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More good news! So F**king Rock So F*****g Rock is now available to stream on Hulu right here.

Filmed at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre in May 2008 (in front of a glamorous and clearly intelligent audience, gathered from all over the UK) the show includes such favourite songs as Canvas Bags, Inflatable You, Rock n Roll Nerd, If You Really Loved Me, Not Perfect, Darkside and many more! PLUS hilarious talky-bits in-between songs.

This is some vintage Minchin and a chance to hark back to the days our fashion hero wore a long coat and much roomier trousers.

Only the other day we announced that the full-length version of Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra, Live at the Royal Albert Hall was available on Hulu, on the Comedy Dynamics channel. If you’re subscribed, keep an eye on Netflix as the Heritage Orchestra show will be available on there too, from the 15th October.

Get ready to sing along. All together now: I am so F-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk-g rock… and breathe…

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Iris on 22nd of September 2014

I love Tim’s show but I can’t watch the films in Taiwan…

Nabeel K on 12th of September 2014

Tim Minchin has fans in Pakistan as well (#JustSaying!). Unfortunately his content must be pirated because there is no other channel of delivery here.

Carlos Gressler Filho on 12th of September 2014

Tim! please remember yours brazilian fans!
we are waiting for you here!

were i can access your shows? i would appreciate the possibility to buy some of yours DVDs!

Brazil can’t f**cking wait for you!

Renee on 12th of September 2014

Thank you for the best birthday present ever!

Donna Sivoli on 12th of September 2014

I am a solid Tim Minchin fan and slowly building my Minchin DVD library.

Kevin on 12th of September 2014

Thank you Tim! This will have to do until you can come to the Midwest US! (We aren’t all god fearing antievolutionists)

Amanda on 11th of September 2014

America is so f**king happy now!

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