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UK Tour Update

by Tim 18th Feb 2009 | 444 comments

Slightly updated list of places and venues below. Go to the GIGS page for details and links.

[A note on Inverness: I’m really sorry this date was pulled. Apparently the venue were unable to confirm my booking, so we had to bow out. We’re hoping to put a show on in Edinburgh that night instead. Which will be great, as I’m not going to the festival this year, but a bit sad, cos I really wanted to get further up north. Sigh. ]

Manchester Lowry; Derby Assembly Rooms; Warrington Parr Hall; Swansea Grand; Swindon Wyvern; Cheltenham Town Hall; Cardiff St Davids Hall; Southampton Guildhall; Norwich Theatre Royal; Buxton Opera House; Dublin Vicar Street; Brighton Dome; St Albans Alban Arena; Stoke-on-Trent Victoria Hall; York Grand Opera House; Cambridge Corn Exchange; High Wycombe Swan; Birmingham Town Hall; Coventry Warwick Arts Centre; Bradford St Georges Hall; Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall; Bristol Colston Hall; Reading Hexagon; Newcastle City Hall; Perth Perth Concert Hall; Dunfermline Alhambra; Edinburgh Usher Hall; Glasgow Pavilion; Aberdeen Music Hall; Bournemouth Pavilion; Belfast Ulster Hall; Sheffield City Hall; Oxford New Theatre; London Hammersmith Apollo; Northampton Royal & Derngate; Nottingham Playhouse; Birmingham Symphony Hall.

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A Mac on 19th of December 2010

If your half as funny as Bill Hicks was i’ll be buying a ticket.

craig davies on 7th of July 2010

noooooo!! i live in inverness now must see about going further im gutted

matt on 3rd of July 2010

I discovered you when my sky plus box accidently recorded your live show lol I thought “who’s tim minchin?”. so I pressed play and watched it! Genius!!!

I’ve defo been converted to a “minchkin”!

See you in manchester :)

Jake on 10th of February 2010

You REALLY!! need to come to london!! So many people here would want to see you. Your like, the best!

Come to london :D

Lucy on 18th of January 2010

yes ….i would but 100 tickets :D even if it were the same show as last time i would still love to see it again

it will be awsome either way


catherine on 13th of January 2010

yeah i argee i was on holiday when you were in my area…would love to see your show
please do another uk tour in 2010

Josh on 11th of November 2009

Tim, the first time i ever heard of or saw of you was in the summer when i found myself watching your ‘So f***ing Rock’ show on TV. im now a massive fan and i think i speak for all the brits when i say. YOU HAVE TO DO ANOTHER TOUR IN THE UK IN 2010!!

Joanne on 20th of October 2009

I saw you in Glasgow and i met you before the show… your a lovely man.

Come back soon we need to laugh more!

Gabi on 18th of October 2009

Hi there :]
I seriously doubt that you’re reading this Tim, but anyway, no harm in leaving a note, is there? So here it goes. Saw you in Sheffield yesterday, boy, that was a big (and nicely curved) room! Great evening, I had a really good time, even though I was sitting next to some people, who seemed to be disgusted by most of your show, which made it even more hilarious for me :D Guess they didn’t know what are they getting themselves into. Thanks so much for doing White Wine, I’m glad you did one of your ‘nice songs’ :] Good luck with the rest of your tour!

Chloe on 17th of October 2009

Tim your gig in Newcastle was without doubt the best gig I have ever been too.
It was sooo funny AND I got to meet you afterwards.

Its so nice to see someone famous who is not so Narssisistic, who will actually hang around to sign things for fans.

you are a raretiy, and really friendly.

Thank You.

BTW (you won’t remember this) but you signed a ticket for my absentee friend sarah who’s birthday it was the day before, and she says thank you it was the best present she has ever recieved…she almost cried when she got it
Oh and my boyfriend Ed says “yo” yeah you won’t rememeber that either… fail.

Anywhoo, thanks again.
Gig = Awesome.

This is the bit where the message ends…
Bye xxx

Emma & Jon Morgan on 16th of October 2009

We were so excited to hear you on Radio 1 yesterday with Chris Moyles….And we LOVED the Swansea gig! Thank you so much!

billy on 16th of October 2009

just a wee question…why did you come to perth when its like the smallest place EVER?

not saying i regret that you did… ;)

lucy on 15th of October 2009

I LOVE YOU . I really think i do :Dgreat show in aberdeen:Dplease please please come again


lazybtch on 15th of October 2009

I can’t wait to see you in Belfast tomorrow.
I’m actually like so excited.
Hate too sound like a fan girl…but I guess I am lmao


VJCV on 15th of October 2009

Bournemouth in just over 2 hours.. wooohooooo

Nikki on 13th of October 2009

Soooo. . . u was AMAZING at ABERDEEN <3

Knock out performance… =D


Charlotte on 13th of October 2009

Hii Tim,
Please come back to Stoke-On-Trent!!!
i’ll wear purple shoes :)
if you cant make a date at Stoke i’ll try
get to a Manchester gig.
hope all is well.

Much love

Faye-Elizabeth on 13th of October 2009

Hellooo there Tim :)
See you on the 31st Oct.. Southampton!

Seen you before at the Wedgewood Rooms and looking forward to this show… bless this time the little brother can come!

x x

Jann on 13th of October 2009

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuved u at the usher halls on saturday night!!! Absolutely amazing!!! My lil sisters a g****r so i was particularly amused by your song he he. Thanks for a great night :-)

Nick on 12th of October 2009

was at the glasgow gig last night and it was ace,,, cant wait to seeyour show again

Caz on 11th of October 2009

re A. Brown’s comment on 22nd Feb…. How did she know about the bear??? hmmm….
Been at the Glasgow gig tonight… freakin awesome! :D

Tony on 10th of October 2009

Great show in Dunfermline last night Tim! I’ve been a fan since Edinburgh Festival 2005 when I nearly died laughing in the front row!

In the space of only a couple of days I announced the imminent birth of my second wee baby and got my dream job. Your show capped off a great great week for me, much much appreciated, thanks for coming to Dunfermline.

PS Loved your encore especially

PPS Hope the impromptu “flower of scotland” part way thru enhanced the evening for you too!

Jaesie on 8th of October 2009

We went to see you in Perth tonight – first time I’ve ever seen you live, and you were more awesome than people were telling us!

So mad we had to sneak out before the end to catch the frickin train though!

Luke and Julia Garvey on 4th of October 2009

cheers tim for a great night in tunbridge wells! thanks again for sighning my shoe and breasts and mums bag hope you enjoy playing with your new boobs wishing you a happy birthday for the 7th xxxxx .

P.S. please try to come to hastings (white rock theatre) on your next tour

Julie on 2nd of October 2009

Fantastic night in Bradford, still giggling! You were so great after the show with everyone who had waited outside for you. Got a great photo with you, thanks for making an “older bird” very happy! xx

Rachel on 2nd of October 2009

Loved, loved, LOVED last night in Bradford. Thank you soooo much for an amazing evening – still grinning now! Scraaaatchy!!!

David Puncher on 29th of September 2009

cant wait for tomo night in cambridge taking my girlfriend as her birthday present

Catherine Norris on 23rd of September 2009

im going for my birthday in belfast :D

i auctually cant wait

Mr Minchin you truely are a legend

Big Kev Dawkins on 18th of September 2009

I and my partner recently saw the tour when it came to the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon and we have never laughed so hard as we did that night, Tim’s grasp of music, highbrow lyrics and impecable timing made it. It is good to know that real talent still exists in the world and not just the quick fit acts manufactured on TV who haven’t worked to get where they are. Thank you Tim and when are you returning to Swindon or close by?

Laura on 15th of September 2009

Roll on Belfast gig! FRONT ROW!!! Can’t wait!!! Love you and all you do. Keep an eys out for me & my 4 best friends, we will be front row centre :D


G and J on 14th of September 2009

Thanks for Norwich gig.
Bet you were terrific in Amadeus and Hamlet

Liked your Hallelujah so much better than anyone else bar L Cohen himself (and, to be fair, he has someone else to worry about the piano part)

Cosmicpixie on 12th of September 2009

Cardiff was amazing!
Come back soon Tim :-)

Kiz on 10th of September 2009

I am eternally thankful that you’re coming to Stoke, and also that I have possibly THE best four mates in the world who are taking me to see you as a late birthday present…yeah, life’s pretty awesome right now.

humphster on 8th of September 2009

went to the Lowry gig, braved the statistical heavy salford traffic and laughed my ass off. excellent gig, loved it even if the peado references to the kid in the bear suit. will never listen to greensleave again in quite the same light.
top gig much enjoyed. thanks for the evening we should do it again some time :)

Anne on 7th of September 2009

Tim was great, the venue (Warrington) was not. This is a criticism of the venue, not Tim…..I don’t want to have to eat my own face meat :-/
Still smiling from seeing Tim live :-)

Georgia on 7th of September 2009

The Lowry was amzingggggggggggg !! x :)

Scree on 6th of September 2009

I’m seeing you in Cardiff for my birthday!! “Penblydd Hapus i fi!!”

Keith on 5th of September 2009

Been trying to get tickets for Aberdeen and it’s sold out :'(

Barry J Brooks on 4th of September 2009

Tim – You were fantastic at Leeds Festival and the Lowry – Don’t stay away from Manchester too long !

Meg on 3rd of September 2009

Can you come back to the Lowry again please? Saw you on Wednesday and it was brilliant. I was sat in the middle, right, right at the back, so I’d like to be a bit more forward next time. Maybe if you keep coming to Manchester, I can just slowly edge forward a row at a time. :)

Griff on 3rd of September 2009

At Manchester Lowry last night. Great night, you are very talented. Fantastic show.

Cy. on 31st of August 2009

No tickets left for Belfast or Dublin! D’:
I’m really fucking bummed.

Jamie on 29th of August 2009

Hey Tim, there are loads of people here who want you to come to the South West! Plymouth is waiting for you! Cheers, Jamie

Meg Flanigan on 28th of August 2009

Dear Tim I am quite old [52 years old] and I am sure you are probably too edgy and rock and roll for me but I have two children who are fifteen and twelve so I have an excuse to listen to your work. Your lyrics reach me and as someone who has not always been as mainstream as most it is a sort of relief to listen to you . Thank you Meg

Courtney on 28th of August 2009

Tim You Are So Fuckin Rock!!
Im From Perth Too, But Live In Bristol See You At Colston Hall

Victoria Watson on 26th of August 2009

I’m coming to see you in Newcastle – City Hall in October. Can’t wait – I’m so so so excited lol. Your amazing to watch! keep it up. I’m following on twitter.com xxxxxxxxxx :) see you soon

Vick x

Rebecca Farrell on 24th of August 2009

CANT WAIT TO SEE HIM :D october 9th ;) sooooo want to meet tim for my birthday!!!!!

Shane griffin on 23rd of August 2009

I got ur album of iTunes I think it MIt I had it on me iPod as I was driving I had pull over it made me laf that much. Iv got to come see u when u come to Stoke soon. I follow u on Twitter can wait to see the new songs ur working on. Thanks shane g

sam on 23rd of August 2009

its so unfair i cant come coz im under 16 it sucks love tim minchin 4 ever

joe on 23rd of August 2009

i couldnt get tickets to see u at belfast but i got your dvd at hmv today so ive kind of contributed cu

good luck

glenn guildea on 23rd of August 2009

Tim minchin u rock, (even if you fail at trying) u will always be a rock and roll nerd

scoot makz on 18th of August 2009

st johnstone nah nah nah

joe on 17th of August 2009

Tim ive been tring to get tickets to your ulster hall gig all day but i cant get any im absulutly ragein that i cant go now

Pandora on 17th of August 2009

Hi Tim. Can’t believe most of your tour dates are sold out already!!! Grrrrr! So wanted to see you live. You have captured me with your memorizing eyes! lol. Anyway take care + keep up the hard work! Maybe one day I will get a ticket to come ‘n’ see you! *dreaming away!* @//(*_*)\\@

tim oliver on 17th of August 2009

hey -when ya coming to the states!?thanx for the music and laughs-glad i found-rock on ya big nerd-much luv

joe on 17th of August 2009

nope the only tickets i can find are far to much i cant go to see you sorry. i was realy looking forward to seeing you but i probly see you next time round

goodluck on your tour tim

joe on 17th of August 2009

FUCKIN hell ulster hall dubble booked my tickets now i cant go!!!

Dave on 17th of August 2009

Hi, Tim. Would you have my babies?

