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Due to high demand sublime on stage chemistry the 2012 Telegraph Hay Festival has added another date for Tim with the delectable B[rad]&P[ete] band: Thursday 31st May at 8pm in the Barclays Pavillion.

Tickets are already on general sale. The festival box office number is 01497 822629 and online ticket sales can be found here.

The Hay Festival is celebrating its 25th year with ten days of music, comedy, literature and more, all taking place from 31th May to the 10th June. Other acts and the programme of events will be announced on the festival website on the 14th February.

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Bob on 6th of May 2012

Thirded. Please come see us in Finland. The show would be a guaranteed sellout. (Wait, that came out sounding a bit wrong, didn’t it?)

Elise on 15th of February 2012

Seconded. I’ll bring 10 friends too! How many 11 people groups do we need? :D

Jan Sjögren - Finland - Espoo on 8th of February 2012

How much it would cost of your grace to give a showing in svandinavia? we do have the highest ability to pay … in the world. combined with the highest amount of internet and social media usage, on the planet. how about it? i gladly pau 10 friends in just to share the experiance of which you are.

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