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Finally, we can bring you all the details of Tim’s forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of Tim Minchin and The Heritage Orchestra!

Filmed in stunning high-definition at the Royal Albert Hall in London with the fabulous Heritage Orchestra (led by the suave Jules Buckley), this show features reimaginings of classic hits, such as You Grew On Me, Not Perfect, Dark Side, Prejudice and Rock n Roll Nerd alongside brand-spanking new tracks, including Cont, Thank You God, Cheese, Lullaby and The Fence!

There will, of course, also be some succulent extras included, which come in the shape of the gorgeous animated Storm movie and the mini-documentary, Behind the scenes: Nothing Ruins Comedy Like Arenas & Tim Meets the Orchestra!

In Australia it’ll be out on the 23rd November on DVD and Blu-ray.

In the UK it’ll be released on the 14th November on DVD, Double play (DVD and Blu-ray) and as a special, limited, DVD edition from Amazon, which comes with an exclusive t-shirt (size: medium) and a bonus CD of Tim performing two tracks from Matilda The Musical, all packaged nicely in a collector’s tin.

If you’re looking for a place to get your paws on copies, then we’ll have links for you to do just that on the Shop Tab (above) shortly. Simply select your shop from Australasia, Europe or North America. Alternatively, check out Amazon or your usual retailer.

We’ll also have some exclusive clips available for you soon, however, to whet your appetite for this feast of a show, here’s the trailer for the UK release! Extra points if you can name who’s doing the voiceover!

1. I’m In A Cage
2. Rock N Roll Nerd
3. Cont
4. If I Didn’t Have You
5. Thank You God
6. You Grew On Me
7. The Fence
8. Prejudice
9. Lullaby
10. The Pope Song
11. Cheese
12. Beauty
13. Dark Side
14. Not Perfect
15. White Wine In The Sun

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Alex on 8th of January 2015

Oh come on, come on, come ooooonnn! Put the videos in a downloadable format, too!! Like Louis C.K. does, for example!

Cristian on 25th of May 2014

Why don’t you sell this material in an online format?
I’ll buy and download the material… the DVD/BlueRay are so 90s

N. Jolly on 18th of September 2013

Didn’t know who you were until I recorded and eventually watched your Showtime Heritage performance. Now I’m hooked. Luckily, JCSS has a region 1 version.
As many others, I’m hoping all your DVDs will soon be available in region 1 format. It’s difficult to suggest to others in the USA, if they can’t buy and play it. I’d buy many as gifts for friends.
At least there are some YouTubes to watch of some of your songs.
Love ya, and please let us know if you plan to do a USA tour.

Question. Why haven’t all your DVDs been made for region 1?

Kimberly C on 12th of July 2013

I wanted to get one to send to Canada but from the above comments I am guessing there isnt a Canada friendly version out yet?…When will it be produced?

Kate B. on 21st of April 2013

Please release DVDs in Canada! I can only Youtube so many of the songs…. Would love to see the shows in full! I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY, TIM MINCHIN!

Deborah on 28th of March 2013

Tried to buy this from the Oz shop today but it’s out of stock in both versions. Hoping this is a temporary situation?

CTEd on 27th of March 2012

People keep asking for Region 1, why would this disc be region coded at all? Is the disc region coded? If not it will play on any player.

Chris S on 19th of February 2012

Amazing I have every DVD! An amazing production with the orchestra & an incredibly hard working musician. From ‘purple shoes’ through to white wine in the sun – and amazing collaberation of comedy & musical construction. Great work, now an album?

Kristofer on 29th of December 2011

Why don’t Americans have multi-regional DVD players like the rest of the world (and by “rest of the world”; I mean Australia). That way it doesn’t matter where a DVD is released. I know I buy region 1 and region 4 stuff all the time! What’s the point in having access to all these wonderful DVDs from all over the world via the Internet, if you can only use the region promoted in your own country? Come on America, broaden your horizons! ;) xo

Kathryn Devney on 23rd of November 2011

Great stuff, don’t know how you think ’em up! In the good old days they would have branded you a nutcase and deported you to Australia to do some proper work!! Keep it going man!!

Jesse on 19th of November 2011

Your music is the single best prophylactic for boring friends! They leave in droves! I never liked those born-again, neo-altruistic, hyperventilating dipshits anyway! Now it’s just me and 3 or 4 of my closest friends with whom I share your deeply disturbing sarcastic musical outpourings. I look forward to your washing these last hangers-on out of my life so I can be gloriously alone with just your music, and my laptop. That will be sooooooooo Sweeeeeeet! Mooohoooaaaaahhhaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

P.S. Do you do any Barry Manilow?

Rob on 18th of November 2011

Please release in Canada!

orangeboy on 16th of November 2011

Please release your work in the US, and not just on iTunes. Thanks very much.

Kathryn on 14th of November 2011

Please release to all of North America, not just the USA. Canadians really want this too!

ShantiClaire on 14th of November 2011

Tim…we sang Happy Birthday to you in Mesa AZ USA…doesn’t that count for something?? Make mine the best Festivus EVER. Let us have YOU wrapped up next to the Festivus pole

Paula Valentine on 14th of November 2011

We want it in Canada!