Curtis selby on 16th of August 2009

Dude your totaly awsome.

nicolas on 16th of August 2009

hey my name is nicolas i’m french. i’m really fan of you’r vocal, playing and writting talent you’r really brilliant i saw “so live” it was the revelation you’r so funny but sometimes i don’t understand some sentences. just to say, you’r fucking brilliant (excuse me if my english was not perfect ><)

Abby on 16th of August 2009

More down in the south west please – exeter, plymouth etc

Aaron on 16th of August 2009

Any chance you will be coming to the US anytime in the future? Love to see you around the Los Angeles area.

Mauricio on 16th of August 2009

You are fantastic man! Please, come to Brazil !!

Shadow178 on 15th of August 2009


Olyn Blair on 15th of August 2009

I hope this documentary was an intentional promotional tool. Previously I worked in the media for ten year and had a vague visual recollection of you were but had no idea of your function. Watching this choked me up a couple more times than I would like to admit. Though the independent newspaper has now made me redundant I would feel happy to donate some of my redundancy to you. just chuck me an email.

miss l on 14th of August 2009

simply amazing :D

Penny on 14th of August 2009

Hi Tim, You are the funniest and greatest ever! Pure genius! My daughter and I laugh our ass off no matter how many times we watch your So Live DVD we bought lol. I play it for my friends and then they buy it Yay!! We have tix already bought for Brisbane 2 Dec and we can’t wait. Please I have a request….can you include “Inflatable You” in the the show for me :-D. keep rockin Rock Star.

s gregg on 13th of August 2009

just caught your show that recently aired on channel 4.simply fantastic.too much talent for just one person to have.brilliant amaing superb.well done.keep it coming.sheer genius.thank you

Daniel Pitt on 13th of August 2009

Mr. Minchin, in times of economic gloom and societal breakdown you are a ray of sunshine – or given your renowned wackiness a hit too many of LSD. I was going to be cocky and say the whole three words; then I discovered that I don’t know how to spell them! When will you be in Cardiff, as my friend has purchased tickets and we live about forty minutes away.

Richard on 13th of August 2009

Channel surfing the other night and caught you on E4 – best thing I’ve seen/heard in years.

Thought you were brilliant, so I went and booked a couple of tickets for Sheffield; can’t wait.


Loucie on 13th of August 2009

I love you tim your amazing .
Best comidian ever :)
Im a big fan.
Just for you i take a canvas bag now ;)
yeah im going to see you for my birthday hopefully x

Sophie Magill on 13th of August 2009

Tim rocks;), i never knew about him before i watched him on e4. i love dark side, mostly the bit where it changes from slow to fast, and he added a little yeppie!! he is bloody clever to write all the songs. i know i couldnt:L, he is also pretty amazing at piano, me and my mate have been watching him rather alot, it just never gets old:L

Deanne Blake on 13th of August 2009

Hi Tim, I live in Walpole on the south coast of West Aust, I am currently heading a campaign for our Parents and Citizens group to get rid of plastic bags from the businesses in Walpole, and to encourage them to use an alternative. I am making a powerpoint presentation to present to said businesses and would like to know if I can use your song, “Canvas bags” as a backing song. It pretty well covers how I feel. Reason I am doing this is because we (Walpole Parents and Citizens), are getting the school kids to design a bag which we will get printed up and hopefully sell as the “alternative” in all of the businesses, bit of a fund raiser but also a great way to “Ban the Bag” from our wonderful little town, a beautiful part of the world! Love your stuff, kindest regards Deanne

Dave Shepherd on 13th of August 2009

What’s wrong with Southend-on-Sea?? My daughters are Ginger, my Grand Daughters are Ginger, and my Gt. Grand Daughters are Ginger. Did I spend my Ginger Genes in vein? Sigh Sigh Sigh

Robbie thomas on 12th of August 2009

I love your music dude am such a fan i think ul be remembered Love you

Sharkrider on 12th of August 2009

me and swmbo (she who must be obeyed) find you SO funny… gonna buy tickets for a september/october UK gig to suprise her … 10 foot cock and a few hundred virgins is my ringtone! lol….

Amanda Mackie on 12th of August 2009

Can’t wait to see you in Glasgow. First time I saw you was on the secret policeman’s ball singing If I didn’t have you. I litterally wet myself laughing.
I have now bought you DVD and CD from the site and find it a must to cheer me up after a stressful day at work.

See you in October!!!

Andrew Johnson on 12th of August 2009

Will you be releasing a new live dvd soon

Becka **Lautner** on 12th of August 2009

I love Tim Minchin!! He is hilarious!! Does he have twitter? I’m following him but i’m not sure if it’s him..
But seriously I watched Tim Minchin Live the other week and I was wetting myself laughing!!

Shell on 12th of August 2009

Yvonne Cavanagh – there are still tickets available for Tim’s Salford (Manchester) shows. Some really good stalls seats on the 1st Sept too, if you are quick. There are also a few for the 2nd Sept.

Follow the link on the Gigs tab above. You can book online,over the phone or if you go to the box office, in person.


yvonne cavanagh on 12th of August 2009

just cant believe how many people have said they can get me tickets to see you in manchester – and then guess what – they cant – it was heartbreaking enough that i couldnt get one but when people mess with your head and get you all excited – they always know someone who knows someone who can get anything – but they cant – i even asked the birthday fairy but shes gone on holiday – just my luck

im just going to wait til you announce your next tour and if i have to book tickets a year in advance it will be worth it

take care – love von x

todd on 11th of August 2009

Missing Tim at the 2009 Fringe festival

Sammi Hall on 11th of August 2009

hey tim! was watching you “so fucking rock” on channel 4 the other night, and loved it of course! Im hoping to pull some funds together to come see you in manchester at the beginning of september! will be devestated if i dont as i absolutly love your shows.

lots of love xxx

ninjalimpet on 11th of August 2009

you should make minchin keyrings, they’d be a big hit with the girls….discrete-able handbag fodder….great to pull out when conversations lull…friends will “wow” and “oow” over the mini-minchin, if it was made in the shape of a tampax holder it would be also be purposeful, which I sense is important to you.

Tel on 10th of August 2009

just watched your two hour show off the tv and just wanted to say you were fucking brilliant or should that be f**cking brilliant. I was totally blown away how the fuck you remember all thos lyrics especially give you my wife song amazing. Slightly concerned that i couldnt get the inflatable song out of my head when we went for dinner tonight kept laughing at inappropriate times during the meal cant wait to see more of your stuff you rock

JAMIE on 10th of August 2009

WOW!! ur awsome OMG !! i watched u and couldnt stop laughing i sware I LOVE U TIM!!

SEANIN on 10th of August 2009

really wanna go but the belfast gig has only single seats left!
One more DAte!
one more date!

jake on 10th of August 2009

you’re a legend Tim Minchin

David Sargeant on 10th of August 2009

Hey Tim

Glad you are playing St.Albans which in my local area.
If you would like support from my band we would be happy to play.
You can find us at http://www.myspace.com/timatt

Regardless I will be there cheering you on.


Liam Boyle on 10th of August 2009

Saw you for the first time this weekend on tv… F**king :) amazing and have bought tickets for your live show at the Apollo!

Finally someone that takes a risk in comedy and steps over the line… best I have seen since the late great Bill Hicks

sarah reilly on 10th of August 2009

your a funny fukka, i like takin poos in alleyways too

Jo Holohan on 9th of August 2009

Hi Tim. I’m really digging your stuff! why aren’t you coming to Leeds? I know you’re goimg to Bradford, and i know your doing the Leeds festival, but some of us can’t travel, or afford the tickets for a major festival! Come to Leeds! Keep doping what you are doing..it’s great.

Dirk on 9th of August 2009

obviously I have no idea how to spell fucking! Dirk

Dirk on 9th of August 2009

Hey Tim,

By accident, on the comedy channel, at midnight (in the UK) and you, fXXXXing brilliant.

What an inspiration to the disprivileged one liners and corse adaptations in humor of your fellow comedians BRAVO … you had me in stitches .. and I am German (no sense of humor at all).

Thank you


Tom Rose on 9th of August 2009

Will i be able to buy s* f**k*ng r*ck anywhere else

yvonne cavanagh on 9th of August 2009

i am so gutted – cant get tickets for the lowry at manchester anywhere they are fully booked – someone thought they could get some but that fell through – just spent 2 hrs watching you on E4 again – recorded lst week – just to help my disappointment – im going to have to wait till you do your next uk tour to see you live – good luck with your tour – i will catch you next time you wonderful talented man.

Lukas on 9th of August 2009

I’m glad to see you in Aberdeen 13th Oct 2009!
See You soon. L

DiB. on 9th of August 2009

@ Andy. The show Tim’s touring now (for the second time) is a different show to the one shown on E4. That show is on DVD available from HMV, it’s called “So F**king Rock”.

The new show he’s touring now is called “Ready for This” or it might now be called “Ready for This (Again)” I can’t remember… Anyway, there are lots of brand new songs and a brilliant new beat poem, but some of the talky bits are the same and he’s kept in a couple of older songs. Be rest assured, it is still brilliant!

Jon on 9th of August 2009

Watched you’re show on E4, all i can say is you are brilliant, very witty but with a good message, and i completely agree with the views you have, it was 60 minutes of pure entertainment, keep up the good work mate.

darren and seai on 9th of August 2009

just watched your gig with my 13 year old boy we’ve loved it.you’ve made us laugh so much, total entertainment thank you.

Andy on 9th of August 2009

A question more than a message….
I have just had the pleasure of seeing Tim on E4 which was brilliant!! I can see that he is performing in London in Oct and the info states that it is another opportunity to catch the show from last year. Is this the show that I have just watched on E4?

Kiran Anand on 9th of August 2009

I saw you on TV this evening. Pretty random, but you’re raw fucking talent. Loving it!

Grim O'Grady on 8th of August 2009

In my (dangerous) mind I see you akin to Victoria Wood*, is this comparison fair?

Do you have ambitions to write/star in a sitcom?


*I can develop this theory further but what’s the point?

Jo D-L on 8th of August 2009

Wow!! I’m a late discover of you and after 30 mins of seeing you on E4 bought a CD not like me at all but your talent with words and music have me hooked already can’t wait to share you with some of my friends.

Aisha Yahyaoui on 8th of August 2009

I love you so much, you’re hilarious, i just had a conversation with my sister and we both agree that you have excellent teeth!

Gem on 8th of August 2009

hey! just wanna let no u r fuckin awesome! we came to see you last year in machester n u were ace!! u dont see many people with the same humour as me n my fella. love it! hope to see u again on your next tour!
rock on!!! xxx

Mark Penfold on 7th of August 2009

Hiya!! Caught the show on E4,think it was your So fucking(f**king?!) rock show. Just had to say how i havnt laughed that much 4a long time! The first time i really heard ur music was on the Secret Policemans Ball when u did ‘If i didnt have u’ couldnt stop playing that 4ages,split up wth me missus not long after,completely unrelated tho…! Anyway,jst wanted to say keep up the good work! How long u been playing piano? U have more talent in 1 hand than the whole UK top 40. The whole ‘Tony,the first fish with feet’ sketch was great as im not a believer meself and im always looking for ammo against manic street preachers,not the group,obviously! Until now its always been contradictions in the commandments,bible etc but your argument for creationism was great. Oh yeah,,that song with ‘This is my brain,and i live in it….its where i spend a vast majority of my time’ song made me start to well up,goin by the crowd cams i wasnt the only one,jst a bit embarassing as im a 32 year old bloke! Bit of a shit year jst gone by mind so 2be expected i guess! Take care chap! All the best,hope to hear back frm u,but ur a very busy man! Hope the tour goes well,jst gutted i prob wont be able to get to see u. Think the nearest ur coming to Lowestoft is Cambridge,its not the greatest town so i dont blame u! Bad things happen to good people here,as i found out! All the best chap(again!) and if u have time itd b cool to here from u. Spida.

Seanin on 7th of August 2009

Just tried to get tickets for the belfast gig, there was one left!! One bloody ticket!! Had to resort to ebay!!

Luke van den Brul on 7th of August 2009


During the last 48 hours I have, through illegal downloading of a set of comedy videos, found your lyrical genius.
Now I cannot wait to see you live at the hammersmith apollo later in October.
Its amazing to watch the videos of you becoming famous.
You seem to have had quite a ride.

Come perform in Norway…. i’m stuck here working for an evil oil company.

A massive fan.

DiB on 7th of August 2009

Well said Von. That’s why I went to his show… Six times in a row. :D

Not obsessed.


yvonne cavanagh on 7th of August 2009

im going to be 50 in september and are hoping to get tickets for Manchester – i have to say i dont do concerts(i dont have the money) but there isnt enough talent to make me want to pay to see them – until you that is – i am amazed by the amount of talent you have – you are an amazing pianist let alone songwriter and what a memory – although i dont have to tell you obviously you live it – i hope you get all the fame you deserve because now and again its great to see real talent make it big – its not often someone comes along with the whole package – looks, talent, charisma, presence and intelligence and did i say talent ha ha – i think you know you are good i just dont think you know how good – someone like you comes along so rarely -it has been an honour to watch you perform – keep up the excellent work – i look forward to seeing and hearing more – love Von x

Kat Chiasson on 6th of August 2009

do you ever come to Canada ?

