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We can finally un-shush! Tim is currently writing the music and lyrics for the musical ‘Matilda’ with the Royal Shakespeare Company: an adaptation of the Roald Dahl children’s story about a very bright and rebellious little girl, with special powers. Mathew Warchus is directing, with a script by Dennis Kelly. It’s expected to open around Christmas 2010, in Stratford-upon-Avon.

You don’t need wits like Matilda’s to know this is going to be mind-blowing!

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*~Kat~* on 20th of October 2009

*wishes it will come to perth*
*doubts it but continues to wish*

Harry Bentley on 18th of October 2009

I have always loved Dahl, and Matilda is one of my favourite films. I will wait with bated breath to see what that dark and hillarious mind can conjure :)

Nicole :D on 8th of October 2009

Wow, Tim! Can’t wait, hope it tours the UK and Ireland (I live near Dublin!) Oh and I’ll be there to see your show in London! Can’t wait! XxXxX

Caroline Cannon on 4th of October 2009

oh my god this sounds amazing and totally right for Mr Tim Minchin to be writing. a treat all around!!!

Alex green on 3rd of October 2009

Please publish sates for this asap…I need to let work and the girlfriend know what dates I won’t be around next christmas. Thank you.

MOLLIE :D on 2nd of October 2009

well done tim! :D
can’t wait!


Jessica on 2nd of October 2009

wow!! this sounds absolutely brilliant!! another great Tim Minchin fact of the day to let everyone know about ;) so far got 5 friends plus the sociology, and biology teacher plus her friends to jump on the Tim band wagon. looking forward to seeing how this plans out, tim singing about magic?? strange yet I know it’ll be wonderful :)

26 days till you come to Notts. please go out shopping Tim, I’d love to get to meet you. Im sure you must be a fascinating and wonderfully brilliant person to write these intelligent witty songs that have often brought tears of laughter to a rainy day :)

cant wait!!

Michaela on 2nd of October 2009

Yey! I know this will be great! My Minchin mind is tell me so. *Waits patiently*

Vicki (Angel of Lust) on 1st of October 2009

Keigh Im guessing Stratford upon Avon as that is home to the Royal Shakespeare Company and theatre

And I cant Wait! only down the road from me too……..Its gonna be a long year

keighs on 1st of October 2009

Which stratford?

jawshyouare on 1st of October 2009

got rather excited when hearing this.
now i have two more dates to write in my brilliant calender.
1. get another pair of jocks
2. see matildaaaaaaaa.

minchy and magic =o.

Pablo Martin Podhorzer on 1st of October 2009

I know I know, my message is not about Mathilda (a musical!, man, we need more like you in Social Sciences, but a musical is ok too).
The thing is, I’m using your work to choose between girls. The unmissable ones share with me the taste for your words. “The Guilt Song” in special made me discover one that could, maybe, be the… well, not “the” one, but that one over the medium, or lets say one standard deviation from, or, well, forget it.
If you come to Buenos Aires even see the sights, don’t forget to e-mail (or use Couchsurfing to find me, that would be a fun CS event, hey boys, look who I brought to the party!).

violet on 1st of October 2009

cannot wait, i live in stratford, so literally a five minute walk XD

DebbieG on 30th of September 2009

Are you starring in it or just co-writing it…’just’ by the way not meaning that it’s not enough, it’s bloody brilliant! Really pleased for you that you’ve been given this amazing opportunity to showcase your skills to new audience…how cool! And at Christmas time too, how magical..does it mean that you won’t get to go back to Perth for Christmas next year?

Bethan (a very happy 16 year old girl) on 30th of September 2009

A musical of Matilda??? that’s gotta be a tricky one, but i’m sure Tim will amaze us as per usual :D.
However Tim writing songs about magic…. hehehe.
I can’t wait until 2010 now, thats like a whole year away!!!!!!!!!! :( I’ll be counting down the days on a special calander just for this event.

Emily on 30th of September 2009

Fuck-a-duck! As a fan (having seen your show at Warwick Arts Centre just days ago) and a Stratfordian; I can safely say for both myself and my buddies that this is aceness in the extreme! Tim, theatre and Roald frickin’ Dahl all on one stage…I’m so excited I can barely contain the giggle pee! But rest assured I will. In the mean time I will cross my legs and count the days, or at least steal my mum’s Tena Ladies as a precautionary measure.

