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And The Winner Is…

by Linzy 11th Nov 2010 | 29 comments

So, Universal launched a competition earlier for people to make trailers for the forthcoming UK release of ‘Ready For This?’ on DVD and Blu-ray. Well the time has come to announce the winner as chosen by Tim, from the three videos with the most views!

And the winner is Victoria Crewe-Turrell who won with this fabulous entry!

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Mezza on 6th of October 2011

wow Crewts major achievement! good lord. i envy you. hows life by the way? we have dt next. no elinor says science. anyhoo byeee…xxxx

Rodrigo Portillo on 19th of November 2010

U really looks Gene Walder, when he was act as Willy Wonka!

I really think that should be a better Willy Wonka than Johnny Depp

Jessica H on 18th of November 2010

I am aware…I can read… :S

KittyBrat on 16th of November 2010

Wonderful! Congratulations, V! Well done!

Becca on 15th of November 2010

Congrats Victoria Crewe-Turrel, you may now bask in the glow of Tim Minchin’s approval :3
And whatever to all the snarky comments, you can’t criticize if you didn’t bother your arse entering.
Loved the end bit from 1.05 to the finish especially, probably was good enough on it’s own.
Can’t wait for it’s release :O I’m feeling deprived because I lent my So Fucking Rock DVD to my music tutor and he has yet to return it

Siobhan Bellot on 14th of November 2010

Well Done that was fantastic! A well deserved win!

Vikki on 14th of November 2010

well done Victoria!
Please don’t pay attention to the thinly veiled bitchy comments (or the outright bitchy ones, I guess – though at least they had the balls to say what they meant), some people just can’t accept defeat. And more fool those who failed to think tactically by getting friends to watch their video – don’t feel bad for being smarter than them!
i personally liked your vid very much and think Tim made a good choice, though I would of had a hard time as i liked a fair few entries :) so congrats for creativeness and effort to all editors

charley on 14th of November 2010

@Jessica H,, this was one of three with the most views, obviously the best of the three

Jessica H on 14th of November 2010

To be honest, I think there were better ones.
The reviews at the beginning weren’t on long enough to read and there was, in my opinion, too much of the songs at the beginning – it should be short and punchy to keep the viewer’s attention.
Not to mention the ruining of the Prejudice punchline…
But well done anyway. The second part of the video was much better than the first, so it wasn’t all bad, but if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have chosen this one.
Tim’s preference, I guess…

Jenny on 13th of November 2010

Honestly, I think there were better entries; I think this video had it’s good points, for sure. Especially the close up cuts of Tim looking all veiny and intense. However, I do think the American guy’s version was the best. But he couldn’t win b/c he wasn’t in the UK. So Congrats to the winner. I wish I had any skills at all at editing, I’m not sure I could have done any better….at all.

I guess, Tim, you’ve grown to the point where people are able to bitch with confidence….that’s a good thing!

Still, I also wish the dvd was available in the U.S. (hint, hint, dammit)

victoria on 12th of November 2010

Thank you all so much including the decider, ALL the other entries were amazing.

JCarrera on 12th of November 2010

Well done for getting one of the highest view counts! I should have spent less time editing and more timing pasting links around the net to get my entry in the top 3. Oh well…out of the 3 with the highest number of “views” I think yours was the best …so you won fair and square. Its not what you know …its how many friends you have on facebook lol. Maybe one day someone will notice me ….shrugs :P Congrats Victoria xx

Thomas in Kailua on 12th of November 2010

OK Minchin now that you are blowing up all over America what must us castaways do to get you to come play Hawaii? Ya know…. little warm island a little north east of you. You can sleep on our couch and eat our food if you must but PLEASE COME PLAY HONOLULU! Hell I’ll move my family into a tent in backyard if I must and allow your kids to wear my kids clothes! The coocnut islanders await our nappy haired Gods arrival!

Tracey/rm on 12th of November 2010

Can’t we just be happy for people these days? Being nasty/negative/bitter will not change the outcome of this competition, but it might make the winner feel a bit shit, which isn’t really how a winner should be feeling.

Anyway, congratulations to Victoria Crewe-Turrell, well done!

Angie on 12th of November 2010

Well done Vicky!!

Elliot W on 12th of November 2010

@StevieG & @Sasha I don’t really think you should be so critical…it must have been the best one or else TIm Minchin would not have chosen it ???
Im sorry but if you think there were other better ones then take it up with the decider and don’t criticise the creator ! I think it was the main idea to work with stock footage given ?? I don’t know really i didn’t take part but give this person a break !!
Well done by the way, apologies for the other unfair comments.

Doug T on 12th of November 2010

Is the Blu-ray going to be Region Protected or will I have to wait for a USA Region release?

Sasha on 11th of November 2010

I agree with @StevieG… Sorry.

Elaine (elainepixie) on 11th of November 2010

Congratulations Victoria!

Chris on 11th of November 2010

Well done! Enjoyed the video … but PLEASE take out the “Prejudice” song .. That song’s all about the twist and you’ve given away the punchline before people have heard the slow burn!


otherwise great .. well done again

Sarah on 11th of November 2010

Well done you lucky girl!!! Really liked the video. Much better than mine!! :)


StevieG on 11th of November 2010

You couldn’t read the quotes? The rest was just a rough edit of the supplied footage. Saw at least one far more original and far better produced version.

Andrew on 11th of November 2010

@jimmy, I thinks that’s quite a harsh comment….well done lucky winner great entry !!!

Ollie Crewe-Turrell on 11th of November 2010

Woooooo well done Sister !!! Your Ginger hair really did pay off after all!!

Louise on 11th of November 2010

This is ok but there were much better entries. Maybe it was fixed because shes ginger lol.

Jimmy on 11th of November 2010

There’s no kind way to say this and I don’t mean to insult but had I realised the standard of video edit would be this low I would have entered myself… but I guess you can’t win if you don’t play! Congrats to the winner. Rest of us will now go kick ourselves for our laziness!

Kirill on 11th of November 2010

Awesome. Good work.
(how about shipping to russsia as an exception))

Bruce on 11th of November 2010

Dear Imaginary Man at the North Pole,
Please can I have a copy of this for my missus… she thinks he is hot

elaine on 11th of November 2010

Fantastic – she deserved it!! . . .and she is a ginger!!!!

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