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Admit it – who boogied to that then or became slightly hypnotised by the pretty lights?

In the UK Tim’s new DVD Tim Minchin and The Heritage Orchestra (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) will be released on the 14th November on DVD, Double play (DVD and Blu-ray) and as a special, limited, DVD edition from Amazon. In Australia it’ll be out on the 23rd November on DVD and Blu-ray.

Take a look here for the official trailer and full tracklist and details and you can already pre-order from the shop.

There are more funky video clips heading this way so keep your eyes peeled and stay on your toes at the ready to dance…

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traci thomas on 10th of November 2011

would love to get this, tim, but we are in the US… please release a US dvd, or on itunes!!! we love you!!

Maureen on 10th of November 2011

Already on my Christmas list – am relying on my loving family to get it as a gift for me so they can watch it!

Keith Melton on 10th of November 2011

All computer DVD drives CAN play DVDs from other regions. The only drawback is some of them have a limit on the number of times it can be switched between regions. But as I said before, region free players ARE CHEAP. A single player purchase allows you to import ALL of Tim’s discs and never having to wait til a US distributor happens.

Judy Lupchansky on 10th of November 2011

Region 1 DVD please! I could have bought one for everyone on my Christmas list if it were available on Region 1 for us poor, benighted North America dwellers.

@Suzanne D – Let us know if it plays on your computer! :)

Keith Melton on 10th of November 2011

To all US fans. Don’t wait for a US distributor. Get a region free player and import it!

Suzanne D on 10th of November 2011

So desperate to see this, I just pre-ordered from the UK and hope it will play on the computer. At the minimum, I’ll still have a cool T-shirt and the 2 Matilda songs on cd, so worth the price even if the DVD doesn’t play. Very excited!

Laura! on 10th of November 2011

Aww that was brill :D Cant wait for the dvd been waiting for ages :D :D <3 you always tim ;) xx <3

Michael Charboneau on 10th of November 2011

Got an American distribution deal yet? I’d love to see it over here!

Mysticl on 10th of November 2011

Will this be available on itunes for the rest of us Tim Stalkers?

Kate on 10th of November 2011

whoop whoop! can’t wait to see another dose of Mr Minchin!! xx

MsM on 10th of November 2011

Had it pre-ordered through Mighty Ape in NZ and then it got removed from the NZ market – why?

frann on 10th of November 2011

woooo can’t wait till th dvd is out!! mas

Rachael on 10th of November 2011

Can’t wait!

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