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January 2007

Hey guys.

Colin Murray’s show on BBC Radio 1 is ace i reckon… not least of all because he sometimes plays my tunes.

This Wednesday night he’s airing a radio-doco about Stand-up comedy, and I’ll be in the studio chatting and maybe playing a toon or somethin’.

Details below.

Hope your days are nice.

_ _ _

Wednesday 24th January @ 10.30pm as part of The Colin Murray Show
“No Laughing Matter”
BBC Radio 1. www.bbc.co.uk/radio1

A documentary looking at the lives of Stand Up comedians, from open mic nights to big stars, Radio 1 investigates why they do what they do, and see what life is really like for a comic. Russell Brand, Tim Minchin, Russell Howard, Trevor Lock, Lucy Porter and Stephen Grant talk about comedy along with some open mic performers who are trying it for the first time.

You can listen to the whole thing live from 10.30, where Tim Minchin will be in the studio to chat about his upcoming UK tour. Or you can download the podcast from Friday at bbc.co.uk/radio1.

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Hi there people.

This one for people in the UK… and more specifically, people who were very kindly planning to come to my shows in Maidstone or Nottingham or Aylesbury or Sheffield or Leeds.

I’m afraid I’ve had to cancel those five gigs. Well, I didn’t have to… but I was compelled to. It was a selfish act actually.

You see, I got invited to the HBO comedy arts festival in Aspen, which is a really brilliant opportunity. We (manager / promoter / i) had long chats before we pulled the dates, but it was decided i’d be nuts to pass up on the offer, cos i can make up the uk gigs at some point, but the chance to go to Aspen is likely to be a one-shot affair.

I’m truly and humbly sorry. I’ll make it up to yez.

I welcome any expressions of anger on my page. It’ll be fun. (Obviously haiku form is the most appropriate way to do this).


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