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For all the news posts we’ve done about TV appearances, this one’s definitely a first! That’s to say, it’s the first time that it’s been for the USA!

So, your exciting news is that Tim will be providing the entertainment on Wednesday night’s Conan, alongside interviews with Ice Cube and Dennis Leary! You’ll be wanting to tune your TV into tbs at 11/10c to catch him in all his glory.

Aussies, you too can see this as it’s being shown on GEM on Friday at 11:30pm.

Despite the pair being fellow gingers, Tim has already tweeted that he won’t be performing Prejudice due to ‘ginger’ not being a well-known enough phrase for a red-head in America so what do you reckon he’ll play instead?

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Sola on 22nd of January 2011

Ahh Twig–so dark and disappointed. As all faithful Tim-followers found when anticipating the Conan appearance–I’m sure you too saw there were too many wonderful options and too little camera time to do Tim justice. Inflatable You was not my choice either, but Tim’s talent, stage presence, and impish twinkle were surely noticed by a whole new mob of people. Getting name recognition on Conan is huge and Conan’s crowd will surely mine youtube for a more complete sampling of Tim’s works. Imagine their delight as they pursue their interest in him, and find that he also happens to be a genius, a rationalist, a rock star, a poet, and athiest, composer, and all the other facets his long-time fans are drawn to. No doubt, the Conan crowd will clamor for a return visit, if not demand regular Minchin appearances. There are very few other songs that are as “safe” as Inflatable You so Tim’s going to cross over into the edgier stuff in repeat visits. It’s just a matter of time before US fans get as hopelessly hooked as his current followers are. All we need now is a US tour!

twig on 20th of January 2011

I’m an American. I am an atheist. I grew up outside of D.C. and live on the east coast. Tim has rapidly become one of my all-time favorite comedians, and I am a man who takes comedy very seriously. A few years ago when I ran a bar and restaurant, I started a weekly local comedy night in an attempt to draw out local talent. I believe comedy is a vital art form that has a great and reciprocal affect on societal opinions, pop culture values, and our intersecting mores.

When I heard about Tim’s appearance on Conan, I was excited. The typical Conan audience, I felt, would respond very well to Tim’s cerebral, philosophical and pointedly atheist comedic styling.

There are so few specifically atheist comedians, I knew that it was an important, even momentous, occasion for Tim to appear on Conan. I knew that Storm would probably be too long, The Pope Song would probably be too vulgar, and Take My Wife would probably be too short. Still, I was hoping he would find a way to share what made him unique in the world of comedy–his ability to reduce to absurdity religious magic-thinking and make rationalism fun and the illogic of a religious mindset funny.

So, needless to say, I was disappointed to see that his choice of performance was Inflatable You. I’m sure it was the safe choice, not knowing that Conan’s audience tends to be the quirkier, nerdier element of American society. It was also the generic choice, the unoriginal choice, that would make anyone of reasonable intelligence not already familiar with Tim’s work dismiss him as a comedian with nothing original to impart. Enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable.

My criticism is that I feel the potential for Tim to find his niche with a receptive American audience was wasted, that the audience was under-estimated, and that what could have led to a great stirring of interest was reduced to a tepid, timid, generic susurration of mild and safe comedy.

Of course, what do I know? Maybe most Americans really are too daft to understand Tim. And then again, what good is it in any case to gain an audience if they cannot understand the message that makes you unique?

Nick on 18th of January 2011

Tim and Conan. My two favorites on stage together at last. This is a great day for America! That said…I’m pretty sure that we Americans en masse are all very aware of what a “ginger” is. After all, most of us learn about the world by watching South Park. I confess, I really would have loved to see O’Brien’s reaction.

