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Tim rocking out during his orchestra show, with Pete Clements on bass and Brad Webb on drums.

Tim: “Not only are Pete and Brad reasonably good-looking and quite competent on their respective musical instruments, but they have garnered the basic skills required to read and write words. So we thought we’d celebrate the final shows of our epic and wondrous orchestral spectacular by encouraging them to express themselves in prose on this here blog. Exciting.”

You can still catch Pete Clements and Brad Webb at the final three dates with Tim and The Heritage Orchestra in Glasgow, 8th May; Sheffield, 10th May and Liverpool, 11th May. Details and ticket links below or via the Gigs tab.


“Hi there I’m Pete. I’m a Musician and Music Producer based in south London. I first started working with Tim as a sound engineer about four years ago, when he was planning his first uk tour. Luckily I was able to fool him into believing that I had some kind of talent and he has kept me involved in various different projects over the last few years. He first mentioned his idea to include an orchestra in his show about a year ago; first I obviously thought it was a totally mad idea but as with most things Tim, it has turned out to be a stroke of genius.

Tim (knowing my background and training in the world of classical music) also offered me the opportunity to orchestrate two of his songs which was a great honour. I have written several pieces for orchestra but never thought I would hear them played somewhere as grand as the Royal Albert Hall or the Sydney Opera House. As those of you who have seen the shows will know, the sound of a symphony orchestra blasting out ‘Rock n Roll Nerd’ is really an incredible experience, so you can only imagine how it feels to hear it for the first time having spent a couple of months hoping that what you have written would turn out to sound as massive in real life as it does in your head!!

It’s been a real blast playing these shows and such a shame that it is coming to an end. The Heritage Orchestra are an amazing bunch who really put their all into the shows and Brad is actually quite good at hitting things too. My only regret is not being able to persuade Tim that his accordion accompaniment to the waltz section of cheese should be included in the show; there really is nothing more stupid than seeing Mr Minchin prancing around a rehearsal studio speaking faux French with an accordion in his hand, pure genius!!”


“Hello, my name is Brad. I am a professional drummer based in London. I’ve been playing with Tim since about September last year. I was a fan of Tim’s long before I played with him as I saw him perform in Edinburgh one of the first years he played there. Our paths crossed when we both played on the Jonathan Ross Show. I was playing with Jamie Cullum (as was Tom Richards, sax player in The Heritage Orchestra and orchestral arranger of ‘You Grew On Me’ and ‘Cont’) and we bumped into each other in the green room. I still remember the look of shock on Tim’s face when he first saw me, thinking how similar we looked**. Oddly, Jonathan Ross came bounding up to me when I arrived at BBC TV Centre and started effusively welcoming me. I was a bit shocked and flattered but hadn’t had the time to get off the phone whilst he was speaking to me. Shortly afterwards I realised he had thought I was Tim and later told the audience what a “rude little fucker” Jamie Cullum’s drummer was for not getting off the phone.

Playing with Tim has been a real treat and there have been some hilarious moments so far. One which springs to mind was during one of the arena warm-up gigs in a small venue in Cambridge. Tim decided that we would play a song that I had never played before. He ‘taught’ me the song in front of the audience and gave me some hand signals for cues which he then proceeded not to use. He was also trying to teach me backing vocal parts during the chorus and at one point shouted, “FUCKING SING, EMPLOYEE!”. Luckily, we’ve been a bit better rehearsed for the actual tour so I haven’t been on the spot again, though Minchin still loves to single me and Pete out for a bit of piss-taking. Rightly so, as his employees.

This has been one of the most fun, absurd and musically satisfying tours I’ve done and I hope I’ll be sharing the stage with Minchin and Pete (and The Heritage Orchestra) again soon.

**Quite frankly, if both of us shaved our heads, me and Tim wouldn’t look very similar. For this reason, I am actually considering it……”


LAST three Orchestra show dates:

Sunday 8th of May 2011
Venue: Clyde Auditorium

Box office: 0844 395 4000

Tuesday 10th of May 2011
Venue: Motorpoint Arena

Box office: 0114 2 56 56 56
Motorpoint Arena

Wednesday 11th of May 2011
Venue: Echo Arena

Box office: 0844 8000 400
Echo Arena

Backstage… other captions are available…

All photos by Rich Hardcastle.