Barb Rohrer on 14th of November 2011

Any plans for a release in the U.S.? We’d like to have access to Tim’s work as well!

Asia on 14th of November 2011

Guess he’ll do a US release once people there have some cash to buy things.

My life as a dad | usergadgets.com on 13th of November 2011

[…] Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra is out on DVD on 14 November. Matilda the Musical opens on 24 November, matildathemusical.com […]

Lauren on 7th of November 2011

Ordered mine already! Woohoo!

David on 6th of November 2011

VoiceOver – Zane Lowe

Brooke on 4th of November 2011

Please release your DVDs for play in the U.S! Waiting…

Shady on 31st of October 2011

Turns out now the description form sainsbury’s has been edited, with the coment about the t and tin removed. So am I getting the t and tin or not? Please someone reply??

Michelle on 30th of October 2011

Please release this (as well as all of Tim’s other DVDs) in US Region 1 format also, this would make all of Tim’s fans in the USA very happy!!!

Sarah on 29th of October 2011

Great news! I saw this fantastic concert at the Sydney Opera House and had been hoping for a DVD of that version – which was televised here in Oz. BUT, of course I realise that multiple versions is out of the question and, now I have seen the trailer, I can see that EVERY concert has it’s own specialties and vibe. I am very excited and am looking forward to the Australian release – I’ll be the first there to buy it for sure and am expecting lots of copies for Christmas, as my family and friends know how much I LOVE Tim’s work. I’ll be giving them the DVD too, so I hope the shops can stock enough copies to go around!

Suzanne D on 29th of October 2011

Would love to hear of a US release, but if not, I’ll still find a way to get my copy and watch on the computer. Looking forward to it!

Helena G on 28th of October 2011

Wow! it looks spectacular… US version, please, pretty, pretty please….

Brandon on 28th of October 2011

is a US version too much to ask for? I’d pay extra :)

Maggie on 28th of October 2011

Another plea for a US(Region 1) verision!

ren on 28th of October 2011

ya alright, i guess i’ll buy that.

DQ on 28th of October 2011

Why that voice has to that of Radio 1’s Mr Lowe, is it not??

Haidee on 28th of October 2011

I was there on one of the nights they filmed this…someone threw a bra on stage, and someone else threw a lighter…hope they make the edit as Tim’s reaction was priceless!

And the leaves turn to brown « Moonwriting on 28th of October 2011

[…] getting me a present because I’m so lovely, in which case you could do worse than get me some Tim. Ah, just Minchin’ along to some big orchestra tunes, I’d be, and surely much happier. […]

Sammy on 28th of October 2011

I am so excited! Yes the lovely Tim Minchin is brilliant!!!
Good thing I have friends in London. They will be shipping several copies to me in Canada!!! Spreading the love!!!

Roxana on 28th of October 2011

Please release this in the US too!!

toto on 28th of October 2011

Can you come back to liverpool :)

Karla on 28th of October 2011

Wouldn’t mind this for the US as well. Thanks!

DaveCardy:) on 28th of October 2011

I can’t wait for this!! When i saw this show with the Heritage Orchestra live it was the best show i’d ever seen, definately getting the dvd as soon as it comes out!! Extra points…the voice over in the trailer sounds like Zane Lowe to me :) x

Hannes on 28th of October 2011

How can I get this stuff in Germany?

Nick Saunders on 28th of October 2011

Its Zane Lowe doing the voice over by the way. And looking forward to it very much.

Ryan Carless on 28th of October 2011

I saw him in Sheffield with the heritage orchestra. I cant wait for this`

Chris on 28th of October 2011

I want this, but I live in the US. Any plans for a Region 1 DVD?

Hideki on 28th of October 2011

Who came up with the double play? It’s a waste of resource…
Is there any chance of a bru-ray version of special edition?

Beth on 28th of October 2011

Please make it available for us humble fans in the US. Then I can add it to my Christmas list and make everybody’s life easier.

Stephanie Vick on 28th of October 2011

I preordered but I don’t know where to look for details on when it will arrive and if it will have the Matilda/t-shirt bonus. Where would that info be?

Sami on 28th of October 2011

Pre-ordered! I was there the night it was being filmed! so excited to see it all again : )

Shady on 28th of October 2011

Just pre-ordered mine for a tenner on sainsburies… The descriptin says it comes witht the t and the cd… It does seem a bit cheap now though. Any one help me?

rebeldodge on 28th of October 2011

How ’bout the US?

Ruth on 28th of October 2011

Soooooo excited :) been waiting since I saw the show in Nottingham last December!

Freya on 28th of October 2011

Are we able to buy the Australia one and get it shipped to NZ? sooo keeeen

Anne Fithall-Jones on 28th of October 2011

I want one with the MSO conducted by Ben Northey! He’s one of our ‘local boy made good’ dudes.

Luker on 28th of October 2011

can’t wait!!, I saw the lovely Minchin in Sydney this year ^____^

Ross E on 28th of October 2011

Stop hating Wellington, New Zealand! ;-)

JonO on 28th of October 2011


(The VO is BBC R1’s Zane Lowe, isn’t it?…)

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