Sola on 17th of January 2011

Heady with experiencing Tim appearing on US TV this week, the mind goes wild thinking of potential other appearances. Imagine, for instance, what a splash it would be for Minchin to pop in on (or dare I say HOST) Saturday Night Live! I fret about worries Tim has expressed that the US is too stuck in its ways to appreciate Tim’s rationalist perspective, but I KNOW that is not valid. I am eager to see Tim experience the US audiences for himself to be reassured that the US can handle what Tim dishes out and realize that a lot of US citizens are actually starving to hear his perspective. All I want–more appearances on US TV and US soil. Just announce a date and fans will rapidly multiply like crazed fleas and fill the venue. If you want a Minchin Infestation in southern California–just let us know. And many thanks for paying this first visit!

Jenny on 16th of January 2011

Totally agree with Sola. I think they wanted to hear what he was saying. Plus, if the laughter was slower than another audience it’s probably because they don’t know Tim yet, haven’t figured out when the jokes are coming…those of us who watch Tim constantly, you sort of know when it’s coming…even on new songs…you’re anticipating it…but when you’re a Tim-virgin, you don’t know that yet.

Tim Minchin · Missed Tim on Conan? Fear not! on 14th of January 2011

[…] oldie (but goodie), ‘Inflatable You’, which was correctly predicted by eight of you on the last blog about Conan. […]

Sola on 14th of January 2011

I agree with the observation that the Conan audience might have felt reserved or ?? to you but to not misinterpret their silence—and that the real reason that you could hear a pin drop was they were hanging onto every single word. (Yes indeed this is Jane Goodall explaining how to read American body language, gestures and grunts for wont of a manual explaining such to you in your early direct exposures to colonies of US individuals in their natural habitats.) Had I been a Conan audience member last night I would have glared laser beams into the skulls of any who’d dare to disrupt your performance with their ego-centric outbursts, whoops and whistles. So you get it? The tribe knew to shut the f*** up and let you have your say. You were AWESOME!

John Polson on 13th of January 2011

OMG. Tim, I am going to sound like a total fan bitch, but come to Florida or Boston, MA. We have a Cambridge in Massachusetts, so maybe it will feel a little familiar? I’d get on the blizzard snowy streets to make sure your tickets sell out!

The audience on Conan was quiet/reserved for a while, but I think that’s because they had to pay attention and use their brains to pick up your sharp witticism. You definitely rewarded them for your efforts!!

Herbie on 13th of January 2011

Just saw the performance on TeamCoCo.com. Excellent job, and it was my first exposure to Tim’s brilliance. I’m certain to peruse and procure his available works shortly. Kudos!

Joyce on 13th of January 2011

Just finished watching the episode a moment ago. I’m so glad to see him finally get some air time in the US. Now I won’t be the only one humming his songs at work ;) but I’m greedy I still want more!!!

Jessica on 13th of January 2011

I fell in love with Tim last year after one of my friends heard him on a podcast—LOVE IT!!!! I am so ecstatic that he was on Conan last night, I am still extremely giddy about the whole affair! Come to New Orleans and make me the happiest camper in America!!!!

Dodge on 13th of January 2011

Just got home from the Largo show in Los Angeles. Best show ever I love Tim the dog!!!!

God can't get a boner on 13th of January 2011

You were hilarious

Sola on 13th of January 2011

Perfect!! Congratulations and welcome to the US!!! What a hit. I can’t wait to see this fill up with new fan comments. Just watch the saled take off and the gigs pile up. So so happy for you. :)

john on 13th of January 2011

you were amazing on conan i have been waiting for west coast shows for ever thanks for a good night

iDoublePress on 13th of January 2011

Had to look you up after seeing you on Conan tonight! Great job Tim. It really showed amazing creativity (and amazing skills on the piano too). I really enjoyed that…it was very funny! Keep up the good work and best of luck.

Jenny on 13th of January 2011

Nice Job, Timmy! So proud of you!

Chris on 13th of January 2011

Just saw Tim on Conan. Inflatable you, great choice. Tim was awesome. Welcome to America Tim!!

Judi on 13th of January 2011

GREAT PERFORMANCE!! Thanks and congratulations on your U.S. tv debut

Ama on 13th of January 2011

Rock ‘n Roll NERD! Hell yeah. Break a leg.

