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This weekend marks the first ever Comedy Prom at the Royal Albert Hall on the 13th August, as hosted by our Tim. Also confirmed to be appearing alongside him are:

  • Sue Perkins
  • Kit and The Widow
  • Beardyman
  • The Boy with Tape on his Face
  • Doc Brown
  • Mongrels
  • Susan Bullock (soprano)
  • Danny Driver (piano)
  • BBC Concert Orchestra
  • Jules Buckley (conductor)
  • Andrew Litton (guest conductor)

Seated tickets sold out pretty quickly, though you might be able to get returns from the Royal Albert Hall box office. If you’re local to the area though, there will be standing tickets in the arena and gallery, available on the day, for the bargain price of £5! Tickets must be bought in person and paid for by cash. A limited number of tickets for the arena will usually be sold to the day queue from 5pm and the remaining tickets will then be sold from door 11 (arena) and door 10 (gallery) from 6:45pm to those queuing there.

If you can’t make it down, or are in another country, then the whole thing is being broadcast live, worldwide, on BBC Radio 3! It’ll kick off at 7:30pm in the UK, but if you’re elsewhere, click here to find out when it starts in your region. If you can’t listen live, then it’ll be on iPlayer for seven days afterwards.

There will also be a television broadcast on the 27th August on BBC2 and BBC HD, and we’ll be sure to remind you of that closer to the time!

If you’re curious as to what Tim thinks about it all, he’s written a blog here for Limelight Magazine.

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dorothy on 28th of August 2011

This was fantastic. I havent laughed so much for ages. What a star!!

sandra tyrrell on 28th of August 2011

absolutely brilliant:-) couldn’t stop smiling –

GRANVILLE DANIEL CLARKE F.R.S.A on 28th of August 2011

At last talent on TV -still only 5% with 95% talentless morons / cooking /antiques/ reality ..so brilliant….will be writing to Beeb and Radio Times .. Should it happen again (comedy prom) I do live performance art to classical music i.e. ‘Visually Vivaldi’ (2006) world first..also Planet Suites…( have an original humourous link-should the comedy prom happen again –

SammySatine on 17th of August 2011

I haven’t listened to the audio yet but that’s mainly because I really want to see the visual. Any chance the ABC might show this? I hope so. Would be great!



Rosie on 16th of August 2011

I have just listened to the Prom Concert via the BBC feed and loved it! Fantastic! The opening song was hilarious and I had to listen to it twice to reassure myself it was actually you – it was a bit tricky without the visuals and you had that English accent, at least to start with. I should have twigged the moment you referred to the hat as being “metaphorical”. Now I am really hoping the program will be shown on the ABC in Australia. I have my fingers crossed – after all, you are really only ‘on loan’ over there and we still regard you as ours!

James on 16th of August 2011

I was in the very highest row of the circle. I was rather disappointed by the PA, or perhaps the hall it’s hard to say which. Throughout the concert it was very difficult to make out what was being said because of the echo on the voices, and because the voices were not sufficiently loud to overcome the orchestra. This isn’t such a big problem when the material is opera as the words are often known to the audience, however if the joke is in the words… it really makes the difference.

I suspect that the lack of audience participation has a lot to do with them not being able to hear the proceedings. Still I thought that the show was excellent, and I can listen to it on iPlayer without the echo.


Reese on 14th of August 2011

What a fabulous night! Not as much Tim as I’d like to have seen but new songs were a treat! You certainly behaved yourself for the bbc Tim, well done!! I think a few more people will be following you now, certainly not the usual crowd I’ve seen at Tim’s gigs!! Can’t wait for your next gig. Although, I’m not sure how you can follow the heritage tour with something equally, if not better than that tour- but you’re a clever guy, you’ll figure it out and I’ll be there to enjoy it too!

Minister Prime on 14th of August 2011

I was stumbling around the net looking for a great song I heard while the movie credits rolled. It was about an Inflatable Doll. Sorry to say it was not your song. I did find your song and more of your songs. So, now I’m a Freakin Fan. Because you have done such incredible damage to my soul. I’m saving all my dirty under shorts for a year. Then mailing them to you or someone else by then. I’m passing your mind Fuk off to people that thought we were friends. A friend puts on a music festival twice a year. thefoolsball.com They know me as the “Cable Guy”. Give em a shout!

Marina B. on 14th of August 2011

Will there be a way for people outside the UK to watch the broadcast? ‘Cause watching BBC2 doesn’t work in ‘my’ country.

Alison lynch on 13th of August 2011

It was a great evening – thank you

Janine Wherity on 13th of August 2011

Absolutely fantastic show at The Royal Albert Hall tonight. I have not laughed so much in ages. Tim Minchin is one very talented ginger guy!


Janine Wherity on 13th of August 2011

Just been to see Tim Minchin and guests at the Royal Albert Hall. THE BEST thing I have seen in a long while. I LOVED every minute of it, haven’t laughed like that in ages. Tim Minchin is a v talented guy.

ni on 13th of August 2011

did he just say “bitch”? isn’t that among swearing at the bbc? :D

Lou Mason on 12th of August 2011

Fab that it’s on TV & Radio :D

Torzi on 12th of August 2011

I’ll be there i can’t wait.

Lawrence Weetman on 12th of August 2011

Problem is… it’s on the BBC. So most of your songs really, really, really cannot feature…

Marina Stern on 12th of August 2011

Yay! Something we can hear in the US.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.