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The National Trust’s first ever outdoor comedy event ‘Trust In Comedy’ will feature Tim performing with a larger band than usual, including, as ever, the ruggedly handsome* Brad and Pete – we’ll announce more info on this as soon as we can. It takes place at the National Trust’s Belton House in Grantham, Lincolnshire, on Friday 15th June at 8pm.

The setting will have a spectacular backdrop, with the stage set in front of the main house.

There is no assigned seating, so you should bring your own picnic rugs, blankets or chairs. There will be food and drink on sale but you can also create and take your own awesomely sophisticated picnics. (CHEESE! WINE!) However, there are strict rules and restrictions with regards to umbrellas, gazebos and BBQs etc so for further information about this please visit www.belton-proms.org.uk or telephone 01476 566116.

Tickets are available now from Grantham Guildhall on 01476 406158 or nationally via www.belton-proms.org.uk and www.seetickets.com on 0871 220 0260.

Tim: “I like big old stuff so I’m looking forward to this big old gig in front of a big old house”.

Brad & Pete: “We like big old hair so we’re looking forward to Tim’s big old barnet doing a big old gig in front of a big old house. Yee haw!” **

* delightfully pretty
** This may not be an accurate quote

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Heather Louise on 27th of May 2012

Me and my friends have booked our tickets! Cannot believe you’re in the shire of Lincoln! Saw you in Nottingham last year and now I get to see you at Belton House! Luckiest person alive, bring on Tim Minchin and the BNP Band :’)

Jan on 30th of April 2012

Saw you in Hull – fantastic. Will be with my daughter and granddaughter – hope to be drinking white wine in the sun. Granddaughter not drinking wine as she is not yet a year old and this will be her first comedy gig. Having trouble getting her to remember all the words to the Pope song.
You can sing her a Lullaby if you like. She loves your music too.

pink beth and punk simon on 16th of April 2012

our tickets have been delivered – we will be the ones with the pink hair (her) and the blue mohican (him) – cant wait!!!!!

Georgie on 11th of April 2012

I would give you my piano, one of my legs…and my wife to come to this.

Carole Goundry on 3rd of April 2012

Genuinely can’t believe you are coming to Grantham. Saw you in Nottingham a couple of years ago and you were awesome, even better now that you will be practically on our doorstep. Thanks Tim and the National Trust.

andrea on 3rd of April 2012

How exciting. BTW ~ Sir Isaac Newton’s childhood home, Woolsthorpe Manor, is nearby and well worth a visit for maths and science geeks!!

Shell on 3rd of April 2012

Tickets purchased!! Yay. Tim and the bnp band here we come!!

Jill Thwaites on 3rd of April 2012

Fantastic news! Whoever would have thought Tim would find his way to big old Lincolnshire? Will this be along the lines of the Heritage Orchestra Tour or something different? Either way, count me in!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.