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Hi there people.

This one for people in the UK… and more specifically, people who were very kindly planning to come to my shows in Maidstone or Nottingham or Aylesbury or Sheffield or Leeds.

I’m afraid I’ve had to cancel those five gigs. Well, I didn’t have to… but I was compelled to. It was a selfish act actually.

You see, I got invited to the HBO comedy arts festival in Aspen, which is a really brilliant opportunity. We (manager / promoter / i) had long chats before we pulled the dates, but it was decided i’d be nuts to pass up on the offer, cos i can make up the uk gigs at some point, but the chance to go to Aspen is likely to be a one-shot affair.

I’m truly and humbly sorry. I’ll make it up to yez.

I welcome any expressions of anger on my page. It’ll be fun. (Obviously haiku form is the most appropriate way to do this).


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Drew on 27th of August 2009

Now I look foolish.
Looks like I assumed oh-nine
not oh-sev’n. Oh pish.

Why weren’t you more clear?
For the sake of a few words
I’d have seen the year.

Drew on 27th of August 2009

I’m really quite glad.
Would have missed this if it weren’t
for Tim’s selfishness.

Now I get to go
to the next presumably
unmissable show.

Kirsty on 11th of June 2009

“Probably not”, eh?
Don’t doubt my commitment to

Bec on 11th of June 2009

Dear Kirsty and Blake
Your racial haiku battle
Was much fun to read

Two years have now passed
Will you read this, I wonder?
No, probably not

Joey, Russell and Clarke on 18th of January 2009

When you come to Nottingham, you can stay in our grow room for free!!

Joey on 18th of January 2009

If you ever do.
Come to my home town Notting
Ham. let me know.

That counts right?

see you soon hopefully Tim xx

Mark on 13th of October 2008

When will you come to
Nottingham again because
Sheffield is [too] far

Bitch, I have no way of gettin to Sheffield, especially seen as though I only found out about the gig 4 days ago.

I realise that wasn’t haiku,
but I’ll give money to charity or pray or read or something to make up for it

Simon Hills on 19th of September 2008

I am mistaken
My dates all mixed up, i shall
See Tim after-all!

Simon Hills on 19th of September 2008

I’ve waited so long
To see the man in action
Now all hopes are dashed

Aspen you say, Tim?
I ain’t getting on no plane
Sucka, Crazy fool!

Dave Rave on 22nd of June 2008

I’d like to see Tim
in a show here in Oz, uhm
how many syllables?

I didn’t know about
our Tim when he did the House.
Opera that is.

becky! on 28th of January 2008

1234 i luv marine cor!

Shonay on 6th of January 2008

I sit and wonder
Will web comments be added
To new Minchin shows?

Alistair on 11th of September 2007

saw you at reading
wanted to be at sheffield
going manchester

:D my haikus suck!

Josh on 16th of March 2007

This is for Kirsty, you have to much time on your hands. For Blake, he also has to much time, but he stuck up for the Aussies. Sarah, you should have stayed out of the argument and seen how long it would have lasted. Tim could write a song about it?

Sarah (english) on 14th of March 2007

This is a test, I do apologise for its randomness

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.