Huwie on 6th of August 2009

Ah…peaces of fruit…..NOW I get it!
The Quack
[£200 per session excluding not not eating bacon sarnies together]

Emma Yea! on 6th of August 2009

I’m leaving a message because every one is doing it! OHHHH the pressure!!!!!

kaine beetham on 5th of August 2009

when do i take my canvass bags to the supermarket? cos they are still selling plastic 1s and they no fine well the world just cant take it

Jordan on 5th of August 2009


I just bought tickets for your Cardiff gig on the 11/07 but afer i bought them i realised i am in Spain at this date. Do you want to change the day? I’m SURE the othr guests won’t mind, they like me, they told me this.

So let me know, as I know it’s not a problem and I don’t want to lose £38 (It is the credit crunch you know)

Cheers and safety first,


liane on 5th of August 2009


Tom Clarkson on 5th of August 2009

I saw you on E4 and now i cant stop watching it i will probly buy So Fucking Rock the dvd love it.

Graeme on 5th of August 2009

Hystericaly Funny, it was a wonder you werent drowned in Ladies Nickors at the end of your Televised gig.Comedy has been crying out for something like this.

Ell Bee on 5th of August 2009

Please Please Please PLEASE do another night at the BIC (Bournemouth International Centre), Michael Mcintyre is on at EXACTLY the same place and time, and I had tickets before I new you were gonna be there! I will be gutted if I can’t see you live, you are a FABULOUS at what U do, not many can make me laugh like you… my health will be affected!! XX

Mitch Wise on 5th of August 2009

Hey Tim,
I saw you for the first time on E4 a couple of weeks ago n it was one of the best thigs i ever saw!
i recorded it and am addicted to it, i watch it over and over again.
You are a comical and musical genius and can’t wait to see you live !

Liz on 4th of August 2009

Have just watched the show for the first time and I haven’t seen anybody so brillant for years andI haven’t laughed out loud so much either for years. I am 63 and Tim can have my bloomers any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic pianist you have just blown me away……

Chris Robertson on 4th of August 2009

Tim, your a fantastic bloke. Your songs are wrote with a huge degree of wit and humour and your jokes are second to none.
I would have loved to come and see you bur all your shows near where i live are sold out which sucks.

But keep up the good work Tim and i look forward to hearing new material

ps. you do appeal to the teenage market :-)

jono hall on 4th of August 2009

hi tim, im jono me and my girlfriend cant wait to see you on the 3rd september in derby.

Lianne/Maple on 4th of August 2009

I first ‘discovered’ you when E4 had So Fucking Live on, and oh my days, it was love at first sight (: I think it’s mainly down to my general foot fetish meeting your bare-foot-on-stage fetish.
Anyways, it then hit me flat in the face I just had to see you live, and talk about slow on the uptake but I WILL be at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Hallowe’en.. I was so excited when I booked the tickets last night I literally bounced around my room for at least 2 minutes flat (:
But alas, my Dad’s coming with me, so I won’t be able to throw knickers at you or anything.. it just seemed like the right thing to do..
Anyway, have fun with the rest of your touring, take care, and see you on 31/10 (:

Adam 'The Legend' Marshall on 3rd of August 2009

You were right! i opened my mind to much and my brain fell out!

Anj Boniface on 3rd of August 2009

Oooh! what a flamin tonic you are mate. Being 40 and havng ad 2 kids, I think it wize to add a ‘warning’ for us ‘whatthefuckarepelvicfloorexcercisesfor’ brigade. ( not brigade, makes me sound all ‘right on’ etc)

Anyway, thanks for proving that left of centre is the way forward when it comes to having laughs

luv ya

Anj Boniface

Johannes on 3rd of August 2009


I want you(!) to come and perform in Estonia!

But I reckon it won’t happen, because of the probable lack of audience and any other logical motive. It’s just that me and my brother are quite fond of your music (an understatement, but I just love that phrase) and I happened to read your FAQ where it was suggested to feel free in inviting you to perform =).

Me and my brother would surely go to UK to see you live but the vast traveling costs are impossible for my family.

Anyway, you are awesome!

Jõudu ja jaksu!


Kieren Raven on 3rd of August 2009

I think this man is a genius, ive only just started to listen to his music as my uncle who watched one of his shows in Australia got me the DVD “so live”. I just thought id spend a small amount of time to comment. thanks for the great laughts you’ve given me and my freinds.

Liam Buck on 3rd of August 2009

Just watched your so live DVD and it so rocks cant wait till you come to Perth

Mike on 3rd of August 2009

Come to Hull Tim !!

max and vicky on 3rd of August 2009

hi, i was wondering if you signed stuff at gigs? maybe hung out at the stage edge or the lobby after a show?

me and my sister love your songs and we were wondering. how do you carry your piano around? we cant wait to see you at sheffield. i had a T shirt made especially. youre a genius and i wish i had your wonderful wonderful brain.

Andy Welsh on 2nd of August 2009

Woooooo! We’re coming to see you in September at the Victoria Hall, Stoke. Get ready for some pedo brown glasses to come your way Mr. Minchin :)

Kirsty on 2nd of August 2009

I cant wait to see you in Glasgow!! I was living in New Zealand for a year and my kiwi friends introduced me to your sketches!! AWESOME!! they are so jealous now I am home and coming to see you!! I even got Front row tickets!! See you there!

Stephen Campbell on 2nd of August 2009

I feel I ought to communicate my thoughts on the subject of homeopathy as I feel Mr. Minchin deserves to be put right on a number of issues regarding this branch of medicine. I am a wholehearted believer in homeopathic remedies which I know from personal experience can benefit the recipient enourmously. The trace elements of memory contained in homeopathic water have coursed through my system on many occasions, and each time the residual memory has made me feel better as a direct result. During my last bout of illness I undertook a treatment of homeopathic purification and I swear to you the memory trace element in the water must have passed straight through the bodies of several bulls and been excreted in a large pile of stinking poo before being reconstituted into a homeopathic remedy. After realising I was ingesting utter bullshit I went immediately to my doctor who prescribed me full course of antibiotics and a nice sit down.

MCW on 2nd of August 2009

Hey Tim, I’m just an American guy that loves your work!! Apart from being ball-bouncingly funny, you’re extremely talented musician as well. I don’t hold out much hope that you’ll ever make your way to Alaska, but if that ever happens, I’m there! Best of luck and continued success!

Fi on 1st of August 2009

Birmingham Symphony Hall =] See you there!
(Look out for a smiley ginger in one of your face teeshirts ^.^)

claire on 1st of August 2009

sometime you must come down to Plymouth!

Lucy Smith on 1st of August 2009

hello there tim….i was wondering what rating your tour was as my children (although they shouldn’t) find your show hysterical.They are constantly singing you “canvas bag” song and are quoting parts of your show all the time.They would adore me if they could go to your show and i would to as they would hopefully sing something else after they have attended as although your work is awsome it does drive me insane hearing it everyday of my life .They are 14 and 15.We would (if could) be attending the Music Hall preformance in Aberdeen

Corrine Lackie on 1st of August 2009

“but a bit sad, cos I really wanted to get further up north. Sigh”

There’s a really cool venue in the north of Scotland called the loft (near forres). Its an ex-cow barn (haha) ! And only 5 miles from us (Elgin)… PLEASE !! See you in Aberdeen in October :D

Lauren Palmer on 31st of July 2009

Can’t wait to see you in Cardiff :D
Seriously can’t wait, my friend and I have been buzzing for AGES!
Even inspired me to carry on learning to play the keyboard piano thinggy I own. Quite an achivement there. Love your sense of humour when its dark lol. Mine is quite dark haha.
Your eyes are amazing too :D
Love love love x

jack p on 31st of July 2009

saw “so rock” on e4 recently and man you rock!!
do you play all the instruments you mime?

you are awesome!!

Lynn on 31st of July 2009

I just found you on youtube and have never heard of you.
Its a delightful surprise.
Keep going!Keep speaking!

Isla Brown on 31st of July 2009

I Love your songs. Ecspecially Darkside. The poem you read-Angry(feet)- made me laugh soooooooooooooooooooooooo Much. I saw you on E4. Purple Shoes!!!!!!! that was hilarious. U should come to Durham so i can see you live. oh but beware.Don’t ask.

becky on 31st of July 2009

u have 299 comments n im yoour 300th one
im soo proud =D
there should be a tim minchin show where you sing at weddings n stuff
they wud get the shock of their life when you played inflatable you at the reception as thier 1st dance =D
you probs wont reply but hay hoo!
ill get ova it =O

Marcus Jones, Coventry, uk on 31st of July 2009

i have told all my friends all about you and now i can’t get tickets anymore. I have now seen you many times during your act. you bring an amazing new relief to comics. you are very talented in all aspects. you seem a very down to earth kind of guy. you are one in a million. thank you. ps a poo in an alley way????????? mmmmmmmm.

cdd on 31st of July 2009

tim you fucked up genius i cant wait to see you in sept after forcing my boyfriend to buy tickets knowing i have a crush on you and would soo let you video me doing a wee. keep commin at us with your rocking lyrics i could listen to your voice for always xxxxxxxxxxx

Ethan Wolfgang Ringland Bateman on 31st of July 2009

I Saw Your “So F**king Rock Live” And I Think You’re Hilarious And A Great Musician. Well Done On Your…Hilariousness? Anyway I Think You’re Awesome!
P.S: I Love Your Crazy Style, Strange Coat And Weird Hair. A Lot Like Me.

Abbie Collings on 30th of July 2009

Saw you for the 1st time on E4 and I nearly peed in my pants…must get that sorted out!!! Will remember to wear double-layer big girl pants for the gig in Bournemouth…

Jo on 30th of July 2009

Do you know when there will be more copies of the ‘So Fucking Rock Live’ DVD will be available as I’m desperate for a copy but there are none to be found. *sad face* *tear*

John Pressing on 30th of July 2009

Hey Tim. I find your work incredible and inspiring. I think you have raw & natural talent. I cant wait for your new dates, but i have a small question. Is there any age limit for your upcoming gigs and if so what is it? If you have the time, i’d love a reply. Thank you.


richard flower :) on 30th of July 2009

Can I just say that your songs are amazing i love the creativity and yet you make it seem so everyday, defenately my favourite musician or comedian LOL

O White, aged 571/4 ( Don't freak out! Nowadays, my interest in men is strictly cerebral.) on 30th of July 2009

If the Messiah had been born in the US, would the Catholics be running around with electric chairs round their necks?
I dare you to write a song about that!

Just discovered you and was deliciously nourished by your work.

VickyGrace on 30th of July 2009

i’ve been listening to the song rock n roll nerd and believe it describes me pretty well… which is sad coz i’m only 16… oh well cant wait to see you in manchester on the 1st… i’ll be the one in box 1 expressing myself quite eloquently by singing along to the songs that i know… anyway… see you then. V x

mrmac228 on 30th of July 2009

Eastnor Castle Deer Park, nr. Ledbury, Hertfordshire

thought Ledbury was in Herefordshire…just in case ppl turn up in the wrong county!

Samantha B on 30th of July 2009

Heehee i caused riot with the Lowry Centre, over you minchin!!
Im only 15, got told that there was no mandatory age limit, bought tickets to see you live in Manchester and then the day after got told that you had to be supervised with an adult if you were under 16 (after the tickets were sold out in the stalls!!)
Its all sorted now though, they are going to let us in (providing we’re good)but to my dissapointment they didnt throw and backstage passes in :(
Can’t have it all my way though, least im still coming :)
Can’t wait till September!!

saly on 30th of July 2009

hi, i would just like to say that i have been having trouble communicating with my teenage son..we have the same sense of humour but we also have the ‘I hate everyone gene’. we watched your live show and even though i had to explain some of it we laughed like hitler and churchill (before the war) I just want to say thank you. your comedy is great if sometimes strange

Will on 29th of July 2009

hi Tim. You are brilliant. I love your songs they are so funny I love feeling guilty about the poor although it is a bit harsh. I missed seeing you on E4 but i am trying to buy your live DVD. I was planning on seeing you live show in the York Grand Opera house but it turns out you have to be 16 and i am only 15. I hope it is a great show though. Love your work and i trully think you are a genius.

Ed on 29th of July 2009

Is there any chance of you touring in the US and if you do would you consider a show in Syracuse NY?

