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Camp Bestival… festival

by Shell 26th Mar 2010 | 10 comments

The announcements for festival season begin: Camp Bestival is 30th July – 1st August 2010 at Lulworth Castle in Dorset.

Tim will be performing as part of the Jestival Sessions on Friday 30th.

The great comedy line up for Jestival also includes: Rufus Hound, Jim Jefferies, Marcus Brigstocke, Andrew Maxwell, Andre Vincent, Tiernan Douieb, Carl Donnelly, Craig Campbell, Mitch Benn, Rob Rouse, Matt Kirshen and Tim Fitzhigham!

Weekend tickets are £155 and can be purchased from the Camp Bestival website.

So dig out that crumpled tent and shake the spiders out of your wellies and have fun!

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Tom Baker on 25th of May 2010

You are fantastic Tim , but heyy £155. PP to see you and then loads of other people we dont care about is a rip off, do a tour of UK on your own please at a fare price.

Tom Jarvis on 1st of May 2010

its going to make my festival, cannot wait to see you dude!

Shell on 4th of April 2010

Hi Becky
Yes it could do with updating! I’ll see if I can get onto them – not sure how much notice they’ll take but worth a shot.

Becky Baker on 3rd of April 2010

Hi Shell
Just checked out Tim’s profile on the Bestival site. It looks out of date ..”Tim is booked for a 6-week run at the New World Stages in New York in March 2008″, and no mention of Matilda.


Paul Anthony Kemp on 28th of March 2010

Hey tim, you probably may never read these but I’ve just watched one of your live shows on tv for the third time and just wanna say I think your brilliant next time your up near my area I’ll definatly come see you, what’s wierd is sometimes your songs make sense to me in a serious way despite it’s original comical itentions. Keep it up mate.

fifi on 28th of March 2010

who in their right mind pays £155 to go to bestival with V festival, reading, leeds and a million better summer festivals to be had! do a uk tour, i’m a fellow antipodean and feel you really need to put some leg work on the go in the uk! we need a tour dude!! TIM we need you!

Jenny Simon on 27th of March 2010

Ergh, damn living in Australia *shakes fist*. At least we can take comfort in knowing we had you before the English.

Emma on 27th of March 2010

aaargh, THE 30TH JULY IS MY BIRTHDAY and I can’t afford to go to that.

Eleanor on 26th of March 2010

Aah I want to go so much now! Might invite myself along with my cousin, i think she is going, and i will be disowning her if she goes and sees you with out me. what a bitch.

Johnjoe on 26th of March 2010

Aww Tim, no… don’t do it. Rob da bank’s a twat and Camp Bestival is a total rip-off. Do a real festival instead.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.