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by Tim 22nd Apr 2006 | 15 comments

I reckon I’ve never been as anxious as I was a week ago today… and now I feel all relaxed like a truck driver who’s been slipped a rohypnol at a roadhouse by an amorous chico-roll maker name of Betsy.

Shows at the HiFi are selling out mostly. Which is grand. New material is going nicely… it’s quite dark in bits, which came as a bit of a surprise.

I’ve had a few reviews, all of which have been more than kind. Not that I care about reviews of course. Much. Check them out if you like by clicking HERE


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Polite Lady on 12th of May 2006

Lovely Tim!
I caught your first show at the studio on Wednesday night. I misread the poster and thought I’d bought tickets to see a ‘Slim Munchkin’ – but your gig was even better. Thanks for signing my CD. I loved your droll wit and potty mouth. You really are the superman of the epigram! Now don’t go changing.

P.S. I was worried your little feet would get cold on the stage.

Jono on 7th of May 2006

Bad luck about not getting the Barry Award. I know you were the best show there. Enjoy your time in Sydney!
Beloved Fan, Jono

Crowd Alocated Speaker, Hi Fi Bar, Saturday Night on 1st of May 2006

Hey Tim
Thanks for the awesome show on Saturday. Sorry I ruined your intro by saying hello and kinda killing your vibe. Im sure you had some spiffy joke about the crowd not being vocal you were about to break into, until I shouted out to you. I’ll try to be less aggressive next time.

Thanks for stopping and talking to my family afterwards too. They were stoked. After I talked to you I bumped into Harry from The Cat Empire. I’m sure if I kept walking around instead of going home I’d have bumped into Bob Brown too, as naturally after meeting two musical people such as yourselves it would only be natural to run into a leftie political figure.

Catch you in Eddenburraugh’ug

– Evan

John Howard on 28th of April 2006

When are you coming to Canberra? I don’t live there but I’ve visited. It was made out of circles of denial. Kind of like Cairo, if you say it out loud. Which I do, being a very famous actor.

Kofi Ananananananan on 28th of April 2006

Well tim, I can only advise that, goodness, You Have Options.
Give me a call if a Command Decision is necessary.
Cheers again.

Barry Barrybarry on 28th of April 2006

I know you as a shit biting punk.
You always had a good manner with horses.
H. Anthony Hildebrand tuaght me bout you and alsa bout spellin and stuff.
he is agenius journalistt or somfing.
Why is it you don’t fuck dogs on the stage anymores llike youse used to in highgate likes he says?
Itsa just question punk dickshead.
Refer me to the UN if you hate me right coz i am used to pricks.
and the blokes who owns them right.
ceepen it.

Gwenyth Paltrow on 28th of April 2006

I think laughing is just about opening up your epiglotis and letting air come out of your stomach.
tee hee
Isn’t it great being famous!
I exclaim, but maybe i’m asking a rhetorical question.
It would help if i understood greek.
My Boyfriend from Coldplay says he understands, but when he speaks greek to me i am unable to walk for about a day afterwards. tee hee i think.
I need an apple.

Evie on 26th of April 2006

Hi Tim,

When are you coming back to Wollongong? We of the Illawarra need you!!! Even if it’s just for a perve…

Evie xxx

Taryn on 25th of April 2006

Hi Tim,

I saw Darkside when you came to Perth a little while ago and was blown away!! I have been raving about you ever since to anyone that would listen.

I have just returned from the comedy festival where I saw “So Rock”, and I have to say it was fucking amazing. I got the chance to show my sister who it was I had been raving about for months, thankfully – she was also impressed.

Saw you at Laugha, The Wrong Night and Music, Mirth and Mayhem…and I have to say that your material only gets better the more you hear it.

So glad you did Angry (Feet) at Wrong Night by the way!

Come back to Perth soon – I have many many people I would like to bring!!



Meg on 25th of April 2006

Hey Tim,
I saw your show 3 nights ago and I thought you were aMAZING! My boyfriend had seen you perform a while ago and he was telling me how good you were and boy, he was right. I laughed the whole way through.
You have so much talent, and even just your piano-playing had me blown away.
I loved the last song you sang… the “you grew on me like a tumour song” one. I actually thought it was a really sweet song lol. Could you put that one up as an mp3 download?
Anyway, excellent work, you’ve quickly become my favourite comedian. I hope to see more of your shows in the future.

Deborah on 24th of April 2006

My friends and I saw you hosting Laugh-a-palooza on Friday night. We all really enjoyed the show and loved your music. You were a highlight of our festival experience. Thank you.

John Howard on 24th of April 2006

There’s nothing wrong with being racist. I should know, I’m a famous actor.

Laurence on 24th of April 2006

Dear Tim,

Saw your show on April 22nd by chance more than anything and I am delighted to say I found it to be one of the funniest, intelligent and witty comedy sets I have seen in years. A genuinely innovative direction. As a Londoner living in Sydney, it was great to hear your tales of Soho also. Please be assured you have gained another fan. I see you are in Sydney shortly, looks like I’ll be going to that show also.
Great stuff mate, keep it up.

Wayne on 23rd of April 2006

Dear Tim,

My wife and daughter and I saw your show April 22. We all loved it. Your irreverence and bad taste challenged us all to review our beliefs. Your use of music and comedy to make social comments was brilliant. Obesity, relationships, pop music stars were all parodied cleverly. Your íncorporation of and references to TS Eliots poetry piggy backed a fresh critique of soceity onto an old one very cleverly. Your knowledgeable use of medical conditions in song to describe the way a small moll (mole) can grow on you to the point of infatuation was the highlight for us. Good luck into the future. We all hope to see you again.

Josh on 22nd of April 2006

Hi Tim,

Saw your show the other night and I was damn impressed! Not only were you hilarious, but you’re also a very gifted musician. If I get a chance I’ll probably bring my gf along again while you’re in town.

Keep up the great work and your charitable endeavor to remove the world of fat kids!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.