Kim on 29th of July 2009

We would have loved to have seen you down our way…..Devon and Cornwall…….Ah shame ! Theatre Royal or Pavilions in Plymouth would have been the best for me!

Curtis Sabin on 29th of July 2009

watched tim on e4 the other night, thought he was absolutely amazing! il definately be buying the dvd and going to see him when he comes to Nottingham. ***** five star entertainment

Mike Fretwell on 29th of July 2009

Oh and I need to find a woman with a sense of humour like your wife, sick of biting my tongue.

Mike Fretwell on 29th of July 2009

Fucking brilliant! laughed my tits off at your So Fuckin Rock show, never heard of you before, but gonna be keeping an eye out now. Hope I might get to see a show sometime. Keep Fuckin rockin man.

Adam Mason on 28th of July 2009

saw you on E4 recently having never seen your material before.

Honestly don’t remember me and my wife ever laughing so hard together.

We’ll definitely be coming to your show in Nottingham in October.

Would love to see you use your youtube channel more and maybe video blog the tour.

lee smith on 28th of July 2009

watched you on tv the other night,and keep watching on sky plus… you are pure talent,, keep it up,,the comedy that is,,well and that,,well you know what i mean,, good luck…

Lesley on 28th of July 2009

Hi, just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely song ‘not perfect’ I heard it on your TV special a few days ago. It really struck a chord – infact I am thinking of making it my anthem for living – that sounds very ‘yuck’ I know but I heard once that everyone should have an anthem. A song that sums up how you feel at a time in your life so with your permission I would like to adopt it (and You!!!) Many thanks for this.

Morgan Motherway on 28th of July 2009

Hiiii OMG your so funny.. your right only Gingers should be aloude to take the piss out of gingers ..*h5* high 5 for being ginger ^^ Me and my friend are OBSESSED with you we might be comming to one of your shows :)
Well byee Lu morgan x

Pen on 28th of July 2009

Pleased to see you are coming to Buxton on your tour, but a word of warning- its always bloody freezing here!! Buxton- twinned with Narnia! You may require woolly socks on your tootsies, or at least enough alcohol in you to keep your extremeties warm.
Congrats on the new mini Minchin!
Mwah!!! xx

Bekki on 28th of July 2009

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more gig dates – maybe Leeds? or an extra one in York?? (tickets for York are on e-bay at £41 coz it sold out :( )

Ken on 28th of July 2009

Hi Tim (or more likely Tim’s website Guy or Gal) could I perhaps mention, only in passing mind you, that Dublin is not a member of the United Kingdom, much to the protestation of our brothers in Northern Ireland who have a fetish for the colour orange and celebrate the annual 12th of July riots. Perhaps you could rename your tour the British and Irish tour; this seemed to work well for the British and Irish Lions rugby team. Apart from that I’m looking forward to seeing you in Dublin… although I think my girlfriend will not be with me she finds you rude and inappropriate (and dare I say it unfun*y)… I’ll be single by September, I’d like to think you played a role in that.

Robyn Ellis Walton on 28th of July 2009

Hiyyahh Tim I Think Ur So Funny XD I Want 2 See The Show On The 7th October 4 My Birthday XxX

Matthew on 28th of July 2009

You should REALLY do a gig in Exeter somewhere :)

Jo Kemp on 28th of July 2009

Hello Tim, had never heard of your genius until you were on Scott Mills radio show afew months ago and thought you were great. Watched your live show on E4 last week and thought you were wonderful, completely individual very funny and just alittle bit shocking. I am hoping to catch one of your live shows.

Zeb Shine on 28th of July 2009

Hey Tim! congratulations on your newly aquired Helpmann Award. A much deserved acknowledgment. Love ya work.

Sam on 28th of July 2009

Love You Tim x
Manchester Lowry – Tickets Booked

Yay x

Niall Timony on 27th of July 2009

fuckin boo ya :) just got tickets for belfast, norn iron!!!! cant feckin wait

Daniel Harwood on 27th of July 2009

I just watched your live show on E4, I hadn’t seen much of you before other than on Buzzcocks. Thought it was great, will hopefully come and see you soon (when my wife and I have got used to having our new baby)

Imogen Watson on 27th of July 2009

Dear Tim,

Although you will probably never see this message, I felt compelled to leave one any how.

I recently watched your live performance on TV and it was a complete breath of fresh air!!! Your performance was fantastic you are a truly talented individual, thank you so much for having the balls to be a little different, it is the best thing ive seen for ages.

I enjoyed the show so much I have booked tickets to come and see you.

Keep up the great work Tim, I wish you every susses for the future (not that I think you will need it).

Best wishes


Sooz on 27th of July 2009

Congrat’s, brilliant and so fuckin rock! :) xx

Cooper on 27th of July 2009

WWOOOOOOO!!!! I’m all set for Wycombe Swan!!

See you guys there :D :D :D :D :D
I’m so bloody excited!!!!

Rob Nash on 27th of July 2009

Just wanted to say that I saw your show on C4 in the UK the other night…

Absolutely excellent :) made my crappy day so much better, only wish i knew about you earlier so I could have got tickets for manchester.

Thanks again

Ben Doherty on 26th of July 2009

It takes a lot for me to respect a man in eyeliner but you make it look cool! Hahaha

Ben Doherty on 26th of July 2009

I love your style of comedy, it’s very unique but I also think you have the talent to write very popular non-comedic songs. I first thought this when I heard “Not Perfect” and “White Wine In The Sun”. They are both very heartfelt. I hope that one day I can manage to write songs with an iota of the lyrical genius that yours contain! Keep up the good work!

Anonoymous on 26th of July 2009

I love Tim Minchin but i cant find his amazing tour So Live from December 2007 cam anyone help me or tell me a few websites that might help?


Claire on 26th of July 2009

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad you are coming because I get to see you, but Swindon? Really? Who’s idea was that?!

Richard on 26th of July 2009

hey there tim love your work am looking forward to see you in october your going to be great

Lewis "Censored" on 26th of July 2009

u freakin rock man, ur live performance was the best, my auntie just had a baby and ur right when it sleeps it just stops at random and scares the hell out of me. i think ur music is great and … ok, u may not be the best song writer or the best comedian but ur the best damn funniest mixture of the two… ur lyrics are gr8. Hope u and ur wife and kid enjoy yourselves

yours truly… Lewis “Censored” … :)

Dar on 26th of July 2009

Hey Tim!!

gutted about not getting to see you in Inverness but will hopefully get some tickets for Perth or Aberdeen. can’t wait to see you perform live.

Keep up the good work!

Qwerty102 on 26th of July 2009

Loved seeing you last night. Pity it was a short set…. roll on 17 September!

Linda Muchmore on 26th of July 2009

What about getting a bit further west – like EXETER or PLYMOUTH. You’ve got a whole student pop during term times and loads of dedicated fans!

Candy on 26th of July 2009

Having watched your show on the Tv the other night with my 15 and 16 year old children, I have to say we were totally floored by your brilliant comedic genuis. You made us laugh so much, we had to watch the show twice more. My son is dyspraxic and therefore on the autistic spectrum, he is very bright but often hasn’t the attention span to sit down for long periods of time. He was glued. We also adored your music and lyric. My daughter keeps singing the tumour song. Look forward to watching more of your stuff. X X

sarah on 26th of July 2009

bahh No Leeds?

Ben Allard on 26th of July 2009

Your song make me piss myself and i think your just a generally cool kinda person…the hair..the contacts even the no shoes stunt lol i think it is amazing lol.
keep it up!

Stephen-Andrew Dunn on 25th of July 2009

Just watched your gig on E4 & was having a look for your tour dates & i am sad that you cannot get to play Inverness as i would have definatly went to the gig & perhaps even had purple shoes good luck with your tour & i’ll try & get to Aberdeen for your gig

Keep on rocking

tom on 25th of July 2009

Hiiiii ur fuking funny i watched u on e4 i laughed sooooo much i love all the songs you do in your set

Jaz Kalirai on 25th of July 2009

Hey Tim,
Just watched one of your shows on Sky and thought it was BRILLIANT! You are sooooo incredibly talented and have the most beautiful eyes (swoooon)! I have been raving to all my friends about you and will be coming to see you at the Assembly Rooms in Derby, can’t wait!
Keep the laughter coming Sweetness!
Jaz x

annonamas on 25th of July 2009

you are the best
warning after the rise must be the fall

Carole Goundry on 25th of July 2009

me and some friends are coming to see you in nottingham in october, cant wait Mr Minchin, love your work

Lucy Rushworth on 25th of July 2009

Lucy And Hayley love your stuff and cant wait to see you in october! thanks for making us laugh so much with your songs and jokes. x

Lee Turney on 25th of July 2009

I had never heard of you before the E4 showing! Perfection is the only way I can describe the performance. You are like a very strange mix of some of my favourite new comedians. The clever articulate side of Russel Brand mixed with the musical stylings of Bill Bailey. More please!

cameron hunter on 25th of July 2009

i think your BRILLIANT musicain im a gitar/bass just think your amazin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c ya

Jakk Rowell on 25th of July 2009

You are the best comedian ever..!!!!!!!

You are my role model

Becky on 25th of July 2009

hey just saw your gig on e4. I am so fucking rock was hilarious. Purple Shoes! Haha was a laugh out loud moment. The songs are amazing. But i thought the funniest bit was definately the baby bit,haha your mouth is for food and eventually when u are older,cock. Haha. Best work ever. Hardly any of my friends have heard of you,well i shall change that. Tim Minchin deserves to be known. Thanks for a great start to my day,im in such a good mood now. Oh and your guyliner officially rocks.


stephenrichardso on 25th of July 2009

dude i saw you on e4 and your were awesome, never heard of you before but now i want moresome.
ive posted a link to your site on my facebook page so everyone will know! Once theve seen you theres no going back and your popularity will grow!

Dawn on 25th of July 2009

Your show on E4 the other night filled me with that strange, ethereal tingle I feel when I witness something for the first time, knowing immediately I will love it for the rest of my life.

Also, you’re kinda cheeky, kinda beautiful, and Ginger. May the kindly spirits you don’t believe in keep you happy, healthy and funny as F**k darling, brill!

Frankie on 25th of July 2009

Just another complete stranger to you, haha, but my name is Frankie. I’m an artist and a poet. Your songs, epecially ‘Drowned’ and ‘You Grew On Me’ actually really inspired me to get back into writing my poetry, so, yeah. (If you ever happen to be bored, check them out on my art site :) ) :) Thank you so much. <3333
Love your talent Tim, keep up the great work <3
Booking tickets to see you in Reading soon also ^^

Julie Kowalski on 24th of July 2009


When are you coming to Detroit? We need some cheering up!!!…;)

jinni deverell on 24th of July 2009

I had never heard of you before but last night on a u.k t.v channel they showed one of your performances, I was so glad I watched it as you made me laugh so much that I tears rolling down my face.
Keep up the great work & look forward to seeing you live.

kerry on 24th of July 2009

i love your song there great the first concert i saw of you was last night that is 23th July 09 on E4 it was great. i love the canvers bag song and you grew on me. i would really like to see you live so is the any chance of you doing a concert a Grimsby auditorium because that the closes place to me u can have a concert. thank you . Kez (Kerry).

Cathryn on 24th of July 2009

Oh Man so gutted im only fourteen aand whould love to come and seee u live , ill just have to watch u on u tube haha ! cuz ur so F**king Rock( <fuuny when u talking about them star thing ) – oh and i wish i had an inflatable Tim Minchin ! Love Ya x x x

Joe on 24th of July 2009


Joe on 24th of July 2009

I love comedy, I love piano, Tim Minchin is the greatest man I know!

Beckii on 24th of July 2009

OMG its Tim Minchin. I recoreded your gig last night on e4 and watched about an hour of it and it was so funny. And can i add that your guyliner is quite simply amazing. Purple shoes! Oh and taking a poo in an alleyway. So funny. And your songs are amazing too. I remember you saying about people emailing you about bad language and i thought OMG get over it. Haha,and it gave me the idea to let you know what i think and your songs are so catchy. I had 10 foot cock and a few 100 virgins in my head all night last night. Haha. Anyway there you go,you have my thoughts and i know you probably wont reply but if you do that would be great.

P.s me and my friend were chatting last night about whether you were fit or not,and i thought that you are. :D

Scott B on 24th of July 2009

A genius performance that was on E4 last night, haven’t laughed out loud so much in years, can’t wait to see you live in October

Nishum Somel on 24th of July 2009

You are awesome i watched your show on E4 i Think you are incredibally great can you please give me some piano tips i have never had a lesson but im very into bheatohven unlike you as a kid as i am now (12) i started guitar lessons at the age of 6 and stopped to play piano so im startin next year.:D

oh yh also im very into led zepplin and also stairway to heaven is awesome lol the doors are poetry bny the way so dnt dis lol

Rather Knot on 24th of July 2009

Hi Tim

We watched your show on E4 last night…none stop laughter… Thanks.

