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Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra are playing at the Soho Theatre in London for the rest of this week.

This music is original, brilliant, cool, weird, uplifting, thoughtful and just plain mad, and is performed with a manic insanity the likes of which you have never seen.

You know I don’t spam much, and never about other acts, but you MUST go and see them if you can get to London this week. If you happen to like me, this guy and his band have been described as a mixture between me and Tom Waits.

9:30 pm at the Soho Theatre. Do it. Buy a furkin ticket.


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Dianne on 3rd of January 2009

Oh Tim, you know I love you and would commit polygamy and move to Utah for you but I saw Martin Martini in Sydney last year and was not very impressed. Their warm up gig however (at the time) left me longing for more. Their name was the crooked fiddle band… http://www.crookedfiddleband.com/

So go and see them, but I was not that impressed….

Jeffery Smith on 29th of September 2008

I would assume you are a very busy man and I don’t expect you to have time to message me back. I just wanted to say, as both a young musician and a lover of comedy, your material is the best musical comedy out. kudos.

carolyn Mercieca on 18th of September 2008

When is tim comeing back to melbourne?

ella Dee on 14th of September 2008

I heard a couple of songs on the radio (inflatable you, ginger) without realising who it was, then I started college the other week and made a friend (before you start feeling sorry for me I did make quite a few friends, its just this one is relevent to my story) anyway she told me about a gig that was going on at the Phoenix, but it has completely sold out so if you see a couple girls standing outside in the rain past 8pm think of us with honour and pride not nervous pity XD
Just realised how long that comment was considering it didn’t really go anywhere…

Brian Platts on 14th of September 2008

Any further gigs planned in the UK in December? In particular, will there be any additional gigs in the Nottingham/East Midlands area, as I can’t make any of the earlier dates in the area.

Michael on 14th of September 2008

just quickly your style of piano playing must have inspiration from somewhere I really like that jazzy style of piano can you suggest a few personal favourite artists for me to listen to? Cheers mate

Rachelle on 10th of September 2008

just fixing a comment from befor i wrote “England and London are a bit far apart” i was ment to write “England and Australia are a bit for apart”

Rachelle on 10th of September 2008

i would realii like to go but im not gonna be flying to london anytime soom :(. England and london seen to be a bit far apart

Linzy on 9th of September 2008

You know what? I picked up a flyer for this at one of your warm-ups and decided that I quite fancied seeing it however stuff on in London isn’t exactly quick and easy for me to get to.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.