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Thought we ought to show this to you people who either haven’t been able to see Conan or haven’t looked this up on YouTube already. It’s the official video of Tim making his US telly debut with the oldie (but goodie), ‘Inflatable You’, which was correctly predicted by eight of you on the last blog about Conan. Enjoy!

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Mark Harvey on 3rd of February 2011

Hey Tim,

Oy Mate! That was a great performance. I hope your comedy catches on in the USA; so you have more tour dates. America needs more honest and truely witty comedians like you. Love your website and Thank god for YouTube or I never would have seen your stuff. Wish I could afford to see you in New York. Well, maybe next year:-(
Good luck with your career. You have at least 1 new fan in America.

Niki Goulden on 28th of January 2011

AMAZING! no matter how many times I see or hear ( I have a few of the songs on my Ipod) it! I swear if I was not with and married to the same person I met when I was 17 I would stoke this man! creepy but I have a thing for weirdos ;)

Ryan on 28th of January 2011

Great performance, but I wish he would have interviewed you.

p.s. Come to Atlanta GA.

J-wad on 26th of January 2011

Aw, that was cute when Tim hugged Conan.

Lori on 22nd of January 2011

First time I’ve ever seen Tim and I was hooked!! Had to visit youtube and spend hours watching all the videos. I hear he will be touring in the US this summer and hope to attend. I am a 53 year old female who loves his sense of humor!

Helen Sumner on 22nd of January 2011

Was great to see you on free to air TV here in Australia, we usually miss out on it all here… good job…xx

CakeyChops on 20th of January 2011

v v v . Me Too . v v v

Alli on 20th of January 2011

I love you TIm!

neil on 19th of January 2011

i watched you on tv the other week and thought you was amazing your lyrics are soooo true keep up the good work brother..

michael emprich on 19th of January 2011

i catch my self singing this song through the day thanx tim great song

Bill Felton on 19th of January 2011

Loved it. Great job. …from your biggest fan from the States.

Kristine Bennett on 19th of January 2011

I’m a Conan fan, so I did watch–So glad I did–I now LOVE Tim Minchin!! I hope he comes to Michigan!! Grand Rapids to be specific!! :)

Rob on 18th of January 2011

Nice, but this song always sounds like a parody riff of an existing song, rather than a demonstration of your amazing musical and lyrical creative abilities! Next time, would you consider going “full on offensive” with something like “The Good Book” or “Confessions.” It would have been ‘bleeped’ to the bejeesus belt, but the buzz after the fact (and the immediate audience reaction) would have been much larger!

Come back again, get on Letterman, and give a full measure of Tim to the nation!

Marius on 18th of January 2011

I recently read the Australian police warned about using your inflatable love when swimming in the ocean! Apparently some tried and failed. Maybe they heared “Inflatabel you” and “Drowned” one after the other. But they didn’t know only Tim can do such things I guess.

Andrew on 18th of January 2011

Holy shit, this guy is hilarious! DVR’d Conan the other night, have showed at least a dozen of my friends this performance, just about crap my pants every time I watch it… Tim, you gotta come to Chicago!

CakeyChops on 17th of January 2011

Saw Tim In Newcastle 2010 . . . I Want A Tim

Keith on 17th of January 2011

Absolutely brilliant. The whole week leading up to the appearance, I’d remind myself daily to set my DVR, and then I looked at the clock on the night and realized it was twenty minutes in and I’d completely forgot. Luckily, Conan saved the best for last. If you come anywhere near Houston, TX if (let’s be honest, WHEN) you do a proper US tour, I’ll be there in a heartbeat; and I’ll bring a dozen friends with me.

Brandon Barnes on 16th of January 2011

I loved you on Conan then i went to you tube and was blown away i love the word play and dude you are a master pianist thank you for making music. honestly you dont even have to be funny but it is a plus.

Marianne McGeary on 16th of January 2011

I have such mixed feeling about your wonderful debut here in the US, on my favorite talk show, Conan O’Brien: I am happy that now you will be “discovered” and be a huge US hit, but I am sorry for myself that I am no longer a member of only a select group here who loves your music. Comfort me by coming to Chicago on your tour!

Robin Rinzler on 16th of January 2011

Saw you in LA on Wednesday ..Largo Theater… You’re brilliant and will be a huge hit! I will be able to say I saw you when … (almost like I knew you when, but more accurate)

mamasan on 16th of January 2011

A breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to get up to speed on the rest of your talent. Come back soon to the US!

Ewoud on 15th of January 2011

Tim come to holland!!!

Mandy on 15th of January 2011

Tim is brilliant at all he does. I have tickets to Sheffield In 2011, really looking forward to it. Brilliantly funny and extremely talented musically.

Mary on 15th of January 2011

So glad to finally see you Up Over. And can’t wait to hear you play Taboo over here, once we Yanks figure out what a ginger is (we’re a little slow on the uptake)…. ;)

Janis on 15th of January 2011

Brilliant performance!

W on 15th of January 2011

I’m glad you finally made your American debut. I really think you’d gain quite a following here if you kept popping up in front of people. It only took one video to get me interested.