Heather on 12th of January 2011

actually giddy about him being on US tv. woot. I’d vote for Inflatable You, or If I didnt Have You…
What would be really awesome though is an appearance on Bill Maher’s Realtime, where he could do Storm or any other such song and not worry. yeay! just over 5 hours away.

Matt on 12th of January 2011

I’m just giddy with excitement. I’d love to see a new original along the lines of “5 Poofs and 2 Pianos.” Tim, blow the roof off the joint.

Jenny on 12th of January 2011

I’m so excited! I can’t wait. I feel like it’s me…I’m a crazy fan girl, it’s official.
I’m putting in one last ditch effort for Prejudice. It’s not going to offend anyone, it’s funny as fuck, and we will know what it means. The word is so trendy right now. Okay, that’s enough posting for me. I got shit to do. Tim! Break a leg!

DadOnArrival on 12th of January 2011

American talk show song slots tend to max out at three and a half minutes. So many Tim songs would be amazing to hear on Conan, but my money’s on Inflatable You. Straightforward, largely unoffensive, flexible with removable verses, the hilarious missteps of the first part of the piano solo and the amazing second part of it…for his first US TV shot, I think it’d be harder to top.

And if we’re really lucky, some interview to follow. Hopefully the first two guests will be brief ;)

Sini on 12th of January 2011

Oh yes, forgot to say I’m kind of hoping Tim will do a new song just for Conan… It’ll be hard to beat the Song For Wossy as that one is so irresistibly charming and as such absolutely one of my favourites but you never know, here’s for hoping :D

Muffinpoobear on 12th of January 2011

what does he mean ginger isnt a well known phrase?!!
I would assume that the people who watch conan also watch south park, and if youve seen south park, you know what a ginger is!!

Jenny on 11th of January 2011

Scott: you sound pretty just like an American! Perhaps it’s a latent quality for you?

Darkside would be great, but I really think something very upbeat and hilarious upfront would be best.

Sini on 11th of January 2011

My hubby and I agree: Rock n’ Roll Nerd is a great introduction, absolutely perfect. Prejudice would be sooooooo delicious too, especially with Conan and his famous hair… Dark Side is probably my favourite song of Tim’s (hmm maybe my favourite song of anyone’s) and it would show his talent as both a musician and comedian. The Good Book is brilliant but maybe not in the 1st ever American TV appearance, just for Tim’s sake, it needs to be something that would make most people want to see/hear more of his work :)

We’re really hoping to see this on YouTube SOON!!

jake robinson on 11th of January 2011

just fucking play darkside and bring the house down, instant win

sara on 11th of January 2011

i would like to complain that i live in the UK and therefor cannot see this but tim is going to be on “DAVE” tomorrow on the show “carpool” so i guess its fair enough :P

Jenny on 11th of January 2011

I wonder if Conan or Denis Leary would sneakily drop the G word in before Tim comes on, it would have to be done very casually so as to not tip off the audience. I’m sure one of them would do it if asked nicely.

I would also love to see Confessions, but I feel like the set up for that is too long, and people who don’t know Tim won’t understand that sometimes he makes you wait for it. Tim you little minx

Irene on 11th of January 2011

its so not fair.. i cant see this cuz i live in the netherlands *cries*

Scott on 11th of January 2011

I hope most of the American masses miss the humor and go back to stuffing their faces at McDonald’s so we (who truly appreciate him) don’t lose one of the few rare gems that hasn’t been overpolished and overpriced and overplayed.

Olivia on 11th of January 2011

Am I the only person thinking it has to be Good Book? No question, absolutey has to be!!!! I would laugh until I died if he did that!

Christine Pritchett on 11th of January 2011

Oh, no no! Ginger is used on the internet, therefore Americans know it. Haha. But really, they should get it. Otherwise… Oh jeez, which song? @[email protected]

If I Didn’t Have You is a big hit in my household.

