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Here’s a useless fact for you. Did you know that the original planned name of the Royal Albert Hall was The Central Hall of Arts and Sciences? It’s true; it’s on Wikipedia.

Why do I mention this? Well, the arts and science will be meeting (kind of) at this prestigious venue when Tim performs there on the 28th April 2011 with The Heritage Orchestra!

Yes, you read that right. Tim’s performing at the Central Hall of Arts and Sciences Royal Albert Hall. Sure, he’s performed there before, but this time it’ll be all about him, his silly songs and his 55-piece symphony orchestra!

Tickets go on sale on Friday at 9am.


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Polly on 16th of February 2011

Does anybody know what the duration is of the show?? I need to sort out train tickets x

Chrissie on 24th of January 2011

I’m really looking forward to the gig, the accoustics in the hall will really make the most of the sound etc. We have fab seats too so will see the stage etc.

Ella on 21st of January 2011


Charles on 21st of January 2011

Are there any age restrictions on Tim’s show?

squil on 21st of January 2011

Tickets purchased. That’s another happy girl.

Eloise on 21st of January 2011

oh and go through the Royal Albert Hall http://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/tim-minchin/default.aspx as it gives the best info on what you are booking and has lower fees than ticketmaster or seetickets

Eloise on 21st of January 2011

Tickets purchased. One happy girl. For people’s info, tickets are £55 for all except the gallery and upper circle which are £40

Tim Minchin Fan without bottomless pit of money on 20th of January 2011

Me: “Hi, check out this awesome gig with Tim Minchin, Wanna go I’ll book the tickets”

Friend: “I’d love to go, that’s totally awesome and I’m free. How much is it?”

Me: “Err…”

This piece of VITAL information is missing from this post, the albert hall website and the facebook event. I can’t start inviting people until tickets have actually got a price and I’ll miss out on any good seats :-(

anyone know how much it is?

KT on 20th of January 2011

Saw the warm up in Cambridge, the final show in Nottingham and definately after tickets for this – roll on 9am!!

Charlotte on 20th of January 2011

I’m too young :(

Hannah Herlihy on 20th of January 2011

i love tim and after watchin all his DVD’s i MUST see him live… i dont care that i should be doing my dissertation that week.. i will be there even if i have to go alone =D xx

Gemma on 20th of January 2011

Definitley going to try for tickets…not seen Tim live yet!! I’m a little confused though as I went onto the Royal Albert Hall website which said Alex Zane was performing on the 28th April?!

Steph on 20th of January 2011

I saw this and thought, hey I could go to that! Then I remembered thats the last week of classes before finals, and I’m on the wrong continent. Come to America please Tim!!!

Laura on 19th of January 2011

ahhhhhhhhhhh i need to go, but its on a thursday…. i have college the next day… :/ ahhhhhaaa wait i have the day off the next day =D but i have to get to london from poole…. :/ oooooohh nnnooooo D’=

Karen Stokoe on 19th of January 2011

Must make sure I get on here on Friday, I MUST see Tim live. Love his dvds but I’m sure seeing him live would be just amazing! x

Capadocious on 19th of January 2011

The question is, if im coming down, is there likely to be a small horde of mancunians heading down too? possibility of group travel to make it cheaper?

kim on 18th of January 2011

will there b new material? I went 2 c tim at the men arena, manchester in dec 10 will it b the same show?

Juliet Adkins on 18th of January 2011

This is very exciting news. Tim Minchin one day and a Royal Wedding (ie long weekend the next). I saw him at the O2 in December but am very, very tempted…

Claire on 18th of January 2011

Tim, please add a date to come to belfast! or even dublin! Pretty Please!!

Love Claire

deej on 18th of January 2011

Really tempted” cant believe iv been to see you six times and never got to say hello and shake your hand” good luck anyway keep up the good work

Rohan on 18th of January 2011

Could someone with the money to go send me a copy of their brain afterwards so I can enjoy it?! While the Birmingham show was awesome, I would a) LOVE to see it again, and b) LOVE to see it at that particular venue. *sigh* Too much music and comedy, so little money! :P

GAZ on 18th of January 2011

all these new shows, hopefully a dvd will be recorded

Cathy on 18th of January 2011

Oh my, I’ve seen the show in Birmingham, am booked to spend a long weekend in Edinburgh and see it again on the 16th April, but am sorely tempted by this. Have never even been to the RAH, sounds like it would be pretty amazing!

Matthew Stokes on 18th of January 2011

Best. News. Ever!!!!!! I was just this weekend saying this would be THE best venue to experience Tim’s new show. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Griffiths on 18th of January 2011

I saw Tim at the O2, should I see him again? Obviously I want to, but would it be exactly the same as the O2? I could never get bored of him, but is it worth spending the money if its gonna be exactly the same amazingness?

Rob on 18th of January 2011

Kiri its not ridiculous, its required! :)

Hideki on 18th of January 2011

Will there be more gigs coming up? Something smaller (cheaper) perhaps? Sadly, I missed an opportunity to see him locally (Tunbridge Wells), and it’s more difficult to see him as he’s a big star now…

Steve D on 18th of January 2011

I’ve always wanted to go to the Albert Hall!!! But I’ve already seen you at the O2 Arena last month and can’t afford to go again! Damn you Mr Minchin, you ginger genius! :(

Btw, I am also ginger, so I am allowed to call him ginger too! :P

Cazz on 18th of January 2011

I dont know yet if i’ll be there but I am thinking about it!!!! & Kiri no it wont be ridiculous, I saw Tim in Newcastle at the ‘Metro Arena’ then again a week later at Manchester M.E.N & now thinking about this lol. If you love Tim I say go for it!!!!

Emily on 18th of January 2011

oh i can’t come! I’m supposed to be having a baby that day….Tim, can we reschedule…??? Good luck! xx

Hettie on 18th of January 2011

I wanna go!!! :(

Vicky H on 18th of January 2011

Im seeing him on the 16th April and then again on 10th May !!

Kiri on 18th of January 2011

Would it be ridiculous to see Tim on the 16 April and then again on the 28th…hmmmm…i think not! :)

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