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Hey guys.

Colin Murray’s show on BBC Radio 1 is ace i reckon… not least of all because he sometimes plays my tunes.

This Wednesday night he’s airing a radio-doco about Stand-up comedy, and I’ll be in the studio chatting and maybe playing a toon or somethin’.

Details below.

Hope your days are nice.

_ _ _

Wednesday 24th January @ 10.30pm as part of The Colin Murray Show
“No Laughing Matter”
BBC Radio 1. www.bbc.co.uk/radio1

A documentary looking at the lives of Stand Up comedians, from open mic nights to big stars, Radio 1 investigates why they do what they do, and see what life is really like for a comic. Russell Brand, Tim Minchin, Russell Howard, Trevor Lock, Lucy Porter and Stephen Grant talk about comedy along with some open mic performers who are trying it for the first time.

You can listen to the whole thing live from 10.30, where Tim Minchin will be in the studio to chat about his upcoming UK tour. Or you can download the podcast from Friday at bbc.co.uk/radio1.

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Ryo on 4th of May 2008

and if i follow…”me”‘s link, it comes up with a file whichmy computer cant read. hmph

Ryo on 4th of May 2008

I cant seem to find the podcast download…am i too late??!!

Aneesa on 8th of March 2007

Ahhh, Salamanca era muy bonita cuando yo y amigas fuimos en el verano pesado… me encanta mucho el plaza mayor por las noches!

Is me showing off with my spanish good enough? i’m still learning…

M. on 6th of March 2007

Aaaaalright, then.

According to the Old Testi-Mintch we have to sacrifice a goat.

Bad news, this is against the law in most countries. It’s either you all come to Salamanca for each ceremony, which is a bore, given the current aircraft security regulations, bringing a goat and all, OR we modernise the system and do this:


Thus, every time a Believer wants to become a So Fucking Fan of Tim Minchin, they have to follow Oxfam’s instructions.


Aneesa on 6th of March 2007

Something that deserves it? Anyone vaguely related to David Blaine by any chance??

Whatever it is, get it over and done with… i want to be a Minchy fan!

Sarah on 6th of March 2007

NO! There will be no changes to the ceremony. Live kitten it is! Ok, maybe not a kitten, but at least something that deserves it, unlike the poor little earthworm and jellybaby… Although, nothing except a kitten comes to mind. Muahahaha.

Kirsty on 5th of March 2007

It doesn’t have to be a kitten, I suppose. It could be an earthworm or a jellybaby or something.

Aneesa on 5th of March 2007

HAHAHAHA!!! Thats funny!

…you are joking right, Kirsty?

Because if not… i want out. now!

Kirsty on 5th of March 2007

But first there’s the initiation ceremony. Anyone got a live kitten?

Blake on 5th of March 2007

sure… anyone who wants to be a tim fan can be :D especially if you want to do it our way! ;)

Aneesa on 2nd of March 2007

I forgot to say… you guys rock. And i promise that wasnt sucking up – and that last thing wasnt sarcasm either. Cough.

Aneesa on 2nd of March 2007

i don’t blame people who copy you… I’m even thinking of joining the ‘gang’. Am i allowed in…?

Blake on 1st of March 2007

how astute :D

Another Steph on 1st of March 2007

Including yourself Mr Blake….

Blake on 28th of February 2007

the only reason the stereotype exists, is because people copy us ;)

Aneesa on 27th of February 2007

Ahhhhh… stereotypical minchy fans. reading this has seriously brightened my otherwise coursework saturated day.

I saw tim in Wycombe the other night aswell. Apparently i’m a hobo for using a plastic bag (controversial – i know)

Amberella on 23rd of February 2007

Saw you in High Wycombe last night, Tim. You were fab! Even fabber in the flesh than on TV!!! :-)

ME on 23rd of February 2007

oops, ignore my first post. Copied the wrong urls.

ME on 23rd of February 2007


click on ‘listen to the doc’

Have fun

ME on 23rd of February 2007


or go to colin murray (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/colinmurray/) and click on thursday’s show.

Forward to about

Lev on 8th of February 2007

Ok. I’ve had a look on radio 1’s website and couldn’t find any links to download Tim’s appearance on the Colin Murray show.
Does anyone know where I can get it form?

Jamie on 31st of January 2007

Woah…this all sounds heavy man !!!

Caroline on 29th of January 2007

OK…moving on from the bitching and dictionary….erm…stuff, I’m just posting here to say- AT LAST- I’ve had chance to grab this wonderful new peice of unfoldable, downloadable Tim!

Yeah, yeah so I’m late, but I’ve had a busy week sorting out my life….culmination in seeing Tim in ‘Minchester’….so I’m off the hook *grins*

t on 27th of January 2007

well. then. but what of the words of the great jerman filosofer? Kristoph.

ok now im going to rebut what you said well debating style.