You may or may not find this funny… maybe just amusing… maybe not…

One bit in the show you finished one of your songs with “Black Out, F**K Yeah!”… I’ve been in bands and would love to have done this in a pub or something…

Anyway my uncle is staying with us at the moment, he’s an electrician I said it would be really funny if when he is working on a really big building site with all those radios blasting out Radio 1 and power tools on the go… To cut the power and lights… And shout – “Black Out, F**K Yeah!”

Later in the eve I thought it would be funny to do this at home… to try this out… It was… We laughed…

Unfortunately… what I forgot was my partner is away and I was recording your show so she could watch it too. Turning off the power meant I now only have half your show!

As a result I have just booked to tickets to your show in Tunbridge Wells in October… So she will see you there.


MandaMinchin! on 24th of July 2009

Hey sexy Minchin! Love yooooooooooooooou,your music and your crazy hair!!! ^_^ MWAH!! xxx

Ned on 24th of July 2009

watched your show on e4 last night…………. wow….u play the piano and tell jokes about real life.
amazed ty

Charlie Smith on 24th of July 2009


Charlie Smith on 24th of July 2009

Tim Your Amazing Your the funniest thing ive seen in ages man! CORNFLAKES! sorry random…..

hayley on 24th of July 2009

omg u r so funny
angry (FEET) is so good
i think u should use more poems

Judd on 24th of July 2009

Hi, Saw you on tv last night for the first time and thought you were musically and lyrically amazing. Will be goingto see you at Nottingham Playhouse and buying a CD. – Keep up the good work

Tyler Meads on 24th of July 2009

Your fucking brilliant Tim. all my family love u so much your the best comedian ever.

Sarah on 24th of July 2009

I Love Tim! I Watched him last night live and he was pretty funny. Maybe his jokes wern’t the best. But, his songs were hilarious espacially the song ‘Inflatable You’. I loved it! I wish him lots of luck in the future with his career and family.

Denise on 24th of July 2009

Really looking forward to your gig in Dublin, your beautifull and extremly funny. However… you might note that above under the UK Tour- Update, that Ireland (Dublin) is not in the UK, Its is Ireland, this is a very sore point for us Irish and is a common American error, so lets not lte it become an Australian one also! You wont win fans here in Delighfull Dublin if you mix us up with the UK.

David Newton on 24th of July 2009

Saw you on telly for the first time last night, typical that I’m a million miles behind people that are really cool. Anyway can’t tell how good it is to know people in this world have the ability to make others really wet their pants. thanks

Robert Danaher on 24th of July 2009

Hey Tim,

Rob from Southern Ireland here, E4 introduced my ears + eye’s 2 you & your show lastnight… how can i be unique with my comment…. savage cabbage… like the dogs bollox…but with an Irish twist…. amazing person…. best wishes to you and your’s….look forward to your show’s….! cheers…

Denise on 24th of July 2009

Only just found you! Saw you on TV last night.GREAT, I love your outlook on life, and you take on the world. I also applaud your piano playing, reminded me of my dad.
Well done!

Dearbhla Mc Creesh on 24th of July 2009

Wow, just saw you on E4 this evening – I’ll definitely be coming to see you this weekend in Dublin and again in September – I was in stitches!! And over awed as well your piano skills are mad!!


Alicia Ganley on 24th of July 2009

Hey Tim! You’re awesome! Saw you for the first time in E4 tonight, and couldn’t stop laughing! Well done mate! Keep up the great work! Might even get the chance to see live you when you hit Dublin next, never know!
Any-way, thats all!

ged on 24th of July 2009

just saw tv broadcast on E4 – which was a novelty in itself as i don’t own one – and it was immediately apparant that we (collectively) were watching a blistering performance one seldom can expect to witness. Scarringly genius.

mhairi on 24th of July 2009

omg just watchd the show on E4 u r amazin so talented would love to c u live but unfortunatly shetland isnt one of ur tour venus thanx you xxx

Sally Garner on 24th of July 2009

Have just caught your act on E4, really enjoyed it, – have had the most bizarre month – husband lost his job, eldest daughter threw out her partner, middle daughter had mysterious illness ( was told it was leukaemia but thank God is not) father-in-law dropped dead and yougest son’s 18th in the middle of it all. – Your (sick) humour was a great lift. Thankyou!

elaine moore on 24th of July 2009

Just watching u on e4 what a bloody refreshing change from all the rehearsed same stuff. Makes a difference to see an act with the balls and commitment to take the piss out of everything, no holds barred!
you are a star. If your not a grown up, whichever, “made up to make us feel better entity”, help us all. Thank you and hope you go so far!!!!!

Storm on 24th of July 2009

Just watched your show, unfortunately on television, would love to see you live, something I have to do. Thought you were astoundingly fresh what a package . . .intellectualy sound incredibly funny and musically amasing. So smitten. Fucking gorgeous, hope to see you at the Apollo, crack on with your ingenious take on everything I’ll be watching x Storm

Kyle Davies on 24th of July 2009

Tim you are a fecking genius, i cant wait to come see you live its guna be immense!

Laner on 23rd of July 2009

Dublin IS NOT in the UK!!!

claire on 23rd of July 2009

Really like your show.

Leah Alexandra on 23rd of July 2009

I just watched you on E4.
Your last song about feeling like the smallest Russian doll sort of made me want to cry, but also sort of made me not want to cry.
I don’t make a lot of sense, but you know what? Fuck it.
I love you.

P.S. I don’t like that I wasn’t the only one to think leaving a comment on your site after watching you on E4 would be a good idea.

sam wrey on 23rd of July 2009

tim ur a musical genius and cant wait untill u release a cd and dvd for general release. i will be the first to buy it, i think ur work is nothing short of perfection and i have the greatest respect for u as a fellow musician and performer,

vicki on 23rd of July 2009

i actually love your material, so topical and varied, especially love your approach to religion and totally agreed with it, keep writing the songs, would love to see you on tour, my favourite is ten foot cock and a few hundred versions and f sharp come to manchester! please, congratulations on casper btw xx

Izzy on 23rd of July 2009

You freaking rock! I just watched one of your gigs on the TV and man you blew my mind…ha! Lyrical genius and entertainment mastermind. Too bad you’re an Aussie. Joke! Seriously, keep up the grand work and stay rock ‘n’ roll. I hope to come watch you live…at some point…maybe. Cheers yo

paul baker on 23rd of July 2009

just watched you on e4 i don’t think i have laughed so much in a long time thanks fella

daryl collins on 23rd of July 2009

Just watched your show on E4, crazy funny stuff, keep up the good work

sam on 23rd of July 2009

Come to Portsmouth please!! x

Daz on 23rd of July 2009

Hi Tim,
Just saw your LIVE show on E4 and must say it was fucking F**T**T*C. Hope to catch you live while in the uk

ciaran on 23rd of July 2009


ciaran on 23rd of July 2009

your songs are really funny and your cool!!!

bex callaghan on 23rd of July 2009

I think you amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

ciaran on 23rd of July 2009

your a wicked singer

louise o'neill on 23rd of July 2009

i think you are out of this world and i love it that you do wear any shoes love you chick

Johan on 23rd of July 2009

Watching you on E4 at this very moment! Had never heard of or seen you before. I want to thank you for making me laugh so much I pissed my pants! You have a new fan, Jo x

Benjamin Lee on 23rd of July 2009

I love you! Your so funny!

Lucy on 23rd of July 2009

why aren’t you coming to ipswich?

steve on 23rd of July 2009

woop im watchin on e4 too your so fuuny

steve on 23rd of July 2009

you fucking rock dude, would luv to see u live =) x

woop im watchin on e4 too your so fuuny

i no this is my third comment lol but ive just read your doing leeds fest i crnt wait to see you well i hope i get to see you, hope your not on same time as artic’s or prodigy or la roux lol thats all im going for =)

hannah robinson on 23rd of July 2009

hahahahahaha im watching you live on e4, your really funny lol. hannah, hartlepool xxxxxx

Carey Girling on 23rd of July 2009

Dude, I have just been watching you on TV – never seen you before and you are AMAZING! We have been laughing for the last hour!!! And the music..I teach piano – but am AWED by you man!!!

Truly amazing, awesome.

Cheers bro!

PAULINE on 23rd of July 2009

Just seen you on TV and thought you so talented and refreshing. Keep on being so original.

Nataliee on 23rd of July 2009

Tim IS God .. end of.


James Hogarth on 23rd of July 2009


Sara Rodrigues on 23rd of July 2009

Just came to know ur work, and I totally became a fan, truly! I think ur act is amazing, the songs r really beautiful and the lyrics really funny, and I think it’s a wonderful combination. Furthermore, I totally agree with most of the things u talk about, like in “Storm” or “If I didn’t have u”, and I’m glad u actually managed to make something incredibly original out of it. I live in Portugal, and I had never heard of the concept of comedic music, so I was really awed with ur music. Keep on the good work, I think ur brilliant! =D

Jacki. on 22nd of July 2009

Hey Tim… I’m a massive fan, and your music has really inspired me. I know you probably don’t actually read this, alot of people don’t, it’s just their managers, or their website makers who are on them… I am going to your show in Stoke-on-Trent… and I would absolutely love to meet you ! You are a outstanding man and a excellent comedian ! You are wonderful.. All my love (: x Your baby is amazingly adorable! Best of luck… Thanks.

Peter Minchin on 21st of July 2009

Hi Tim

I just thought I’d leave you this message as I am also a Minchin. I’m from Ireland and it’s an extremely rare name over here. I was just wondering if Minchin is a common name in Australia? There’s fuck all of us over here and people keep thinking that my name is Mitchell whenever I say Minchin. Do you have this problem too? Anyway, I’d also like to tell you that I think your shows are very funny and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Best Regards
Peter Minchin

Enya Worth on 21st of July 2009

My Name is Enya, I am 12 and I Love Tim Minchin so very much. His comedy, passion and music have been a great inspiration to me . Please come to Cornwall (:

Lauren on 21st of July 2009

I can’t wait to see you in Newcastle. ;D xx

Timothy Batchelor on 21st of July 2009

Hey Tim,

Had never heard of you until, upon coincidence, your face popped up in front of me on Youtube. My luck, I confess….seldom have a seen such eloquent comedy….I love your stuff!
Apparently, you only tour English language towns and cities?! What about the rest of us sorry sods in foreign lands waiting for the light of your appearance?! I am convinced you could fill venues in Berlin for sure…so, when are you coming??! Really do hope you’ll broaden your horizon as far as touring goes….we’re waiting for you.
Until then….keep up the good stuff….and, all the best for you and yours.
Greetings from Berlin,

rhiannon on 21st of July 2009

are you doing any gigs in australia soon my brother wants to go and see you he knows all the words to your song so fucking rock

Helen atchison on 20th of July 2009

hi im a huge huge fan of you i live in Reading but im only 14yrs old :( and a girl lol

Lou on 18th of July 2009

Hey can’t wait to see you at Warwick. If only i was front row and had some purple shoes! :-( I’m a rock and roll nerd too. But i don’t play an instrument. Does that make it worse?

chris on 18th of July 2009

do i have 2 be over 16 2 go???

Bec & Adam on 18th of July 2009

We just saw two high-profile, British comedians play the Convention Centre the other night. All we could think was that we would never had had to sit through anything as badly staged, self-indulgent, poorly executed, overpriced and boring if it had been Tim Minchin performing.

Bunny on 16th of July 2009




My mates and I will be seeing you in tunbridge wells in october!!!


Cody S on 15th of July 2009

Just another Ameri-cunt who just recently discovered you on the all-mighty web. It is very refreshing to see someone else who thinks the same way as I about religion/the world/idiotic people/poor people etc. I really love how you present your beliefs in your music and poems so well that I can’t imagine much people getting mad at you. I just watch your videos and laugh my fucking ass off because everything you say is so very true. Thanks man and btw I never saw you as a ginger! Gingers are much more pale and have a ridiculous amount of freckles.. Unless you’ve gone nuts with makeup!

Tony Satchell on 14th of July 2009

CONGRATULATIONS to you & Mrs M. on baby Caspar. The name of course is of Persian origin, meaning “Guardian of the treasure”; also he was one of the Magi (Three Wise Men) who brought gold to baby Jesus. What a cool name – good choice squire. Keep an eye on Violet “making baby comfortable” (normally by putting a pillow on his head) ‘cos that’s what my eldest did ! Now, I’m coming to seen you at Southampton, so you better be on good form !

