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About this time last year Tim wrote a little song of praise where “the idea was to compare [Jesus] to Woody Allen (short, Jewish, philosophical, a bit hesitant), and expand into redefining his other alleged attributes using modern, popular-culture terminology”.  He then joyously performed it on The Jonathan Ross Show at summer festivals all over the UK in 2012 and more recently at Homebake Festival, Sydney, Australia.

In November, Tim, his long hair, bare feet, beard and band* performed a warm-up gig (for the above Aussie festival) at The Coronet, London, the proceeds of which went to Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). The show was recorded for a documentary** and their euphonious performance of ‘Woody Allen Jesus’ has just been edited and put up on Tim’s YouTube Channel in violet-blue hue’d gloriousness for your delectation. Just in time for Christmas!

If that’s helped you into the Christmas spirit then you may fancy keeping the mood going with Tim’s beautiful, sentimental song about Christmas and family: ‘White Wine In The Sun’. A new studio version was released, earlier this month, with all December proceeds, once again, going to the National Autistic Society. Details of where to download it internationally here.

Merry Christmas!

*The beauteous and mellifluous Pete Clements (bass), Brad Webb (drums) and Tristan Cassel-Delavois (guitar).
**You’ll hear more about that next year…

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Chris Houlden on 6th of January 2013

Awesome. Slower tempo makes it more carol-like, though I am very fond of the Ross-show version. ‘Earpiece’ – ha. Very funny and spot-on throughout. Happy New Year!

Donna Messenger on 1st of January 2013

‘White wine in the sun’….. I lost my dad a while ago….He helped make me who I am and I miss him incredibly………… This song makes me cry and smile at the same time….. Thank you for that Tim Minchin.

Christina on 31st of December 2012

Just knew you would be drinking white wine in the sun at Christmas with your family in Perth. I have loved your work and followed you for the last 4 years. I am going to live in Naples Italy and am going to miss your concerts! Will have to find out how I can tune in for Californication! Guess you won’t be going out there playing ‘Fuck the Pope!’ any time soon?
Will be following you from Bella Italia! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Paul Ogden on 26th of December 2012

Just saw the choral version at 9 lessons and carols for godless people: absolutely awesome.

Liz in Oz on 22nd of December 2012

This song is just so clever. Only Tim could pull off a gentle but firmly realistic dig at this time of year, full as it is of the oh so familiar carols, which are sung without even thinking. “Woody Allen Jesus” hits the nail on the head at every turn and I just love it. It makes the point so well, without being unkind or even blasphemous. It is thought-provoking for those who need a prod and never insulting or sarcastic – a masterstroke! Tim, you have a very special place in the hearts of this family and we want to thank you for yet another great rendition for a fabulous song. Enjoy your Christmas – you deserve it!

dan rothman on 22nd of December 2012

Liked the vocals and catchy melody. Also the excellent synchronization of voices blending over some rather intense lyrics, was most impressive. We get the humorous absurdity of the song which unfortunately was unfunny from the get go. In truth it was was flat and boring. I kept waiting for some witty lyrics and I’m still waiting. Woody and jesus, although comparatively speaking sounds like a funny concept, it doesn’t work.

blix on 22nd of December 2012

This song is really cool you rock again Tim! But there are a lot more to talk about than religions. They suck and we know it, so get over it and keep your incredible talent and creativity for stuff worth to talk about!
Good luck! You deserve it.

Tracy on 22nd of December 2012

Awesome. Loved it xxx

Heather Cull on 22nd of December 2012

I love everything Tim Minchin does. A huge talent. Love the Ginger song.

SB on 21st of December 2012

Superman worked better.

Cazz on 21st of December 2012

Fab, awesome, magical, inspiring, tad narcissistic , but wot the hell, Jesus, Judas, deffo didnt lose a thing there, & didnt drown at the prospect, gloves are off, Tim rocks

Cazz on 21st of December 2012

Fab, awesome, magical, inspiring, tad narcissistic , but wot the hell, Jesus, Judas, deffo didnt lose a thing there, & didnt drown at the prospect, gloves are off, Tim rocks

III on 21st of December 2012

“…without the earpiece”. Love it.

Matt Levitz on 21st of December 2012

Awesome clip! Great to hear the song with a full band. Love the clarity in 1080p. My only complaint is that from 2:58 to 3:20, it’s impossible to hear the vocals, which are the most important part. Hopefully that can be fixed in the mix before the documentary is finalized. Otherwise, great job from all involved!!

Helena Guerrero on 21st of December 2012

Cool! a new documentary soon…nice to see Tim playing with a band…
Thanks for the video
Happy Holidays!!!

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