Dolly on 15th of January 2011

Did Conan say on tour THIS SUMMER? As in on tour in the USA?! At last?!! Where? Tickets?

Chinny on 15th of January 2011

Oh my goodness….he’s still the best! Funny as anything without even trying!

Cazz on 15th of January 2011

Awesome as always, Tim is such a sweetie, wish I could play the piano, although he has given me the incentive to go out and buy one and buy the ‘learn piano’ app on my IPhone!!!!!!

Em on 15th of January 2011

Haha! I love your work, Tim. You are amazing. If it weren’t for the fact I’m only fourteen, you’re already married and you have no idea that I exist, I would hunt you down and make you mine. I’d give you a kennel and everything. Working on my reality manipulator every spare second… in other slightly more sane and truthful news, I am massively excited about your shows in Melbourne! Can’t wait to see you live!

Barn on 15th of January 2011

Awesome… too good… He da man! Whaddyareckon America?

elaine on 15th of January 2011

hilarious as always!! no matter how many times I see/hear Tim’s songs they never fail to crack me up. You will be brilliant in U.S, Tim,x

Matthew on 15th of January 2011

Superbly entertaining

CatM on 15th of January 2011

Welcome to the US, Tim! I think you’re absolutely brilliant!

biomedgirl on 15th of January 2011

With that hug at the end, you won over American audiences. Except for the homophobic individuals ;-) Awesome performance!

Bebe on 15th of January 2011

the hug at the end… literally made my life!!

Kerblammo on 15th of January 2011

Great fun :) Would love it if you would come to Norway and do a show… I and my girlfriend are traveling to Edinburgh just to see your show, really looking forward to it! :)

AndrewM on 14th of January 2011

Yes very interesting to hear the laugh points and their volume in the US.. still, another superb performance. Can’t wait to see Tim when he’s back in Oz!

Tina on 14th of January 2011

You are going to totally win over the US Tim!
And that wink…..makes me come over all unnecessary every time!

maya on 14th of January 2011

I want to have tea with Tim. XD

Russell Bowers on 14th of January 2011

I’m surprised Felatable got thru, but masterbate didn’t… Fun with censors!

Angie Hibbitt on 14th of January 2011

Yep, one of the best performances of Inflatable You that I’ve seen – have to say I’m surprised US TV allowed it – wish we could have seen the audiences faces!! Love ya Tim

Emily Anthony on 14th of January 2011

Brilliant!!! Good luck here in the US. One appearance on Conan and I’m a fan (loved the Beatle-y ending)!

Adam on 14th of January 2011

I loved it! I saw you in LA on Tuesday; awesome show. I suspect I’ll never see up close again. You’re going to be a huge hit in the US.

jm on 14th of January 2011

We are not slow–we’re repressed. There is a difference.

Maria on 14th of January 2011

Oh, goddamnit Derek, you’re not helping us any.

Not all Americans are slow – though, I guess technically I’m not American… but I live here and that’s what matters. Every country has its lowest common denominator. Don’t judge the States based on that one audience, Bronson, and I won’t judge your country by your dickish comments.

I mean, we’re all Tim Minchin fans here.

janie on 14th of January 2011

Simply brilliant! See you in Liverpool Tim! :)

Mike on 14th of January 2011

Nicely done! And completely agree w/ the first commenter Erin. Hopefully you’ll be making your way around the U.S. more in the future! *coughpacificnorthwestcough* :-D

AmySteve on 14th of January 2011

I missed you back in Manchester back when Amanda Palmer played there. Much crying was to be had…

(Was some time ago. Just thought I’d Mention)

Martin on 14th of January 2011

For the your 1st US TV appearance got to say you absolutely nailed it Tim.

Agree best version of song I’ve heard.

Might get a different reaction when you try the Pope song ;)

Sam on 14th of January 2011

You killed it brother.
Great job.

Ami on 14th of January 2011

so so so GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! :D Cant wait for may to see tim in sheffield wahoooooooooooooooooooooo

Derek on 14th of January 2011

Only some of the Americans are slow, as I am sure you have some slow ones of your own. I’ve been watching Tim for a couple years and think he is brilliant. Bron and raised on the north east coast of Amercia

Jess on 14th of January 2011

My god I love him. I have no idea why he isn’t unbelievably famous here in the US yet. He is one brilliant man.

Anna on 14th of January 2011

I think that’s the funniest version of that song i’ve heard. Good times!

Bronson Quick on 14th of January 2011

Awesome! It’s interesting to notice how slow the Americans are with their laughter compared to Aussie and English audiences.

Can’t wait to see you in Brissy!

Oh yeah and props to you web dev team for choosing WordPress! :)

Blaze on 14th of January 2011

My two favourite gingers (I’m one myself so it’s okay) finally together!!!! Fantastic performance.

Bobbi on 14th of January 2011

I agree completely with Erin!!
thanks for the link!!

Erin on 14th of January 2011

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! No matter how many times I hear the songs, I cackle like a loon! Thank you for being you :)

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