Laura on 13th of July 2009

Aww no way man.
Would of total traveled down to Inverness if u were there! :O
such a shame like

Jake on 12th of July 2009

Will you be putting on shows in the US anytime soon??!! Would love to come and watch!!

Sheryl on 12th of July 2009

Thankyou so much for coming to NORWICH! I get sick of great acts touring and never coming out this way (the lazy b******ds). I love the comedy songs you do, especially Inflatable You and Some People Have It Worse Than Me. Well, see you in September!

Joolz on 10th of July 2009

Hey – how come you are playing the dirty Auks in December, but aren’t coming to Wellington?
Boo and hiss

Antonio on 9th of July 2009

I’ve stumbled across your music via YouTube over the last year and I’m incredibly impressed by what you do. I’m a musician and singer myself and I can only hope that I someday have a minuscule fraction of your talent. Your tune ‘Not Perfect’ is extremely moving and it’s been stuck in my head. Keep doing what you’re doing and I wish you nothing but the best of luck and success. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Art Martin on 9th of July 2009

Just stumbled across your stuff Tim. I can’t say enough good things. When are you hitting the U.S.A.? We’re not as scary as we used to be.

Beth Doran on 5th of July 2009

hi people … whoever
tim minchin is funny hehehehe am watchin the dvd now….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Eric Maule on 4th of July 2009

TIM … When are you coming to the US? Stop being a douche panda. Please don’t make us fly to the UK, cos we will if we have to…

Keep rockin’! You’re a superstar!

Pete on 4th of July 2009

No Liverpool dates?? :(

Michaela on 4th of July 2009

Congratulations on your new son!! I hope everything went ok.

Sam Holmes on 4th of July 2009

Your songs Balsa Wood & Glue, Outstanding Woman, My Neighbours Ass and Lament of the Three Toed Sloth part of a new album based around the Seven Deadly Sins?

Greed, Lust, Envy and Sloth there… Is this simply coincidental or are you planning on creating Pride, Wrath and Gluttony songs too?


Justin on 4th of July 2009

Do you have any plans for a USA Tour Tim?

Brandon on 3rd of July 2009

Dear Tim,

I’ve just had a friend of mine (visiting from Australia) introduce me to your So Fucking Rock DVD and I have to say that I’m massively, massively impressed by your work.

Any chance you might hop over to Canada for a show?


Matt Penning on 3rd of July 2009

Hello – any chance you might come across the pond to enlighten the poor folks in the US? Seattle would be a good place to start, by the way.

Natasha on 3rd of July 2009

When next in L.A?

Jo on 2nd of July 2009

Is Tim planning on doing a United States tour anytime in the near future?

the jackel on 1st of July 2009


Michael Hermens on 1st of July 2009

Hey Tim,
My name’s Michael and my girlfriend – grace – and I share an extreme love and admiration for your style of music and comedy. Sadly we missed your last concert, but bought “so live” and have loved it, We both can not wait for your next appearence in sydney and I was also wondering if there was any chance of purchasing your sheet music?

Alex Cope on 30th of June 2009

Dude, where to begin. Your fucking AWESOME! sooo funny. I was inspired when i heard cancas bags ang thought yeh, thats full on!! I’m playing it for the leavers concert at my school as the last song i’ll play there. I’m really hoping i can save enough money to go to your bournemouth show. Hopefully see you there ;-). All the best man. Take care


Lauren G on 29th of June 2009

So releaved that you are coming to Newcastle, i have just really found your music and really started to enjoy it, well, i still do… Very creative and very thoughtful of what is around you, which i admire, ALOT!!!

i just wanted to add that i am only 14 years old, and alot of people say its weird to like someone who makes such, explicit material as yourself… I just wanted to prove them wrong :D

I first heard one of your quite exentric songs while i was in an R.E lesson, weirdly enough, LOL.
Sir showed it to us and said that you were very relgiously judgmental, which doesn’t bother me, although i am christain, thats my parents fault :P
But yes, he showed us ‘Ten Inch Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins’ which everyone asked at the end to replay it! We also watched ‘Taboo’. And that was when i decided to research more on you, and i just fell in love with your songs and material you have written, very creative and very aware of thoughts, very real!!! :D

Alice on 29th of June 2009


Derby Assembly Rooms, I AM SO THERE.

Tim Minchin you. are. legend.

I’m bringing tissues for ‘Dark Side’, and I do NOT mean it in that way.

L O V E S ; ; <33



I want your hair. It’s rather sexual. And I am also a rock’n’roll nerd, has to be said.

Sylvain on 29th of June 2009

Dude, what about California? you left California off the list of venues for your upcoming gigs. That’s so unfair.

I'm not telling you on 26th of June 2009

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH <3 Booked our tickets now <3<3<3


That would be awesome ^^

hannah on 26th of June 2009

hey tim minchin! i am a fan of you and your music/comedy and i am thinking of being a comedian. got any tips?
Also i have 2 questions for you:

1. have you ever watched Nieghbours?
2. Have you ever stargazed?
from hannah.

Chris Wood on 26th of June 2009


I think your music is some of the best in the world, and you are the best singer?songwriter I have evr come across. Really want to see you in concert some time:)
Aged 13

Rachel_Roxs_your_soxs on 26th of June 2009

Hi Tim,


robin barry on 25th of June 2009

reading festival please tim ,am a big fan seen you many times i have heard rumours but if you could inlighten me/us would be cool as !!! cheers matey see ya soon i hope

the jackel on 25th of June 2009

very clever does anybody no how long tims in scotland for

Penny Spencer and Jason Ruff on 25th of June 2009

we’d love it if you could manage a gig in Newcastle, NSW
travel to Sydney with 2 kids is difficult, but we’ll do it if we have to..sigh…

John tait on 25th of June 2009

tim love ur work man pure ozzy magic

Brendin Rurak on 23rd of June 2009

Hey Tim!
My name is Brendin Rurak (or my stage name is Stacy DeVille) and I’m a big fan. I’m a struggling glam rock and roll musician/entertainer and I can strongly relate to your stuff (R&R Nerd,) and I have a great appreciation for comedy. I’ve got backcombed hair and eyeliner too haha. Only the most powerful and attractive men can handle it. You’re a very gifted person, I envy you.
Please come to Canada. You’re surly to find an open minded audience. I hope to see you live, (not on dvd) in the future.
Rock & Roll,
Brendin Rurak (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Marysia on 23rd of June 2009

hi my name is marysia rojewski (very polish eheh i cant hide that one) any who i just wanted to say hi and i think ur comedy skit rock n roll nerd is so funny!! congratz i love it!
im a friend of cailin wiggs she recommended that i take a look at some of your work, i have to say ur very clever :)
id like to see more of your work!
xoxoxo thanks for being a great musical comedian

p.s yes i did my email when i was 6, its a sad sad life hehehehehehehe

Ruvio on 22nd of June 2009

I shall see you in sheffield mr minchin
Congratulations on having a huge wife very soon small again.

Pint on me i am sure

n/a on 21st of June 2009

damn, that’s a lot of place names

Kristina on 21st of June 2009

Hi, i just wanted to say that i think youre amazing.
i only just started listening to you tonight and i cant get enough. you make me laugh and thats a gift. thank you.

Victoria. on 21st of June 2009

Hey, so, you’re pretty cool.

Frank Bird on 20th of June 2009

Love your music mate, keep it up :)

Jasmine on 20th of June 2009

Portland OR, would love you. I know this because i live here, so if you can ever find it in your heart to do a show here in Portland OR, Iwill be there.

laura and christina on 18th of June 2009

so cut we missed ur last show!!!!
tim minchin rox.
nuff sed.

Jonathon Foster on 17th of June 2009

Hey really lookin forward to September concert in derby!!!

Monika on 17th of June 2009

I am looking forward seeing u at Big Chill in England!


Jonas Manuyag on 17th of June 2009

Hello Mr. Tim Minchin im the one of your biggest fan,. i speak im hardly on english laguage, i am not expert in speak in english, by the way the important thing’s that i should do now is to know you that you are the one of my idol and insparation in Music. Thank you very much Mr.Minchin, More Power.
Godbless you ^_^

Steve on 16th of June 2009


Sarah on 15th of June 2009

Hay Tim, Its Sarah here from Wales.
Do you think you could maybe write a song about wales or the UK?
All your songs are amazing, and i think your such a talented musician.
My favourite is either ‘Inflatable you’, or ‘Some people have it worse than me’. Your songs tackle political issues, or even just randomn bullshit that comes to mind. A bit like me. I’m trying to become a musician too.

Looove anf all that jazz x
Sarr x

joe on 15th of June 2009

Tim, you’re not coming back to Durham!? It’s a good job newcastle is close.

cara bennett on 14th of June 2009

hey tim, coming to see ya in belfast and you better not let me down by not singing taboo, its my anthem (i have red hair). looking forward to seeing ya.

Caroline on 14th of June 2009

You’ve changed my life! I now remember to take canvas bags to the supermarket because of you. Can’t wait to see you in Warrington in September.

Shelley O'Malley on 13th of June 2009

I am blown away by you, your talent is amazing. I cried in some of your songs becaues I could also feel the pain of an artist who’s talents are shrugged off “NOW LOOK AT YOU” I have also got your own doc’o and found it nice to have something so personal about your life out there for us fans to see. I have held TIM & TAM nights so I could show my friends my amazing new friend TIM. I would love to do what you do and have set my self a goal to do it by my 50th year (in 2 yrs ) as its what I wanted to do all my life. So thankyou for your talent and thank you to your wife and family for standing by you and alowing us to share you. Kindest regards Shelley

Vincent on 10th of June 2009

When are you coming to Washington DC? Or do I have to come see you at seedy King’s Cross when our battle group pulls in for a port call? (Much prefer you coming to DC).

Jacob Schmit on 10th of June 2009

I feel more like myself that when I first got here.

Anthony O'Callaghan on 9th of June 2009

Hi Tim,

Hope you are keeping well and delighted to hear that you are finally coming to Dublin. Vicar St is a great venue and I think you will really enjoy it.

I love your stuff! Musically it is amazing and the comedy shines with creativity, innovation and intelligence. Look forward to seeing you in Dublin and in the meantime, I’ll keep spreading the word and evangelising regarding the forthcoming gig.

Kind regards,
Anthony O’Callaghan

Maria on 9th of June 2009

Hi Tim,
My three-year-old daughter has an obsession with drawing fish with legs. Start them young, I reckon.

Samantha on 9th of June 2009

Tim, have you possibly considered touring near Greenville, South Carolina? (In the US.) I love your music. ((Keep it F-sharp.!))

Harry Paterson on 8th of June 2009

Just discovered you. Easily the funniest, most original and most intelligent, er, entertainer? Yeah, we’ll go with that, that I’ve ever seen.
Really, really love your work. ‘Storm’ ‘Angry’ and ‘F Sharp’ (yeah, I’m a muso, lol)are probably my faves but all your stuff is awesome. Watched ‘so fucking rock’ and it too k 3hrs as we had to keep rewinding due to missing stuff due to hysterical laughter. Keep on keeping on, mate. We’ve just booked tickets to see you in nottingham in September.

Janette Ostle on 7th of June 2009

Hello, saw you at The Sands Centre, Carlisle on Friday, what a fantastic night…will always carry a canvas bag from now on. Our 4 year old daughter who is definitely a redhead was out in the garden singing the chorus to Taboo yesterday (thought my husband was going to wet his pants he didn’t know I’d taught her it).
All the best

Nomad on 7th of June 2009

Hey Tim,

I think your an exceptional singer/songwriter! Ive seen all your stuff and love it all! Hope to meet you one day! Keep up the good work i would like to see more!


Siufer GOnzalez on 6th of June 2009

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEe come to florida im DYING to see you live. I think your fuckin amaizinggg!!!!!!!!!!1

lyn on 6th of June 2009

Hi, Just watched rage. That was brilliant selection. You should program it all the time. One minor criticism – you left out the clip of the chicks playing volleyball on the beach.

Timothy Jaquier on 6th of June 2009

Watching you on Rage at the moment, you’ve got Rockin taste in music, love the porn clips you chose too. I haven’t heard your stuff yet, but you’ve a good eye for quality, so I’m looking forward to it.

Actually I think I gave you too much praise before, you have to be careful with that stuff, it doesn’t really help people to reach greater heights. I’m just lonely, trying to make a friend you know. I’m a musician to, hey if you click on my name it’ll zap you to my website, and hey maybe I’ll get more than the two visitors a day that I’ve been getting, it’s good music, can I say it? Nothing compares.

Tara on 6th of June 2009

Tim, you are tops, but your wife is topser! God she is good to put up with you living out all your fantasies! Women are the best – in my next life i am going to come back as a man so i can marry a woman. I wish I could meet her at one of your shows..