For me, readgin post on such an internet site is not sumfin i would compare to art. the only written art is found in books and written in permenant marker on the face of your asleep friend. for it is these things only which is art, society and stuff.

and we must not forget, a great person once said that we shoudnt end the world with a full stop as kirsty says.

but a colon.

(and notice how i didnt even resort to changing the word dictionary to bitchionary)

Kirsty on 27th of January 2007

I think written language is beautiful, but not so much when people use it poorly. For me, reading something with constant poor grammar and spelling is comparable to listening to lovely music but with a random off-key note thrown in here and there. Not so beautiful.

tim not-minchin, they have these wonderful books nowadays. They’re called “dictionaries”.

tim (not minchin) on 27th of January 2007

Sorry M (shuffle feet)
if i had a daughter named violet and a surname of Minchin rather than something else i’d (or id for kirsty) feel much worse

im suddlly agianst grammar and spelling. why must we be bound to such a society when i cant think of anything smart to say, becuase i cant spell it?:”{

M. on 27th of January 2007

As a dear friend used to say to me when I was about your age, Kirsty, a loooong time ago…

Life’s a bitch, now so am I.

I don’t know whether either statement is true, but it sure looked good written on walls or in other people’s folders or on desks.

Don’t be bitches, girls. It’s not worth it.

And Tim, you should be ashamed! To call your daughter’s mother a bitch. Baby Violet will bite you one of these days in revenge. Do not anger our Saviour.

Also, according to my theory, Sarah has to be a Virgin ;-) Calling her a bitch will only anger the True Followers. Us, Who Believe. Only filthy heretics would dare compare her to Mary Magdalene.

I am starting to suspect the Masonic conspiracy has now reached the immaculate beaches of Australia…


tim on 25th of January 2007

Chocolate, flowers, baked goods r on da way:

‘I dont enjoy bred”. Said tim One day. (take that kirsty) (its a war of grammar!)

unfortunately you flowers, chocolate and baked good will be delivered by asterix form.
one day. did i mention i have to ambition of working in a library?

Nicola on 25th of January 2007

A grammatically incorrect librarian…what a perfectly horrific thought…

Sarah on 25th of January 2007

I don’t mind you calling me a bitch… However, if you had called me a bith as Blake suggested I would’ve been a bit more aggressive in this message… Ugh! I missed it live… I have failed as his #1 fan… Just as well I can make my own rules for #1 fandom… And I say I get plenty more chances as his #1 due to the fact that I’ve succeeded in being his #1 many other times… Remember the divorce papers Tim? BAHAHAHA… I just remembered about those the other day… it made me laugh…
Anyhoo… I went to karaoke last night and didn’t get home til 3.. that’s my only defence… Although, I would prefer Tim to karaoke anyday…

xx Sarah

Alix on 25th of January 2007

Woooo!! Yey i cn actually listen to this!! Thats the good thing about being ill! Ohhh im all happy now, only a couple of hoursss!! :D

Kirsty on 25th of January 2007

You just wait ’till I find a grammatically incorrect librarian. Then there’ll be trouble.

Hannah on 25th of January 2007

So you’ve stopped targeting the librarians now, and moved on to the gramatically incorrect bakers, have you Kirsty?

Kirsty on 25th of January 2007

I wasn’t really offended by being called a bitch. I like it. To me, it’s both a term of endearment and of empowerment.

Your use of the word “your” instead of “you’re”, however, offends me greatly. Give me chocolates and flowers and baked goods to make up for it, or I will burn down your bakery.

tim on 25th of January 2007

i never called you a bitch. i was just using your quickness as an elevation platform to psycho-cataclysmicly derogotise your female gender group of which i am not a member. bitch!

(look at me try to use big words that don’t make sense, i wish i sounded smart i really do)

awwwwwwwwwww sorry to offend, your not bitches. i was merely jealous. you see, as a small boy i always dreamed of posting first. but alas, it was never to be, for me long hours removing flour from breadough at the local bakery collided with me pressing the refresh button in hope. one day. perhaps……………

Kirsty on 24th of January 2007

Now I can feel safe and secure that nobody will call me a bitch again… not even a quick one.

Caroline on 24th of January 2007

Kirsty is second only to God, who has ginger hair

Caroline on 24th of January 2007

Anybody, anybody TOUCHES KIRSTY – AND I’ll KILL THEM – GOT IT!!!!!!!! *Punches nearest person in the face*

Kirsty on 24th of January 2007

There’s nobody here to defend ME :-(


*whines* Carrrrrrrroline… someone’s being meeeeeeaaaaaan to meeeeee.

Blake on 23rd of January 2007

thats the last time you call sarah a bith. im the bitch.. k?

anyway, i beat them both :P

tim on 22nd of January 2007

damn, i couldn’t beat kirsty or sarah. quick bitches.

Caroline Biesse on 22nd of January 2007

Everything they said and more!!!!!!

Kirsty on 22nd of January 2007

Excitement doubleplus good!

Sarah on 22nd of January 2007

Excitement plus!

Blake on 22nd of January 2007

wooo! downloadable tim! im there!

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