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Although, unfortunately, the professional and amateur performance rights for Matilda the Musical are not yet released, the creators of the marvellous West End and Broadway hit are looking forward to releasing a junior version (currently in development) via MTI.

If you are super keen to perform, you don’t have to wait for that, because next week it’ll be possible for your school to get a licence to perform a short version: Matilda the Musical (in 20 minutes) which features five of Tim’s fabulous songs: Naughty, School Song, The Chokey Chant, Bruce and Revolting Children linked by passages and excerpts from the script by Dennis Kelly. This version will be available for a limited time prior to the official release by MTI of the aforementioned Matilda the Musical Junior Version.

Matilda the Musical (in 20 minutes) will be released for schools and amateur youth groups (i.e. performers aged 16 years or younger) in the UK and Ireland ONLY from 4th March, 2014. For more information, and to obtain the rights, please click here to go to the Carasotto website.

At the moment there are no performance rights available to groups anywhere else in the world.

UPDATE (07/03/14): As we have seen some confusion in the comments, to clarify:
This website cannot sign you up to this version, add you to a mailing list for it or give you a licence.
To obtain the rights to Matilda the Musical (in 20 minutes), please visit the Carasotto website.

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Rosalie on 1st of March 2018

Please let me know when we can buy the rights for the Junior version of Mathilda. I would like to be put on the mailing list!!
Thank you

Ellie wilson on 11th of December 2017

Very interested in performing this with my school. Please let me know when the junior version will be released?

Anna Świder on 30th of October 2017

Is it possible for you to email me The short script of Matilda?
Thanks a lot!

Maya on 22nd of June 2017

Hi, I’m working in a summer camp this year and we would love to put on this play. Where and how can I purchase it?

Thanks so much. have a great day.

looking forwards to hearing from you!

Lynn Biddick on 2nd of January 2017

Please can someone advise me where I can purchase the 20 minute version of Matilda?

Roz on 20th of December 2016

Is there any update on when the performance rights for the junior version will be released? We are applying for the 20 mins rights for our performance in April but don’t want to apply for this if the Junior version will be available in the next few months.
Thank you!

Haidee Hughes on 11th of September 2016

Hi We’ve been to see the show and been singing it ever since. We’ve found where to purchase the performance license but how do we purchase a copy of the script please. Thanks Haidee

Megan Holmes on 29th of June 2016

I have submitted my application to get a licence for Matilda the Musical (20 minutes) but where do I get the script and music from?


kelly on 16th of April 2016

Please add me to the mailing list – JR or full version rights.

Wally on 16th of April 2016

Please add me to your mailing list to be notified when Jr or full production rights become available. thank you!

Judith on 15th of March 2016

Please add me to your mailing list. I am soooo keen to know when the junior version of Matilda will be released. Would love to use it with the children in the primary school where I teach.

Shaunagh on 14th of March 2016

Likewise I have applied for the licence for the 20 minute version but am unsure how to download or purchase the script. Could someone who has already been through the process please let me know?

Abby on 21st of February 2016

I just can’t make my girls do Wizard of Oz next year. We’re ready to step up our theatrical game. Waiting with baited breath on the MTI rights…or at the very least, permission to do the 20 minute version in Canada…eh? Come on! Pretty please.

Laura on 30th of December 2015


I have applied for the 20minute license – how do i download the script?

Many thanks

Sarah on 27th of December 2015

Please Tim,
When, oh when is the junior Matilda version coming out?!!

We are desperate to do this for our annual musical and have some amazing kids who were born to to it. Bags of attitude and talent…please come through for us! 😉

Jaime Love on 13th of October 2015

We have a wonderful teens ‘n training program that would go crazy at the chance to do this show. Any word on when/how? Is the 20 minute version available now?

Sarah on 20th of July 2015

Gave you any plans to release the junior version in the next 12 months?

Ana Simon on 19th of June 2015

Our elementary school ( K-5) would love to put this up. We are in Montclair, NJ, USA

Steph on 21st of April 2015

I would LOVE to direct Matilda Jr. For my school. To be permitted to tell this moving & wonderful story. Please put me on the “let her do the show” list

Sophie on 14th of April 2015

Is it still possible to sign up for Matilda (in 20 minutes)? If so, please add me to the mailing list. Thanks!

Mark Dickinson on 3rd of April 2015

We would love to consider working with this text in our small youth theatre.

Brenda on 12th of March 2015

I am very interested in performing this version!! please put me on your mailing list.

Timmy on 20th of November 2014


would love to perform this FAB play.

Please sign me up!

Steve on 22nd of September 2014

Is there a date when the whole show will be available to be performed by schools?

Elmar Halder on 26th of August 2014

That’s good News. I’d also like to perform the short Version.
Please sign me up.