Sola on 11th of January 2011

[Calming down] OK if I absolutely can’t have the song with “ginger” (still #1) then the next best idea is Rock n Roll Nerd because it sells Tim!!! And that should be the ultimate goal for this debut in the US.

Karen on 11th of January 2011

I don’t really care what he plays, I dig both Conan and Tim! I’m just happy to see Tim appearing in the US! Can’t wait to see him tomorrow night in LA!

Sola on 11th of January 2011

I cast my resounding and deeply researched vote for “Prejudice”. It will get the biggest bang for the buck and not shoot Tim in the unclad foot while he’s doing it. We need the best broadest exposure in the US. And who said Americans don;t know the term OR wouldn’t figure it out quickly? Please give this terrific gate-opening song it’s chance to do just that!!! And it’s happens to be the best message to slam into Americans while the most number of ears are open–especially the ones who might not follow up with any other songs. I DO promise that this will get so much attention, Tim will get future gigs. Best of luck–you have plenty of American friends that will tune in and are encouraging others.

rose blave on 11th of January 2011

i’m all american. i love the ‘ginger’ song. it’s one of my favs. everyone i know loves that one. tim will be incredible. i can’t wait to see the show.

Linda Mull on 11th of January 2011

we know about gingers! I married one and then had 2 of them.

Bill Felton on 11th of January 2011

Make it weekly – like Wossy!!! Hell nightly. I hope Conan got some of his edge back on TBS and this is a great way to get some.

From a native….it is hard to chose. I found Tim a few months ago on a Facebook fwd of Taboo…

For the show…
So Rock
Not Perfect

Closely followed by:
If I didn’t have you
Not perfect

But I am probably the minority….my favorite is 10 Foot Cock….

No rest until Bass Hall in Fort Worth, Texas!!!

Jennifer on 11th of January 2011

Dear “A Concerned Parent” who really gives a piss what the network thinks? Obviously, we don’t want him getting cut from the show (they do tape these things after all), but altering the song selection to appease people seems contrary to pleasing his true potential fan-base. Best way to get some attention is to shock people a little.
I still think the ginger song is an excellent choice. ALSO, I love “Confessions”, but the bleeping every time the F bomb occurs might be tiresome. (my husband is now whistling the refrain in the basement at mere mention of it).
Any way you slice it, this particular American audience is going to love him.

Tom Rhoads on 11th of January 2011

Americans are going to love him!

Natalie on 11th of January 2011

I don’t care what he performs – I just want him to win over the US!

A Concerned Parent on 11th of January 2011

You have to remember the ever present over reactionary network of stations we call “news”. So, it would probably be best if you just don’t do anything.

However, I would prefer it if you did sing something, and Prejudice would be fine. Canvas Bags is also fine. I would really try to refrain from any song that has to do with god or Jesus, since apparently Christians lose all sense of humor when they here they’re favorite word uttered.

jab on 11th of January 2011

ginger was an episode of South Park… extremely well known to Conan’s audience. Otherwise, agree with previous comment for “Inflatable you”

Craig on 11th of January 2011

where can i see this in te UK ??

Judy Lupchansky on 11th of January 2011

We certainly have gingers here in North America, but I must say that, as a Canadian, I had never heard the slur “Fanta-pants” before listening to Prejudice.

Leah on 11th of January 2011

Rock n’ Roll Nerd would be amazing, it’s a great song and it stands on its own. I can’t wait for the show!

poetesstx on 11th of January 2011

Dana, I’m from Texas and I’ve never heard it used here.

I saw Tim in Manchester in 2009… he’s got an edge all right. I’d love to hear him do Storm. :)

Steve on 11th of January 2011

Just avoid ‘I love jesus’ at all costs! I fear too many americans would not get the irony… and either agree with it or be horribly outraged :P
(And please don’t take offence if you’re an American fan of Tim, I certainly don’t think that all americans don’t appreciate irony, just some.)

