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So F**king Special

by Linzy 5th Oct 2009 | 19 comments

Tim’s DVD, ‘So F**king Rock Live’ has been re-released today in the UK as a special edition, available exclusively from HMV both in stores and online. Essentially, it’s the same old DVD but with fun new packaging for Christmas.

This version of the DVD contains a lyric booklet to help you sing along with all the songs from the show as well as a second bonus disc full of extras, including sing-along Canvas Bags, several performances from The Sideshow and various other TV appearances.

And for those of you overseas, it can be imported to most countries though, in most cases, you’ll only be able to watch it on your computer. Better than nothing though, right?

So Fucking Rock Special Edition DVD

Order it online [here]

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Vics on 29th of January 2010

Utterly painful my cards not working online.. Gonna have to venture out of the comfort of my room and youtube to go and buy this. Wish me luck!
Oh and Tim! Come play Cambridge again sometime soon, you had super bad timing last time and I couldn’t make it!! I’ll be eternally greatful :D

Charlotte on 13th of October 2009

IM BUYING !!!!!!!!!

Bloody amazing show !!

Hoodathunk on 13th of October 2009

Saw the show in Aberdeen last night – Excellent! Funny, well observed, thought provoking, high energy muso-frolics. Great stuff!

Rose on 13th of October 2009

HA! I don’t eat pigs! I’m a vegetarian!!! How about not eating pigs together sometime???

Kayleigh on 12th of October 2009

I met Tim last night at a set of traffic lights in Glasgow. I started pointing at his car shouting to my friend


tim : “hello, yes thats me i love that you don’t know my name”

me: “you were on buzzcocks – high 5!”

*high fives*
i was drunk so i vaguely remember :
something about eyes, eyeliner, his show would have been the best night of my life if I’d have gone, booze, see you later.

Paul Mallindine on 12th of October 2009

Ordered it last week and arrived saturday, so stayed in with the wife and loved it! Sing-a-long Canvas bag was a must.
Saw Tim the first time last week in Cambridge and laughed so much i almost cried.

Carla Newton on 11th of October 2009

just thought id tell you i have earned you 11 more fans. forced my friends to stay in last night and watch your dvd, and they all loved it… went from groaning about how they were missing out on pubs to one of them actually pissing themselves laughing. i love you. x x x

hannah on 8th of October 2009

Lovely jubbly :) mine is on its way. Love you soooo much timmy kid. Plleeeeaassee do another tour ;)

Liza (wickedlibrarian) on 8th of October 2009

Why what a fantastic picture. I think I’ll go watch that very DVD, right now.
Truly amazing what you can do in a Travelodge. Takes talent, that does!

CLAIRE on 7th of October 2009

Hi, considering that HMV have exclusivity you would think they would be promoting it just a little bit… oh no, it took me ages to find it in the Cardiff store as it is tucked away under comedy ‘M’ and is nowhere else to be seen on show !!
Thought you might want to know this.

Hannah on 5th of October 2009

I pre-ordered my copy from the HMV website ages ago and it arrived on Friday.

It’s amazing!


Sarah (White Wine fan) on 5th of October 2009

Ordered mine online from HMV and it arrived last Friday!!! Have already left a comment on the Guest book. It will be a well-watched dvd…especially once Tim heads off to Oz and there are no more live gigs to try to get tickets for.

Lyndsey Evans on 5th of October 2009

That is so cool! Already have the original DVD but I’m going to have to get this one – mainly for the bonus DVD as I already know the lyrics off by heart (I know – I have no life lol!)
See you in 3 weeks!

Lyndsey x

Nicole on 5th of October 2009

I want it, even though I will only be able to watch on my computer, but I am nervous about ordering something from out of the country. I am afraid of import fees…I am in the US, any user experiences with HMV?

Joe on 5th of October 2009

It’s worth the second purchase methinks.

marilyn anne on 5th of October 2009

aw I didn’t know this was happening! I only bought the normo’s version yesterday (haveing been watching the version taped off E4 up ’till that point)! An exchnage may be in order…

Gary on 5th of October 2009

I was very impressed by the speedy service from Oz when I ordered Ready For This? No doubt this will be just as good.

Lea on 5th of October 2009

Woohoo! Sing-along! Will enjoy this so much! (however my poor friends or anybody with any musicality who happen to be on the hearing distance will not.)

rm on 5th of October 2009

Piking mine up today. Hope I get the embarrassed guy again. I asked a few days ago if the DVD would be available in the shop on Monday. The word fucking made him blush, bless :)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.