Rock on

Tamika on 6th of June 2009

Hi tim …. i am 13 years old and i love your music. i am from your home town perth and love your song TABOO!!!! hahaha….. love tamika!!!

jeremy harcock on 6th of June 2009

RAGE ~ ROCK N ROLL NERD; bring it to Australia Screw HBO, u can swear on australia, all words after 10 pm , i ll help

Julie on 6th of June 2009

Hello Tim. Just been watching Rage….good taste in music, if you actually did pick the video’s. Haven’t been to one of your shows yet but been meaning to. Julie (from Edinburgh, living in Sydney). Will keep an eye out for a gig near to me.

Helen on 5th of June 2009

Hey Tim, saw your show in Brisbane a few weeks bag, still have stomach cramps and face ache from laughing, thanks for that! You sorted out my husband… only that day I had been arguing my case against organised religion and then along comes “the Good Book” song. Can’t look at small children eating off the floor with a straight face anymore. Have started calling our red haired daughter Ginger. Have forwarded the dates for your return shows to all our friends who could handle it

Tiffany on 4th of June 2009

You need… to perform… in Washington State… in the US…

That is all.

martin on 4th of June 2009

Hey Tim, my wife and I just saw the doco and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it, appreciated your honesty, admired your integrity and to wish you all the best. we saw you at the Hi Fi bar during the Melbourne Comedy Festival a few years ago and yes, you fucking rock (and we don’t even like musical comedy, apparently).
Martin and Kirsti

Josh on 3rd of June 2009

Please come to the United States.

We NEED you.


Danielle mariette on 3rd of June 2009

lo tim thank you for a great show you was fab as always, thank you for the pics to you made my day, this is also why my mates and i have alot of respect for you as you love to meet you fans and give us the time of day :D
again thank you and see you on 24th oct :D cant wait!!!! x x

Tony Drake on 2nd of June 2009

when are you going to put out a CD of you music

Jim Styan on 1st of June 2009

Hey Tim!
I got tickets to see your show in warwick arts centre (coventry-ish).
Been following all the stuff by you i could find on youtube. I can even play the solo to Inflatable You -notice the correct spelling- although that is on saxophone… so not really… aanyway, if you ever do read this i just wanted to write that you are a FRIGGIN GENIUS!

Julia Spencer on 1st of June 2009

We’d Really love to see you out in the U.S. Particularly the West Coast…. say, Oregon or Washington? :D :D

Anthea Harris on 30th of May 2009

Hi Tim, here I am at 47 and suddenly find that I have tendencies to become a stalker… Don,t worry your way safe. I got caught at work the other day feeling very happy with my arms spread and singing canvas bags. you have reached three generations in our humble home. You have a Groupie Granny here in strathpine Qld Australia. Thank you and be happy

Natalie Parker on 30th of May 2009

Hi Tim, I’m in the Royal Navy and got introduced to your So F**kin Rock DVD by one of my mates whilst we were duty on the gangway – I laughed my ass off (I wish, I could do with a little less of it!) and just wanted to leave a message to say how fab I think you’re show is – I’m hoping to come and see you in Norwich as I have leave in September woohoo!!! Take care x

emma on 30th of May 2009

my tickets just came through today for your gig at the pavillion in glasgow :)
see ya there! x

michael on 30th of May 2009

any chance you’ll ever come to the U.S?

Jack Pout on 29th of May 2009

The song Dark Side sounds a lot like the melody for Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones, coincidence or another rock nerd reference?

HeD on 28th of May 2009

It’s not perfect… but it’s mine.

Gary Drummond on 27th of May 2009

Mr. Minchin,

Thanks, the first thing i heard of yours was Storm, on http://reasonweekly.com/ and thought it was brilliant. I first decided that I had a major problem with irrationality as a high school kid and my English teacher told us about Norse and Greek mythology . . . ? Mythology I thought is what a person of one religion calls some one else’s religion.

I’ll be looking for your DVD’s and such.

Take care and have fun,


Ontario, Canada

dommarose on 26th of May 2009

you’re a legend. that’s pretty much all i have to say. come perform in city beach sometime :)

Indie on 25th of May 2009

Hiiii Tim…
Me and mi bro will be at the Warrington Parr Hall show in September!!
Were looking forward to it. I am really excited to finally see you live.

I watch you on youtube and follow you on facebook. I think your awesome! Lately my rants have become just like your shows hehe, Id have lots of material if I was a comedian ;)

Have a great week!!

kate on 25th of May 2009

tim!! i heard your version of hallelujah at the edinburgh fringe festival, you should do a studio version. you sound amazing. please xxx

Ruby P on 24th of May 2009

hey tim,
would love to come and see you, but all your dates are too far away!
us fans in the south west feel left out!
please add a date in devon/cornwall!
you know you want to ;)
ruby x

Dave on 23rd of May 2009

Hi Tim,would you consider posting Canvass Bags to gogreentube.com I looked for it there but it does not come up on a search.That video is fantastic.I don’t work for them,just a fan.Thanks

Emily on 22nd of May 2009

I really hope you’re going to the Adelaide Fringe next year, I’ve never seen Tim Minchin live but I’ll be back home from Canada by then and totally looking forward to it!
Be there because I will!
keep up the good work

Chloe Swan on 21st of May 2009

Hey! I love your music and I was just wondering if you are releasing an album soon? I was listening to Radio one the other day, feeling like crap and you made me laugh out loud, so thanks. Cheers Chloe :D xxxxx

James Underdown on 20th of May 2009

Just heard Storm.


Keep up the excellent work.

Dakota Channel on 19th of May 2009

Tim, please come to America again. We are all getting bored with the american comics who all tell the same jokes. They are dull and until I watched your comedy I didnt realize how dumb they are. It’s refreshing listening to SMART observations. I really enjoy your songs Dark Side, Rock N Roll Nerd, and If you open up your mind too much, your brain will fall out (Take my wife). Also, kudos on your amazing piano skills.You’ve honestly made me want to pick up playing. You wail Tim. Please Come to America, and come to Iowa. We will all go to your show if you come here.

michael thorius on 19th of May 2009

dont say so much. pls come to bornholm we need you here in Svaneke on this island he he .
name THORIUS :-)

Adam S on 18th of May 2009

Wish I could be there!

Janine D on 18th of May 2009

Heard Tim for the first time EVER on Radio 1 this morning whilst driving in my car – now the strange thing is that usually I would listen to a CD, but I feel fate played a funny part in finally drawing my attention to this bizarrely addictive chappy – who seems to have been around some time, so where the hell has he been till now????

Anyway so glad he was ….and just probably so is Tim too cos it means 17 of my pounds and 50 of my pence’s are flying his way to go see him live, I won’t be flying though – I’ll more than likely drive or if it’s nice weather I may ride a bike – my motorbike that is, it’s a kawasaki ER-6. I call it a Kwakking bike, i have a facial expression I do for effect when I say it though so I guess that just doesn’t really come over really well on here ……. no I suppose it doesn’t, anyway it’s not because it quacks like a duck whilst I ride it or anything it’s cos it’s a spin on Kawasaki and it sounds like cracking???

Just a tip though Tim – you’d get even more of my pennies if your merchandise were more readily available in this country (that’s the UK):) So instead I’ll have to enjoy playing catch up of some of the gaffs I’ve missed on youtube – thank the lord for youtube – Hallelujah, which, btw Tim and some lady sang very well in some place in Scotland – I’d love to be more specific but youtube is now saying:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage –

Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address.

Dammit – Tim sort the UK out with some DVD’s will ya :)

Ellie on 18th of May 2009

I’m going both times to Birmingham.
And yay, front row at the Symphony Hall :)

Sara Vallas on 18th of May 2009

You are one of the most entertaining, intelligent & wonderful living creatures in the whole of existence!!

I thank you from every fibre of my being….

We are coming to see you in Derngate on the 27th Oct – Ding Dong x

Kevin Earl on 18th of May 2009

Caught you on Scott Mills show on Radio One. Def interested in listening to some more.

Are you going to be playing in Portsmouth at some point?

steve on 17th of May 2009

Dammit Tim, would you hurry up and get yourself over to the New World so you can be REALLY big? Why the hell isn’t ‘Not Perfect’ playing on Top40 stations?

Ryan on 17th of May 2009

Hey, Tim you HAVE to do a gig in Liverpool!
Come on!!!

jullian Chipper on 16th of May 2009

hey tim
just got to say thanks to you and your show or getting me through the half ironman i di recently. we came to the concert hall on the thursday 30 april, and had a great time. that weekend i did the busso half ironman and on the first lap of the ride a woman was on the side of the road taking photo’s of all the competitors. she was using i tripod. as i rode past all i could see was a lovely white boob. next lap her partner was taking the photo’s. no boob. on the last lap she was back and so was her boob and that when your song hit me, man i love boob’s yeah, it put me i a great mood and i keep sing it for the rest of the race. what a great song. so a big thank you for help me achieve a goal and beat my best time by 14 mins

Mel on 16th of May 2009

Just watched “Rock And Roll Nerd” – FANTASTIC. Such an honest, raw intro to your success, and you seem so normal! I love it! Keep it going – and I’m hoping to catch you at High Wycombe in Sept when I’m in the UK. From a fellow Perth resident! (Subiaco!) Mel x

David on 16th of May 2009

Are you going to play at Norden Farm, Maidenhead again?

Francesca on 15th of May 2009

Hello Meester Minchin!

I have just been pointed in your direction by my sister (student with too much time on her hands!) and have had lots of fun trawling through Youtube clips of your shows. I now have a laptop covered in pasta sauce from laughing at inoppotune moments but am not cross with you, in fact am now looking at your gigs page.
Thoroughly looking forward to seeing you in Manchester or Buxton, keep up the good work (and bring out a bloody dvd in the UK, they’re impossible to get hold of here and the theiving Ozzie websites want to charge you through the nose for them!!)
Best of luck with the tour,

Michelle Watt on 14th of May 2009

I just watched your documentary, good on you for being so brave to pursue your instincts without gaurantee of success. Even more remarkable is your lovely wife who just seems to get it along with you, be nice to her!

I had seen you on TV in Aus and thought you were clever, but the doc has made me keen to catch a live show on this tour.

Dave on 14th of May 2009

Love ya Tim! Ready for this was awesome and the doco about you was great. You’re obviously a great guy. My partner and I will come and see anything you do. Cheers!

lianne on 13th of May 2009

I am getting ready to purchase air tickets to come see your show and thought I might just ask if there is a chance you will be playing anywhere in the US during the last bit of 2009/first bit of 2010? I know it will be a wonderful trip but I will feel just a bit guilty for robbing my children’s Summer Vacation Extravaganza fund if it turns out that with a bit of patience I could have seen you here.

Ruby Huybers on 13th of May 2009

OMG!!!! i love you soooo frickin’ much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I added you on Myspace, if so, please download MyspecIM so i can talk to you live!!!!!!!!!!!

i am your 1# fan, i am not joking! I have done a project on you!!!

For my school homework, can you please tell me your Migration?

thankyou!!! love you baby! ~ Ruby

aaron on 11th of May 2009

Derby Tickets, anyone know where i can get some from?

Debs on 11th of May 2009

Are you playing Latitude this year? Hope so!

Tabata on 11th of May 2009

It’s slightly annoying that the Corn Exchange still hasn’t put up the tickets for the 30th!!!

Lilith on 11th of May 2009

yay you’re coming to sheffield =) Not many people do so added bonus to us =) We will so be there ^^

Harald on 10th of May 2009


regarding Inverness: one day you *should* go further up north, maybe even consider Scandinavia; you might like people and landscape.

Thanks for the things you do! I’m working small scale for a clearer view of the world in a humanist group of just a few people in Germany, and you’re really inspiring for us.
Sorry for bad english.



Marc on 10th of May 2009

Excuse me mr minchin…

I realy enjoyed storm… Why did you take it down ?

Kind regards


Ross on 10th of May 2009

Hey Tim,
saw this and thought of you


matt on 10th of May 2009

Just wathced rock & roll Nerd which i heard about on triple j.

Fuckin awesome doc. Great story.

Doug webb on 9th of May 2009

hey man you’ve been an awsome inspiraion, introduced to m by my room mate. can totally relate to ‘rock ‘n’ roll nerd’ i know i’m just another message left in themaster ‘in’ pile but i was totlly spewing not being able to see you in Melbourne. am in the Navy and all that but yeah, totally love your work and keep it comming.

Rhiannon on 9th of May 2009

Ur so amazing, thought u were hilarious on the graham norton show ( yeh ano it was ages ago) how pissed is ur wife lmfao, with all those songs about her!!! cant wait to see u in october will be awesome!!