Ryan on 11th of January 2011

I’d really love to see him play Confessions. It won’t happen, but dang, that’d be fantastic :)

Cand86 on 11th of January 2011

Really? Given how popular the South Park episode all about gingers was, I’m surprised someone thinks that we don’t know it/use it in America . . .

Ah, well. I’m going to go with “If You Really Loved Me”- not too outrageous for TV, good length, and funny.

tammy trapped in middle america on 11th of January 2011


Jennifer on 11th of January 2011

NOT the Pope song… seriously.. my mother-in-law didn’t speak to us for a week when we sent her the youtube link. ;)
Seriously though, “If I didn’t have you” would be a good choice. I’m also particularly fond of “Storm”. I’m not as partial to the bear song, but it does seem to be an obvious choice.
I’m surprised they haven’t made a request actually.
Oh, and THIS American red-head also is very familiar with the term “Ginger”.

jrm on 11th of January 2011

the one that I show newbies is “If I didn’t have you” It was the first song of Tim’s that I saw, and it really shows his wit! I do agree that ginger is a well-enough known phrase (and it’s certainly not hard to get for those who’ve never heard it before) but that song means more if you’ve heard the bulk of Tim’s work.
And no matter what song Tim chooses, it will be great. I wish him well, and I’ll certainly be watching!

Ivan From Hobart on 11th of January 2011

As has been said numerous times Ginger is a well known word in the States if only thanks to South Park. Prejudice is the way to go no question.

ingsve on 10th of January 2011

The problem is that Tim really doesn’t have that many songs that fit well into a show like Conan. Many songs are too offensive for a mixed american crowd which risk hurting him chances of getting more gigs. Other songs would take too much setting up for the audience to get it. What you need is a song that stands well on it’s own. I would go for Prejudice, Inflatable You, The Fence, Rock n Roll Nerd or perhaps Some People Have It Worse Than Me though the piano on that is a little simplistic.

It would have been a good opportunity to write a song only for that appearence but that’s probably not a good idea for the first visit.

mark E on 10th of January 2011

Conan is cable, so some swearing will go through.

Personally, i think Inflatable You will get you the most american fans, but it would be awesome if he had the masturbating bear for Bears dont dig.

Either way, looking forward to seeing you Tuesday night at the largo. Hope to catch you after the show.

Steph on 10th of January 2011

Definitely something on the piano!

Fred on 10th of January 2011

Please Please do STORM! it is my absolute favourite, everyone will get it because she is a universal character. Love your work Tim.

Ryan Schremp on 10th of January 2011

Remember, South Park is one of the most popular shows in the US and Cartman has had a war against Gingers for years. The term is very well known by Americans.

Stu on 10th of January 2011

Gotta be Prejudice I’m afraid. Ginger’s a very well-known word in the states and that’s the ultimate intro-to-mincho tune; witty, clever, rude and laugh-out-loud funny. It’s the song which got me into him nd I’m sure I’m not the only one!

SteelToad on 10th of January 2011

Please, you should do Prejudice. Dumb Americans (I’m American) need to have their understanding of internationally understood phrases expanded whether they’re ready for it or not.

… (take my wife) would be another good choice :)

Kim on 10th of January 2011

I’m a ginger from the states, I get called a ginger all the time. It’s very commonplace here. Especially after that south park episode made the rounds. It’d be great if you played it anyway. And, well… Conan’s a ginger! It’s perfect.

But if you don’t want to. How about You Grew on Me? Or maybe Canvas Bags, people here do love their Canvas Bags. I’d love to see Bears Don’t Dig on Dancing on Conan as well. Maybe he could do the steps along with you.

Also, great to see other US Tim fans here.

dana on 10th of January 2011

I’m from Texas and Ginger is very well known here.