Carole Srisupapol on 14th of July 2014

I am a teacher in Thailand and most students don’t know Dahl ‘s amazing work. This would be wonderful!

Cally Winter on 13th of June 2014

Sounds amazing and we are studying this in Term 1 2014/2015 school year! Any more information would be fab!

Sally on 10th of June 2014

I would love to perform this with my youth theatre group – please add me to your mailing list.


Tara on 6th of June 2014

Any chance of getting rights for a school in Australia? I am Irish!!!

John on 2nd of June 2014

I was wondering when it will be possible to get the 20 minute version in America?

Lourdes Gerico on 26th of May 2014

I am from Spain and I am very interested to performed Matilda next year in a Elementary School. It could be amazing to ger the 20 min. version. Please put me on your list if it is possible.Thanks

Kathryn Taylor on 25th of April 2014

I am VERY eager to get hold of the full version of Matilda the Musical – can anyone tell me if it will be available in the near future?

Toni on 11th of April 2014

What an incredible opportunity it would be to perform this version with the talented kids in our community theatre group! I would be grateful if you could sign me up on your mailing list.

diane gibson on 10th of March 2014

i am very interesting in performing this with our musical theatre children please put me on your mailing list

Tommy on 8th of March 2014

Very interested to do this with my school. Thank you for the opportunity.

shoshana willetts on 5th of March 2014

please put me on mailing list wowzer a great opportunity for a local unfunded community arts group with 25 young people all under 16 – nothing ventured nothing gained eh!

Clare on 4th of March 2014

Please can you tell me how I go about getting the license – it’s not on the MTI website today. Thanks

Clare on 4th of March 2014

How do I download it please?

Katie Pickett on 4th of March 2014

Fantastic news and superb timing for my after school drammys. Would love to be on the mailing list for the 20 minute version. Please please!
Many thanks for you kind work!!

Natalie on 3rd of March 2014

Really excited about this …… We are a comprehensive school and would love to be considered for the 20 minute version!
Please keep me updated:-)

Susie on 3rd of March 2014

Please put me on the list for the rights for the 20 minute version of the show. This will be an amazing addition to a summer showcase.

Andy Cooke - Basics Junior Theatre School on 3rd of March 2014

It would be an amazing opportunity for the young talent of Burnley to showcase this amazing show!!! Can I request more information as we would like to apply for the performing rights? Basics Junior section is a not for profit set up offering weekly sessions to 70 children aged from 6 years – 12 year. The Juniors recently performed the Junior edition of Annie in December of last year and our senior group performed the school edition of Miss Saigon in December of last year. This 20 minute showcase would be fab to present in November of this year at our annual December show to be held at The Muni in Colne Lancashire.

Please contact Andy Cooke (Principal) with further details. An amazing opportunity thank you to the very talented Tim Minchin.

Lucie on 2nd of March 2014

Please can I buy licence as soon as available?

Becky luzi on 2nd of March 2014

Fantastic news,please put me on list for rights of school 20minute version.

Alice combe on 2nd of March 2014

Please can the 20 min version be available in Australia too? I am a primary school music teacher and a huge fan of Matilda the musical. I would absolutely love to perform it with my students!
Hope to hear from you soon,

GT on 1st of March 2014

Please Please can the MTI version include NZ/Australia?

Emma on 1st of March 2014

Please sign me up, it could be good for my school.

Michelle Eldridge on 1st of March 2014

I am very very interested in doing both the 20
Minute and the full version of the show.

Fiona on 1st of March 2014

Please let me have the rights! I am very interested in your junior versions for schools. thank you

Manuela Lindkamp on 1st of March 2014

Hello from Germany. Probably for the umpteenth time I am wondering why countries such as Germany (and the Netherlands and the whole of Scandinavia) are left out, where everybody puts plays in English on (school) stages. Last year I wrote a mini-play with my 10 year-old school kids. Is there a legal problem? X

Zoe on 1st of March 2014

Thank you so much for opening up a wonderful opportunity to so many children! Cannot wait to perform this. A shorter one is also so useful for schools with limited time! Fabulous news

Anne on 1st of March 2014

Joyous, wonderful, kind, exciting, beneficent news. Tim you are not only brilliant you are an Aussie to boot! It can’t get any better than this…

des on 1st of March 2014


des on 1st of March 2014

Sign me up. I would love to perform Ross with my group this summer.

Charlotte on 1st of March 2014

so excited about this…please keep me updated!!

Michelle on 1st of March 2014

I am very interested in performing this version in the summer with the school choir. Please put me on your mailing list.

Amy on 1st of March 2014

I am very interested in the junior version for school. Please put me on your mailing list.

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