it bloody worked! Hahaa. Done. Ordered. Screamed. Yesssss. You coming to Manchester? Please and thankyou! :)

Sarah (White Wine fan) on 25th of May 2010

Great marketing ploy. Worked for me, just about to place my order. :)

Lassie on 25th of May 2010

After the few minutes it took me to calm down after reading ‘2010 uk tour’ i did the obvious and pre-ordered the dvd. Do i need to do anything else, or do i just wait for the email about advance tickets?

rosie d on 25th of May 2010

just ordered two. one for me and one for my daughter. now that is cool!!!

Bebe on 25th of May 2010

if i was a man. i’d of had an erection over this. CANNOT WAIT :D xxx <3

Lizzie on 25th of May 2010

Please please please come to Worcester!!! :)

Moira on 25th of May 2010

YAY just pre-ordered it :-D

please please come bk 2 ABERDEEN

Fi on 25th of May 2010

I am soooo there – wherever there might be! Hopefully Aberdeen, but will travel!

nocturnal_tick on 25th of May 2010

Oh I see…dangling the sweet carrot of temptation like a crack dealer to our collective Amy Winehouses. You delightful, evil man…

peter on 25th of May 2010

done…last time i went to 1 of ur shows I caught swine flu…still a great night had by all

helen on 25th of May 2010

done, now just waiting for email… anyone else get theres?

Amy on 25th of May 2010

sooooo happy about this and i pre-ordered my copy as soon as i could this morning……cant bloody wait yey!!

Tom on 25th of May 2010

Preordered yippee :)

Amber on 25th of May 2010

I think the words ‘HOLY SHITBAGS’ went through my head when I saw this. Been wanting to see you for faaar too long and never been able to.. However, no matter what obstacles are in my way this time, I’m seeing this tour :) can’t wait already!

B on 25th of May 2010

Love thisssss. Saw him ten times last year, so got a record to try and beat!

Popsy on 25th of May 2010

Well, you’ve got Father’s Day wrapped up for me (if I can get tickets near me), and your dvd is released on hubby’s birthday. That man is gonna love me forever(!). Thanks Tim :))

Emma on 25th of May 2010

YAAAAY! :) Done! Aberdeen again please!

jade cody on 25th of May 2010

“OH SHITCAKES” I would really love to see Mr. Tim, however, I am stuck in Australia with NO WAY OUT (at least for the next couple of years). I have heard Tom Munchkins music over the last couple of years and am disappointed that I had not heard his special(and i do mean special, which ever way you wish to goddam take it)brand of genius while he was still down under. Will verymuch get the new CD………….Cheers JCB

Kidtechnical on 25th of May 2010

Okay, I’ve just pre ordered it and expect you to come to Glasgow now, you must, I’ve pre ordered!!!

lizzie o on 25th of May 2010

Are you coming to hull?

Mildred Panachelyby on 25th of May 2010

This will be the perfect birthday present for the boyfriend – I’m going to hide the tickets inside the dvd!
I love Tim Minchin and his ginger angelic glow. See you somewhere in the midlands!!

Emma Yea! on 25th of May 2010

So excited about this yeahhhhheeeee. Are you coming to Ireland? I cought you in Vicar Street last year with my mom……as in I brought my mom along to see you he he, although she has had a little smile ever since…..anyway let’s get back to the point here, yeahhhhheeeee, we’ll just have to pop across to see you. Just one more thing…..YIPPEE :)

TheGingerOne on 25th of May 2010

Read the terms. Well…i’ll copy and paste for you :)
“For free entry, send your name, address, email and telephone number handwritten on a plain piece of paper by pre-paid post to ‘Tim Minchin Advance Tickets’, The Promotions Dept, HMV, Film House, 142 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8LN, to arrive before 28th May 2010.”

Mr Cakey on 25th of May 2010

If you’ve already ordered or “don’t shop online” you can still get pre-order tickets. Click on where it says no purchase necessary.

lucy sturrock on 25th of May 2010

have pre-ordered my copy woohoo!!!

Alan on 25th of May 2010

The announcment i have been waiting for. No suprise you decided to tour the uk and I will see you there. Tim Minchin = Legend

yvonne on 25th of May 2010

woop woop can’t wait xx

Gill Cox on 25th of May 2010

Yippi! Can’t wait to see you again Tim. Saw you in Cambridge last year & you blew me away. It was a difficult time for me & the show was an oasis in a storm. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in a long time. Lovely touch at the end with “White wine in the sun”. Beautiful.

monicacurls on 25th of May 2010

oh my!!! I can’t believe it. Let me at ’em. This is going to be amazing. Yay!!!!

Roz on 25th of May 2010

I’ve already pre-ordered from Play.com – dammit!

Brian on 25th of May 2010

UK tour followed by US tour. I hope….I hope….I hope.

Karen on 25th of May 2010

when are you going to come to rep of Ireland ??? :o(

Rob Pitt on 25th of May 2010

When I pre-Ordered the Australian version I was in the first 500 so i got a signed postcard inside from you :D Was so happy!!!!

Will prob order this as well because i’m gonna come see ya in Manc like i did in September :D Also gonna catch you at Sonisphere.

Placing my order now :D

Erin on 25th of May 2010

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease come to the U.S.!!!

Jacque on 25th of May 2010

Saw the tour announcement and jumped up & down in excitement…only to reread an find out it’s a UK tour and I’m in the US. :-(

Amy Lawrence on 25th of May 2010

God, why does it have to be brought from online? never pay for things online :( Gonna have to persuade my parents soooo much to do this. Saw Tim in Northampton and LOVED him! :’)

Hatsbybilly on 25th of May 2010

Ooohh I am excited! I thought hope was fading for a tour this year. *starts saving up*

Dan on 25th of May 2010

I’m so excited I think I just pee’d a little. I was in Glasgow last time and I’ll be there again :D

Kelly-Jane on 24th of May 2010

I am so excited! I went to the date on the 23rd October and it was the best night of my life so far!!!

Luke Seawalker on 24th of May 2010

Oh hell yeah!

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