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Hannah Hunt on 12th of February 2012

I LOVE TIM SO MUCH IT’S OFF THE SCALE!!! I can’t wait to see him live again :) first time was incredible xx

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 8th of February 2012

I really enjoyed reading this. Not only is it great because I love reading anything Tim has to stay, but it’s nice to know that little bit more abotu Brad and Pete, seen them twice now, and love them. When Ii first saw Tim live, in the Royal Albert Hall last year, I was incredibly excited to see my inspiration in real life. I knew all the songs, and had the posters. I narrated to my father (whom I was with), and told him, I reckon Tim will be in a white shirt, bare feet, a black waistcoat and black skinny jeans. Then outwalked Brad, and from that distance, I thought it was Tim. Burst into screams and near tears. Realised it wasn’t even Tim. Now I’ve seen the very talented Brad and Pete twice, I feel proud to have seen them. Also, Brad is really hot. (But not as hot as Tim of course.. no one is ) :D

Abby Ruston on 11th of May 2011

What an amazingly funny show at Sheffield last night. Even better that my favourite song got played too. “I can have a dark side whoah…..yeah!!!!!!!” YIPPEEEEE INDEEDY Bring on the crackers I need some CHEESE! :-) P.S LOVE YOU TIM! X

Matty Rayson on 10th of May 2011

Is he not using a grand for the shows?? Or is that a stupid question?

Abi on 10th of May 2011

Good work in the cage Brad ^^

Heidi Baltom on 8th of May 2011

Hi guys went to see the show at the Royal Albert Hall and was blown away. Brad love the duel in darkside (not sure who won think was a draw) and Pete loving the arrangement of Rock n Roll Nerd. Both u guys are fantastic and so are the Heritage Orchestra. Oh and Tim too. x

Tracey Clark on 5th of May 2011

Went to the show at the Playhouse in Edinburgh and it was absolutely amazing. Never laughed so much in ages. Hopefully you’ll be at the Edinburgh Festival this year.

Misha on 5th of May 2011

I really can’t reccommend the head shaving, it’s bloody chilly.
Thankyou Brad and Pete.

mzlondon on 4th of May 2011

The band are ace – excellent idea to let them out of their plastic soundproofing long enough to scribble a few words for us to read. Brad – kudos on your Dark Side duelling skills. And Pete – your nod to ‘Superstition’ in the orchestration of Rock And Roll Nerd is inspired. The tour wouldn’t’ve been the same without you, fellas! Thank you.

Lou on 4th of May 2011

Nice to hear your thoughts chaps! I have loved this tour – there is not doubt that the orchestration and involvement of other musos has added a totally new element to Tim’s work. Wonderful stuff.

CountOlaf on 4th of May 2011

Let them speak more and more Tim! And afterwards take them “out for a bit of piss-taking. Rightly so, as his employees.” xD

Sharon on 4th of May 2011

I had a front row seat at the Sydney Opera House right in front of Pete. I must say it was very hard to keep my eyes off him………………………………………

Vikki on 4th of May 2011

Dear Brad
On behalf of woman-kind, I implore you – please do not shave your head. We need soemthing to look at while Minchin thinks he’s being ”rock,” and, whilst your drumming is very lovely, your swishy-hair framed face is lovelier still.
thanking you in advance for the continued perving-prospects that you provide

Tracey/rm on 3rd of May 2011

I might be a little bit in love with Pete. Just a smidge.

I remember when I saw Brad in London (ages ago, pre orchestra tour) and said ” ooh blonde Tim” and someone (could it have been Pete I wonder, damn my memeory, damn it to hell) told a story about how everyone thought Brad was Tim :)

I hope you both work with Tim lots more too.

Looking forward to Sunday!

You are all awesome xx

TNKRTOY on 3rd of May 2011

Are you making a dvd of this tour?

Davi' on 3rd of May 2011

We all need MetroGnomes. Without these men at a performers back, where would the timing be.

More Power to their Amplifiers.

