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I can’t believe it’s here. Tomorrow evening I’ll be sitting in a full dress rehearsal of the RSC’s “Matilda – a Musical”… and by Tuesday the public (including some of you) will be there too. It’s a weird feeling. Especially when my brain is also occupied by the niggling sensation of having an unfinished arena spectacular to attend to. Regardless, I am incredibly excited that we’ve (nearly!) made it. I’ve never worked so hard on a piece and I’ve never enjoyed the journey so much.

The RSC has made a video with a little teaser of one of the songs intercut with footage of the kids in rehearsals and a tired and unshaven me talking like an imbecile about my writing. The song is called “When I Grow Up” and is the first thing I wrote, back in May 2009. The audio you hear in the vid is actually the very demo that I showed Dennis (Kelly) and Matthew (Warchus) and Chris (Nightingale) that month.

Two things I feel I should say:

1. The show is generally not this “pop”. This is the pop peak, so to pop speak.

2. You should hear the kids sing it. Man, you really should.


It can also be viewed on the Matilda A Musical website or the RSC YouTube Channel.

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Verity on 8th of June 2011

Australia tour? Yes? Yes.

Jas on 25th of December 2010

Im off to see this, as a christmas present for my hole family. Best surprise it could have been, can’t wait, love Tim and his work. eeek.

Lisa Plowden-Wardlaw on 7th of December 2010

You just have to see this musical. We went for the second time last night, luckily we live in Stratford, so travelling wasn’t an issue! This is so good and so unique that I think it will be in the West End, Broadway etc very very soon. I’ve been to many many shows over the years but this one was the best, by far. Tim, you’re my new found hero, what a soundtrack. Please please please get it released on CD asap.

Jo on 3rd of December 2010

I saw the show last night and 140 characters doesn’t come close to being enough to express my joy fully, so I’ve twumbled over here.

From start to finish the show was just perfect. The set was beautifully done, the casting and costumes were spot on and the kids’ performances were unbelievable. James Beesley, who played Bruce Bogtrotter, will be a star one day; that kid rocks!

The whole thing was incredibly moving and the songs tied it all together with all the great tunes and clever wordplay you’d expect from Tim. My eyes were filling up from the first song from the overwhelming glee of it all.

It made me very happy and I recommend it to everyone. Huge thanks and congratulations to everybody who made it so wonderful. It’ll stay with me for a long time.

Emma C. on 30th of November 2010

Went to see Matilda on Saturday – absolutely brilliant. Every member of the cast was fantastic, but particularly the children.
The music and lyrics made the show – love love loved it

Steve on 27th of November 2010

Just seen this at the RSC .. just fantastic, it makes you laugh it makes you cry … my congratulations to all.

JellyBean on 20th of November 2010

I want to see this so bad but I have no means of crossing the globe for a show.

Jo Dean on 15th of November 2010

Saw the show on Saturday and I LOVED IT! Best show I have seen for a long long time. My boyfriend loved it too (and he really isn’t a musical fan) We both gave a standing ovation at the end. Brilliant tunes, great funny lyrics, excellent acting, superb effects. We want to come again but not many tickets left already! When is the CD coming Tim?

Clara on 10th of November 2010

Went to see the first performance of the play tonight and I can confirm that it was amazing! I recommend going to see it if you can.

louisel on 8th of November 2010

It looks great! I hope that it goes fabulously, no doubt that it will :)
I really, really want to see it; but being skint, living at the other end of the country and having exams means that it doesn’t look likely. Oh well, I’ll just have to make do with front row tickets to see your orchestra tour next month ;) *squeee*

Tim Minchin: Matilda and other stuff | Whose Roses Are Those on 7th of November 2010

[…] Shakespeare Company, it starts next week in Stratford-upon-Avon. Minchin wrote about it on his blog, and here’s the teaser […]

Nikki mace on 7th of November 2010

We are looking to have you grew on me as our first dance at our wedding next year but we are having difficulty finically it without the laughter behind.
Where can I find it…….we love this song!!!

D on 7th of November 2010

TOUR! please. my life isnt complete without seeing it so in essence youre actually stopping me from fulfilling my potential, which is what Matilda is all about isnt it? tour. please. tour.

KittyBrat on 7th of November 2010

Nice whiteboard… you’re not truly a bumbag, though.

I hope this is recorded so we can see it in the states, or better, that the show may travel here…

Bex on 6th of November 2010

Stupid Irish Sea separating me from both your tour AND this ¬_¬

I’d love to see this, it looks and sounds amazing <3

Tim Minchin is a Bum Bag xD

Sam mack on 6th of November 2010

Gahhh, so sad I’m not going to be there ;( still fully stoked for the orchestra. 5 rows back!!!!!

Lydia on 6th of November 2010

“Tim Minchin is a bumbag.” Haha.

I’m coming to see it next weekend, I can’t wait. My mum got me tickets for my eighteenth. Not that my resistance to growing up is too obvious or anything.

Tracey/rm on 6th of November 2010

“I must not be mean to Tim
I must not be mean to Tim
Tim Minchin is a bum-bag
I must not be mean to Tim”

Heh. Made me giggle.

I hate that I am not going to see this. It looks incredible.

I am in love with “When I Grow Up”. It’s beautiful.


ps You didn’t come across like an imbecile, you came across as passionate (as well as tired and unshaven). Also you look rather fetching in black and white. You should consider being in black and white more often ;)

Roxane on 6th of November 2010

Congratulations. I looks like it’s going to be an amazing achievement!

Devon Reedman on 6th of November 2010

This looks like it is going to be an amazing play. What a perfect person to have compose the lyrics and music for such an event. Good luck Mr.Minchin and I hope it turns out to be everything you hoped it would be and more!!