Cosmicpixie on 30th of September 2009

Brilliant – please bring it to Wales….Roald Dahl was Welsh after all :-)

Jenny on 30th of September 2009

Oh man thats insane. yes! yes! HECK YES! BRING IT ON CHRISTMAS 2010!

Jennie on 30th of September 2009

I’m very excited; my little girl will be nearly four by then and will love it, as will my boys who are in their early teens. We have all enjoyed Roald Dahl Maiya especially loves revolting rhymes and the lads and I love Tim so what a fantastic combination.

Chris on 30th of September 2009

So what is this gonna be just some streight pianoing?

Sarah on 30th of September 2009

I should add to the above that I made these attempts at telekinesis MANY YEARS AGO. I have since come to terms with my lack of magical powers. Damn, cold tea! *heats tea with mind* Much better.

Sarah on 30th of September 2009

I tried really, really hard to move the objects in my kitchen with my mind for ages after I saw the movie adaptation. it was horrifically depressing. All of that focused energy… leading to nothing but a headache and general disillusionment. But I’m sure I’ll quite like the songs… :) Think some travelling will have to be done, must see it. Holiday excuse! Woohoo!

Zoweta on 30th of September 2009


Joe on 30th of September 2009

Tammi, Tim is writing the songs.

And wow, Matilda. Probably my favourite children’s story, apart from the Charlie and Willy Wonka ones.

Looking forward to this eagerly.

Tammi on 30th of September 2009

When and where? Is he going to be in it?

andrea on 30th of September 2009

found the film slightly disturbing ….hope the show will be too x x

Olivia Wild on 30th of September 2009

Tim writing about magic?!? Haha I can’t wait! Much love!

Shane griffin on 30th of September 2009

Sounds gd and it will start near me I’m loving it

miss itchy on 30th of September 2009

Bloody fantastic. Congrats. Nice to know you’re now writing from the perspective of a weird little girl.


Taloolah P on 30th of September 2009

This sounds great. Roald Dahl x Tim Minchin It’s a match made in… the darkest recesses of my mind where everything worth knowing is hidden. I’m looking forward to it already!

Jenny on 30th of September 2009

Fantastic, will be taking my little ones to see this for sure x

Chris Brock on 30th of September 2009

Oh fantastic! Reserve me some tickets…

Peter Barr on 30th of September 2009

Good one Timmy!

Alex on 30th of September 2009

Oh my… It’s like my childhood, set to music by an Australian! this truly is a wonderful world!

Andy on 30th of September 2009

Wow… this sounds pretty cool, I used to love that book when I was a kid. I will also be seeing you in December in Melbourne – can’t wait!

Ash on 30th of September 2009

Wow sounds amazing – fingers crossed it comes to Aus!!!

Mike on 30th of September 2009

Sounds amazing Tim – will it tour?

Aisling :) on 30th of September 2009

OMG this is very exciting :)
I can’t wait to come and see it :D

rm on 30th of September 2009

I have already said of my excitement off this over at the forum, but yay! xx

Jac on 30th of September 2009

So how are you supposed to show the telekinesis if it’s a live performance? Are you going to stand off-stage and throw things at Matilda whenever she uses her powers?
And I thought you didn’t believe in things like telekinesis?
Or is this some crazy plot that you have devised in an attempt to prove to the world that magic isn’t real? I can see it now:

(Matilda moves object with her mind)
(Tim walks on stage left)
TIM: Prove to me that this is real and I’ll take a compass and carve ‘fancy that’ on the side of my cock.
(Tim exits stage right)

Oh and I’ll be seeing you in December (must be kinda creepy having people tell you that they’re going to be seeing you. If it was me I would be sure that people were going to be seeing me in the most awkward of times i.e. getting dressed; falling down the stairs)! I’ll do something unexpected (like juggling flaming torches) so that you’ll know which one is me!

Cassie on 30th of September 2009

Please, please, please tell me that this will come to Australia???

Soph. on 29th of September 2009

AMAZING. can’t wait.

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