Rev Lynn on 3rd of May 2011

What a Trinity you guys make! Thanks Pete & Brad for filling in some of the background to how the epic orchestra tour came about. Tim obviously chose well in inviting your creative input into the the show. I hope it’s not too long before you can collaborate on another project – maybe with Dennis Kelly as well? More musical theatre or satirical musical reviews of current affairs would be great. I’m really glad that Tim has had you both on stage on with him. Performing in huge arenas can be a lonely business. Hope to hear more from you and thanks again.

Haidee on 3rd of May 2011

I was at the Junction in Cambridge too. I thought Brad and Tim must have known each other for years!
What I want to know is how often has Brad “played” Tim in the cage? It wasn’t him at RAH…I was checking!

Cathy (traineeflorist) on 3rd of May 2011

oh and nice work with the banana Brad :o)))

Scottishnatureboy on 3rd of May 2011

Asks Tim: “What the **** are Roy Harper and Tim Buckley doing in MY dressing room?”

Cathy (traineeflorist) on 3rd of May 2011

We are seeing this spectacle for the fourth time in Sheffield next week and hope to have our first meet with you guys after the show if you are around. Will be bringing you presents but of course this is not a bribe (well not really) Had hoped to after RAH on the 28th but had to dash for a train :o(

We don’t know Tim, so not our place to say but we would imagine having the two of you along for the Orchestra Tour ride, as well as the amazing Jules and THO, has been as much of a pleasure for him as it has for you. Sometimes people just click and it would be a crime if you don’t all do something similar to this tour again one day. In the meantime, thank you, thank you and thank you again to all of you for making the last five months so incredibly fulfilling for myself, my husband and my two grown up children xx

Andy on 3rd of May 2011

I was lucky enough to see a couple of Tim’s warm-up gigs at the 100 Club and the Junction in Cambridge. Even with just those two extra elements provided by Brad and Pete, it gave an enticing insight into how much depth and richness Tim’s music would achieve from a full orchestra backing. The reality did not disappoint. :-)

I’ve also been lucky (cheeky?) enough to have chatted with both Brad and Pete after shows and been struck by just how lovely and friendly they are as well as being great musicians. A real credit to the Minchin roadshow ;-)

Arwen on 3rd of May 2011

Great to hear what ‘on set’ people think of this crazy tour. Glasgow can’t come quick enough for me so I can see it all again!

Great work on Rock n’ Roll Nerd Pete, that and Not Perfect are my favorite of the orchestrated old songs.

Please dont shave your hair off Brad, long hair is much better…


Cheryll on 3rd of May 2011

saw the show in Brighton ans the RAH on Friday, and have to say Pete is so tasty i actually was distracted from Tim, no mean feat! Loved the show both times!

Elaine (elainepixie) on 3rd of May 2011

Thanks, guys! Great to read about your involvement. The Orchestra show is insanely brilliant which is, I guess, why I find myself looking forward to seeing my fifth one later this month! Many thanks for your indispensable contributions. x

Christina on 3rd of May 2011

Dude, you guys rock! I thought Tim wrote and orchestrated everything. I suddenly have much more appreciation for his musicians and much less for him. JK Tim (sort of)!

ori on 3rd of May 2011

want to see the accordion bit

Glynis on 3rd of May 2011

Really interesting to read how you both became involved with Tim. I was at the RAH on Thursday 28th and had a brilliant front row seat, (in fact the exact view of the stage as the photo of Tim on this blog. It must have be an amazing experience to work alongside Tim and to be part of the orchestration. The sound was stunning, a really inspiring experience. I hope you continue with the ’employee’ partnership! Also wished Tim had played the accordion – that would have been inspired and hilarious!
Oh yes and Brad – dont tell Tim this, but you are infinitely more good looking than him!!

Jo on 3rd of May 2011

I was at the Cambridge gig. The look of terror on poor Brad’s face as Tim started playing Darkside (I think it was) was a highlight for me too.
And Pete, nice work on Rock & Roll Nerd.

Chris on 3rd of May 2011

I saw you guys not long ago in Aberdeen, And apart from the fact he thought we were all cow blood drinking savages :), I thoroughly enjoyed the gig from the start to the end!. The orchestra was awesome and so was the drummer, all in all a very talented bunch!.

I’d definately pay up to go and see the Ginger twat again :)

Janne on 3rd of May 2011


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