Laura Matlick on 6th of November 2010

This looks phenomenal. Not remotely in my geographical vicinity, of course, but I’ll be eagerly awaiting videos and stories about its success (and the ridiculous talent of everyone involved.) Well done!

Jo P on 6th of November 2010

Looks and sounds awesome Tim! All the best. And yes love the chalk board backdrop! nice one!

PLyczkowski on 5th of November 2010

Sounds really nice Tim, why you do so many thing so good :)

Dan on 5th of November 2010

Great stuff. Although it’s an essentially well intentioned but meaningless phrase invoking an age old and misplaced belief that the fortunes of mankind can be both positively and negatively influenced by an external and invisible force effecting the probability of the occurrence of individual events at a level relevant to actual human experience, and that the application of this force can be manipulated at a distance by the expressed desires of other individuals, I would still like to wish you Good Luck. Because I can’t think of anything better to say.

Roma Henry on 5th of November 2010

Oh wow… I used to teach one of the kids I see here … Proud Miss!!! :-)

Sarah Edwards on 5th of November 2010

Man, we’ll hear the kids sing it, we really will. :) Can’t wait till next Friday. My 5 yr old is excited about seeing “the real live show of Matilda”

Alan Duval on 5th of November 2010

A roalder-coaster, even

Janis on 5th of November 2010

Love it! Wish I could be there to see the show.

Jarrod Hahn on 5th of November 2010

Outstanding, Tim! I am so glad to see you branching out into other genres artistically, I look forward to seeing it.

Mark Allcorn on 5th of November 2010

Looking forward to it Tim, it’s gonna be great!! Worth all that sweat and tears I bet.

Wickiwise on 5th of November 2010

Can’t wait to see and hear the kids singing this live in Matilda – we’ll be there on Tuesday all the way from silly Suffolk (oh and nutty Norfolk in Sarah’s case!). Congratulations Tim on realising a life ambition, you lucky, lucky man!! : )

Ashwing XD on 5th of November 2010

Seeing it on Friday for my brithday (despite my birthday being in January) and I am sooo bloody excited!
Musical and Tim combined is like my Heaven :’)
Actually going to explode before Friday. But my remains will not doubt enjoy the show

Claire Barker on 5th of November 2010

‘Matilda’ is terrific. As a children’s author and illustrator, the writing is inspirational, delivering joy by the bucket. I can’t think of a more perfect match for Roald Dahl than Tim Minchin; dark, winsome and razor sharp. This is a great example of inspired, joined-up thinking by someone for once. Bloody marvellous stuff!

Elli on 5th of November 2010

Sooo excited – going on the 26th November – love Tim and Matilda – perfect combination!

Katie Locker on 5th of November 2010

This sounds so innocent and beautiful, and it’s only in the demo version. I can’t wait till Tuesday I’m sure it will be an amazing night! Break a leg. x

Nicola on 5th of November 2010

So excited for this. I’m from Perth, currently on university exchange in Italy, flying to England for this (andalsoforHarryPotterbecauseIdon’twanttowatchtheItaliandubbedversion) and taking two of my new friends who’ve never heard of Tim, and one Perth friend living in England. Matilda was such a huge part of my childhood I’m so pumped hooray.
/life story.

AmyK on 5th of November 2010

My seven year-old daughter just finished reading “Matilda”. We’re big Roald Dahl fans here. How neat that there’s going to be a musical :)

Tristan on 5th of November 2010

I have my tickets booked! i hope it makes it to the west end!

Katurian on 5th of November 2010

I’m there, if i don’t explode with excitement first.

admirer of tim on 5th of November 2010

I don’t know who is more excited! me or the kids! yes, i do actually, it’s ME!!!! Really looking forward to going on the 20th, are you going to be there Tim? I will be the one looking at you adoringly! :-x

Elaine on 5th of November 2010

Thanks, Tim. This video just gave me a little rush of adrenaline. I’ve always loved musicals and this one promises to be very special.

Best wishes from another one who can’t wait for Tuesday :-)

Kate W on 5th of November 2010

(Having hit Send prematurely, what I also meant to say was….)
Love the song, which I suspect even in the demo version will be haunting my brain for the next couple of weeks – makes me think I should find some trees to climb.
I hope the dress is everything you’d imagined, plus a bit, and really knocks you out.

Alex on 5th of November 2010

I am very concerned that I could be in the same room as Tim and NEVER KNOW. It would be like a scratch-card getting blown away in the wind or something, except much worse because of maths and logic.

4 days and counting!

mzlondon on 5th of November 2010

So looking forward to seeing the first preview on Tuesday. I’m sure it’s going to be utterly splendid! ‘Break a leg’ to all concerned.

Kate W on 5th of November 2010

I not only should hear that, but will – soon (if not quite as soon as I’d like…).

Sarah Mortimer on 5th of November 2010

If you watch the RSC interviews off their site, you will see who wrote it!

N on 5th of November 2010

@Tracy Oh right, haha. I quite like bumbag myself, hahaha.

jp on 5th of November 2010

Poor Tim. Who was being mean to you?

hayleyr on 5th of November 2010

Hope you get the arena malarky sorted- I’m coming to see that too!! :P

hayleyr on 5th of November 2010

Looks amazing. Cannot wait to see it!

Tracy King on 5th of November 2010

I think it says “Tim Minchin is a bum-bandit”.

fallingonabruise on 5th of November 2010

cool, nice one, lovely, great, super, smashing. :)

N on 5th of November 2010

“I must not be mean to Tim.
Tim Minchin is a bumbag.”

Hahaha. Ohhh, I wish I was able to go and see this!
Good luck – I’m sure it will be a great success!

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