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As we posted here Tim Minchin Vs The Orchestras – Round II, in Australia, goes on public sale today. Ticket links for all the shows are available via Gigs.

Due to the gratifyingly high demand for tickets in the pre-sale, a second show has been added in Melbourne on Tuesday 7th February 2012 at The Palais.

Tickets will be available online from Ticketmaster or 136 100.

As tickets are flying out of the door a second Sydney show has now been added: Saturday 4th February 2012 at the State Theatre. Tickets available online from Ticketmaster or 136 100.

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Simon on 6th of September 2011

Just saw you perform at the Greenwich Festival. I have to say the song ‘cont’ was in my opinion the most talented song/ act I think I have ever witnessed and you are musical and lyrical genius.

Wendy Liddle on 4th of September 2011

MAD! So rapt you’re doing some concerts in Oz.Taking my 11 year old too! She loves you Tim. So do I secretly. You’ve been an integral part of her extremely “well bread” upbringing.
(Even though she gets in trouble from her teachers for singing your songs.)
We’ve just downloaded “Ready for This “. But…….where do I get “So Rock”?
Wendy, Manly

MicroWorldLover on 4th of September 2011

Oh, Tim, one major word of advice. In North America, never drink alcohol (or, if you do, never admit it, and never do it when the cameras are around) That’s the climate here. Don’t ever be ‘on camera’ and be, talk about, or do anything alcohol related. Trust me. As a Canadian, I do know how the United States mind works.

Candy on 3rd of September 2011

Is this going to be the same as the first round in Melbourne? Same songs, same stand up etc, or will it be slightly different?

Andrew Taylor on 2nd of September 2011

i have been hangin for you to come back to melbourne… missed you last year cos was not in town and this year you are coming on same day my wife is due to have our first baby… i wonder how a birth at you show would go… haha. Well unfortunately i prolly wont make it this time round but will definately come to your next show.

scott on 2nd of September 2011

Hey, a question to the organizers of the next round of tours, why is the show in brisbane now a 16+ event? The first show had no age restrictions, and now my brother, who is an avid fan, can’t attend!!!

bron Macpherson on 2nd of September 2011

any chance of two shows in perth :)

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