Jenny on 10th of January 2011

He shouldn’t do anything with a lot of swearing…even on cable it will be bleeped out which is very annoying, and you lose the plot. I say avoid the Pope song at all costs. You have to ease some of us into this kind of thing….with a little lube and a kiss.
Prejudice would be great, and considering Conan is a ginger…
Inflatable you would work, Didn’t have you, also good but won’t showcase Tim’s terrific ivory tickling…….Bears…eh, I think bears needs a large audience, cable show audiences are usually quite small. Storm would be great and Mitsubishi Colt, too. If you really loved me would be great, it’d go over well. Peace anthem would be great to close out the show. Trust me on the Pope song, please. I’m a recovering catholic and I now live in the south. I KNOW what I’m talking about. I’m off to set my DVR!

twig on 10th of January 2011

Storm would be fantastic!

There was a recurring Conan gag, the Masturbating Bear, that would show up unprovoked wearing a diaper and attempt to pleasure itself. However, without any notice to get the bear on the show, Bears Don’t Dig on Dancing would probably not go over as well.

Jenny on 10th of January 2011

OMG, so happy, so happy!

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Sam on 10th of January 2011

pretty sure he couldnt do the pope song on american tv but i suppose if conan is on cable he’d get away with it but i dont know if conan is network or cable. Personally I think he should do prejudice or his new song cont from the orchestra tour. or cheese cos only a comedy genius like tim could make a song about cheese funny

kurt on 10th of January 2011

Reconsider ginger, It’s widely known and with our particular history would make for a wonderfully uncomfortable intro.

Tim Van Haitsma on 10th of January 2011

I think Good Book would get you national exposure real quick.

Jose on 10th of January 2011

Simply amazing news and a great way to start a week. I can’t wait to watch on Conan. I really hope this leads to more appearances and tours in the States. Else I’ll continue saving up so the wife and I can catch a show in the UK or Australia.

Thomas on 10th of January 2011

do the ‘Che Guevarra was a bit of a homophobe’ one.

Mitch on 10th of January 2011

Ginger is a VERY well known word in America. Reconsider Prejudice, if not, inflatable you would be a good TV friendly song.

ButchKitties on 10th of January 2011

I agree with other comments that ginger is a fairly mainstream slang word in the US. But in the absence of that song, my vote must go to “If I didn’t have you” aka “the most realistic love song ever”.

J on 10th of January 2011

This might be the greatest thing to happen to American TV since Conan actually got his show… AWESOME.

Ryan Bourassa on 10th of January 2011

Ginger is a very commonly used word in America! It is the song that turned me on to your work (being a ginger myself). But thanks to the Youtube sensation, “Gingers don’t have souls,” the word ginger is very common place. Reconsider and do “Prejudice” on Conan, I guaranty you it will be a huge hit, especially with Conan.

Otherwise… do “The Good Book” or “Inflatable You.”

Cyndi on 10th of January 2011

Tim should do So Fucking Rock. that is all. :D

Ali on 10th of January 2011

Darkside or storm. Would love the pope song. All is good x

Kelly O on 10th of January 2011

He must do Canvas Bags in America, and if he could, RnR nerd would go over great here. I am SO STOKED!!

ellie on 10th of January 2011

Don’t forget to YouTube it for us here in the UK chaps…

Em on 10th of January 2011

Bears dont dig on dancing would be awesome, if only he could find some bears

alicia hawthorne on 10th of January 2011

what even tim does will make my day!! <3

Maria on 10th of January 2011

I disagree… I think Ginger is a popular enough phrase now.

NICHOLAS OUT OF HIS MIND on 10th of January 2011


gonna see you in may tim. hope to get a chance to shake your hand, and possibly be adopted by you with my friend so we can live in england with you, then not live in this intolerant ignorant town anymore. fingers crossed!

ginger is a well known phrase here, we use it all the time. south park did two episodes with the gingers, and thats the only thing i call my friend gingy. but if it was my pick… he should do storm, and if you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out. or canvas bags.

Rheann on 10th of January 2011

:D I AM SO EXCITED. Conan AND Minchin!!!!!

mathew wyatt on 10th of January 2011

could always play ten foot cock and a few hundred virgins although i think the reaction might not be 100% positive satire is a hard one to sell to folks of a certain mindset me thinks

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