Regina Harley on 9th of May 2009


I love your stuff! I just came across “Storm” on YouTube and it made me want to have your babies. And I don’t even *like* kids and am happily, monogamously married and had my tubes tied 18 years ago so, y’know, not much chance of it. But hopefully it’s the thought that counts.

Is there any chance of you doing some shows in the US? (Please say yes.) I’ve heard rumors (i.e. comments on the videos, in case you were thinking it was something more exotic like I was a spy or something) that you’re even more fabulous in person and I’d love the chance to collect some empirical data on that.

Failing that, any chance you’re going to be in Stoke-on-Trent the weekend of May 22, 2009? I suspect that has as much chance of happening as me spontaneously giving birth to one of your children but… I live in hope.

All my best-


Nina on 8th of May 2009

So effening annoyed at not seeing you in Perth… Mr K Rudd’s stimulus package had not arrived in time for me to make the journey to the big smoke and actually as I type this missive while warmed on effen vodka I still haven’t got Mr K Rudd’s stimulus package and so bollocks to him. The effen vodka in question is brand named effen and is from Holland and superbly delish when consumed with cranberry juice. await wit anticipation bordering on manic on your next visit to these shores…..if I put away a fiver a week that should see me through and is not more effen vodka will be purchased and consequently consumed to your talent and hair……

c-dog on 8th of May 2009

Come play Canada! Well ok, maybe just Montreal.

Bobby Bouchet on 7th of May 2009

See you in derby missure Minchin! [big hugs!]

Lianne on 6th of May 2009

My amazingly indulgent husband is taking me 5,000 miles to see your show this October!!!

Bethany on 6th of May 2009

You’re coming to Bournemouth (where I study) and Reading (where I live)!!!
I get to share the joy with lots of my family and my friends!!
Now I just have to save up to buy a canvas bag.

Thank you!


P.S Great to see you on twitter!

Nic on 6th of May 2009

Loved your documentary (Rock + Roll Nerd). Superb. I am interested in who made it (I gather it must have been someone fairly close to follow you around for such a long period of time). It was one of the best documentaries I have ever seen…so real and touching. Thankyou for allowing it be shared. I am going to buy it on DVD!!

Nic Easton

Bruce & Dezlee Risby on 6th of May 2009

My wife and I are well on our way to our 50’s and after watching your DVD we both agree we haven’t laughed that hard since we sore Billy Connelly live in the late 80’s. Keep on doing what you do so well.

maggie hopgood on 6th of May 2009

hey tim, watched ur docco on the ABC last wk & was blown away by ur sheer brilliance! Im a classical muso & anyone who can take the leap into other genres & be successful is brave & amazing! Love ur work – keep doing ur own thing. Your living the life I want! X

aoife on 6th of May 2009

Just thought I’d say I love you and your music and I’m so sad I missed you in Melbourne so I’m coming to see you in Glasgow!!be sunshiny won’t you.

Kathryn on 5th of May 2009

So glad you’re coming to Belfast an often overlooked place
hopefully going to be there to see “awesomeness” live
cold feet might be an issue- Northern Ireland in October is not warm

Bethany Tucker on 5th of May 2009

Coming to BRISTOL!!! Cant frigging wait!! I will be ready for this when it comes, I sing so it’s going to be an educational evening.

Love you, I might bring my doctors feet which i cut off when I got angry and I kicked his head with his feet!!


DanTheMan on 5th of May 2009

The sign said “Leave a message”.. So here it is… Britney, how frequent are the contractions? I will be a little late so if you see this – text me… :D

Dear Tim,

I saw your DVD “So Rock” and then I looked up all kinds of stuff about you and your work and I have to say, that everything you do is brilliant. It’s a shame that back in Lithuania, where I live, people don’t know you very much, but I promise to spread the word.. :)

Looking forward to hearing something new from you soon. :)

The Red Witch on 5th of May 2009

Do you ever actually sleep?

Graeme Brooke on 5th of May 2009

From the Solomon Islands…

I managed to shake you by the paw after the Saturday night show in Brisbane.

I was disappointed last week that I couldn’t watch the documentary on ABC (Australian) TV but find myself here on Aid work for a few weeks so that wasn’t an option. Nothing you can do about it, just wanted to vent.

I am one of your biggest fans. I previously suggested that you were a bit of an epiphany for me and many others. The stuff you do really gets in your head and is, in a word, extraordinary. I thank you for many things (including giving my god fearing sons something to think about).

Your humour is wonderful, your piano fantastic, but it is your content that I find exhilarating. Topics that others choose to ignore are tackled expertly and with a previously unseen wit.

You are Dawkins without shoes.


Liz Duncalf (Girly Giggle Machine) on 5th of May 2009

So excited that you’re doing a gig in York :D And that you’ll be in my hometown two days later…

Sheena McMullen on 5th of May 2009

I can’t believe you do so many tours around the UK and hardly any in Australia. I tried to get tickets to see you at the fringe in Adelaide and two shows sold out in minutes, I thought you might do an extra because they sold out so quick? When are you coming back to shity old adelaide….

Jennifer & Terry Donaldson on 5th of May 2009

So privilidged to have second row seats at you Forum, Melbourne gig. We travelled 1600 kms just to see you and it was worth every kilometre. Also loved the TV doco on ABC last week. You are amazing. Never doubt it for a moment!!!

Josh on 5th of May 2009

I am rather tempted by that Bournemouth date… I’d really like to see you live.

Carol on 20th of April 2009

Loved the show at the Roundhouse in London – it was my birthday so it was kinda special. Hope you can come down my way next – Devon? Thanks for showing your views of the wrold and making it a more interesting place to live.

The Mc Family on 17th of April 2009

Any chance doing a quick appearance at Beautiful Days Festival, Escot, Devon, in August?

Alun on 11th of April 2009

Roll on Dublin and Birmingham, fookin awesome :)

Bec on 8th of April 2009

Swansea Grand, can’t wait :) It’s so close to me I could probably hop there

Darren on 28th of March 2009

Yay i have booked for both Derby and Coventry, if last year at Warwick Arts Centre is anything to by then I’m sure it will be a blast good luck on you rest of your Tour down under and cant wait to see you back in the uk for the 5th-6th time I’m so lucky I’m so glad i stuck with it have a good one MIT

Alex on 25th of March 2009

No Edinburgh dates up yet? Oh well, I’ll just have to keep checking I suppose, unless there is some update thingymajig? Either way I’m f**king going.

Tom Carr on 20th of March 2009

Tim, you fucking ROCK! Cant wait to rock out with my cock out in Warrington, or Salford, not quite decided yet! I have to say that one of the best songs I have heard Tim sing is Hallelujah. Check it out on YouTube! Its amazing!!! How does he get the note around 5.20!!!!! And Tim, you were right, it was Rufus Wainwright. Looking forward to living the dream when Tim Plays Warrington, (or Salford)!

James Sadowski on 20th of March 2009

hey mate, i don’t think i love you as much as alot of these posters but i saw you on buzzcocks and thought you were pretty good and looked up some your stuff and that was pretty good too. i’m gonna try and get some tickets but i don’t really wanna book a gig for my front room because you would frighten my dog. Good luck on the tour and i’ll hopefully see you in london. Cheers mate. This is a long shot but i’m out of work and if you know of anything going i’d appreciate it. that goes to everyone in london, not just tim.

JoJo on 19th of March 2009

p.s please and thankyou.

JoJo on 19th of March 2009

Darwin dammit. I was really looking forward to the Inverness gig. I was wondering why when I phoned Eden Court they knew nothing of the gig. However the manny did say tickets should go on sale in May – not very reliable.
The Ironworks is a lovely venue in Inverness, could it not be reschedule to there? Or how about my front room? x

Howard Sambrook on 19th of March 2009

YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Tim’s coming to York, Marvellous!!!!!! See you there Tim you Legend!!!! Me and the missus’ll be front row of circle – best seats in the goddamn house!!!!! YEAH!!!!!

Herni white on 13th of March 2009

Coming to see you at tunbridge wells will you be doing taboo (my fav) see you their

Tom on 12th of March 2009

Yay, gonna be at cheltenham and its gonna be awesome :D

Kate Barlow on 10th of March 2009

It’s sad you’re not going to Edinburgh Festival this year :( I had really wanted to go and see you there. But I am desperatly trying to get tickets to Cambridge when you come here. Hope I can go :D

Jess 'Medusa' T on 10th of March 2009

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!! im going to see you again!!!! cant wait I saw you last year in durham! Twas awesome! Cant wait to see TIM!!!!!!!

Jack minchin on 9th of March 2009

holy shit my my gf and some work peeps just got tix for wycombe swan i cant fucking wait

nat on 2nd of March 2009

I’m gutted about inverness. that was gonna be 2 days before my 21st birthday :/

gah. i’ll have to try work something out….


SM Photography on 26th of February 2009

Posted by Sarah on February 18, 2009
OOh, no Inverness, which is sad because it’s supposed to be a lovely theatre too


Eden Court is rather spiffing isnt it, but sadly not on the list =(….

Perhaps Aberdeen or Perth then =/

Cat on 26th of February 2009

My tickets for Hammersmith have just arrived and I am SO excited! I have 6, so now I just need to decide which lucky 5 friends to take…

Lauren on 23rd of February 2009

May i ask who chose Warringon of all places? A small town in the middle of nowhere, now, don’t misunderstand me i am so happy i could poo in an allyway right now because i live in Warrington, but when i saw this venue and as quickly as my fingers would allow, booked the tickets in a dreamish, light headed haze, wandered if i had even booked them for Warrington, England. I was so perplexed. But thank you whoever chose this town, because you know it may not be perfect but it’s mine, and it’s where i spend the vast majority of my time and i think you’ll love it too.
Thanks so much.
You’ve made my year.
(p.s it’s the night before my birthday so, y’know if you get the urge to slip in a shout out, i don’t mind :))

anna on 23rd of February 2009

you should come down to the west country! cornwall and devon feel so left out!

Sarcasmatron on 23rd of February 2009

You’re not playing my village? There’s a perfectly adequate church hall. What a barstard. I’m going to have to put some effort into my manic girly stalking now.

Andrea Brown on 22nd of February 2009

Somewhere in Edinburgh….how about my house…mind you there’s not a LOT of room but I like being close to complete strangers for extended periods of time…but only if they’re really sweaty! YAR. Will be there. Dressed as a bear. Really.

Roo on 22nd of February 2009

thank you so much for coming to glasgow! i love you tim!!! xox

Scottish Eejit on 22nd of February 2009

I’m going to Aberdeen! :) 3rd row in a much bigger venue than the last time you were here! Hope the higher ceilings don’t freak you out!

Lynne on 22nd of February 2009

Aaaach! all this change is playing havoc with my plans. If I were more patient I would wait untill all the dates were finalised, then plan….However, that would mean I would get duff seats. So I will just have to dot around the country following you like a demented puppy. Woof!

Charlotte on 22nd of February 2009

Why isnt there any in Devon. DAMN

I feel so upset now :(

Kirst on 22nd of February 2009

Got my tickets for Reading first day they came out :) Front row! Booyahh!

I’m really excited now :) xxx

Karen Price on 22nd of February 2009

I only live 20 mins from Inverness and was looking forward to coming and seeing you! Im sad now, i think i will complain to eden court!!! Oh well i will just have to pick somewhere else and come and see you there. :(

rich on 22nd of February 2009

Ohh…. No Basingstoke…. Sigh… we have a really nice theater here called the Haymarket…

Oh well… readings only 30 mins away so yeah… Ill be there alright…!

cant frigin wait !

Julie on 22nd of February 2009

We want you back in the US!!

Rachel-Jane on 20th of February 2009

I bought tickets for Glasgow (where I’m from) today! Wahey. If I’d known you might be playing Edinburgh though (where I live) I’d have waited. Nevermind, it’s only 50mins on the train.

Liz on 20th of February 2009

I am so gonna be wearing silver shoes at Brighton. Not quite in the front row but I’ll wear them on my head so everyone can enjoy them :)

Mark on 20th of February 2009

I has tickets for sheffield :D
Notts would’ve been nicer, but such is life :)

Rosie on 18th of February 2009

Still no Colchester. It’s “Britain’s oldest recorded town” dontcha know?!
Not that it’ll make any difference.
Ah well, I spose a trek to Norwich can’t do much harm.

Sarah on 18th of February 2009

OOh, no Inverness, which is sad because it’s supposed to be a lovely theatre too – and I was thinking of going… but yay for possibly Edinburgh instead because it’s only 20 minutes away (not 3 and a half hours like Inverness!) Or maybe I should be happy with Dunfermline (where I live!) and Hammersmith (where I don’t). Either way, I’ll definitely be seeing you in Scotland at least once (and possibly several nights in a row!)

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