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Tim has won the 2012 Helpmann Award for Best Comedy Performer for Tim Minchin vs The Orchestras Round II.

This is Tim’s third Helpmann. Last year he won the 2011 Helpmann Award for Best New Australian Work with Tim Minchin Vs Sydney Symphony and back in 2009 he won the Award for Best Comedy Performer for his show Ready For This?

The prestigious Helpmann Awards, established in 2001 by Live Performance Australia, were announced this evening, at their 12th annual awards ceremony at the Sydney Opera House. They recognise excellence in many areas of Australian live performance, including musical theatre, contemporary music, classical music, comedy, opera, theatre and dance.

You can find more information about the awards including the full list of nominees in Tim’s category and indeed all the others here. The full 2012 winners list will also appear shortly.

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PeaceAngel on 4th of October 2012

Congratulations, Tim, from a long-time fan who lives in Cyprus. I’m sure you deserve the award for all your brilliant performances here, there and everywhere. But I have a complaint as well.

You are guilty of discrimination — doing performances in the UK, the US, and everywhere else except Cyprus. You should book a performance in the Republic of Cyprus at an exotic venue like the ancient amphitheatre, Kourion, overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

I can see it now – your blond locks blowing in the sea breezes as you hammer the grand piano and thrill, amuse, shock and gross out your audience.

Tim Minchin, I am putting you on notice that audiences in Cyprus know how to laugh and to appreciate music. Please do something you’ve never done before, and book a performance in Cyprus. Any time other than June through September would be okay (those months are just too hot).

Sam2 on 24th of September 2012

Many congratulations Tim! We saw you at both rounds of your SSO performance and were blown away by both experiences. At Round 2 I was sitting next to a man who was there by himself and who told me he had had a bad year with a very sick wife, but that their spirits were always lifted when they watched your DVD’s together. He had basically come to say “thank you” and to experience the wave of happiness which is engulfs the audiences at your live performances. Now we are looking forward to “Rosencrantz and G” next year (have our tickets already) and will enjoy “JCS” vicariously via the DVD. What can I say? We are SO PROUD of you. Well done!!

Celia on 24th of September 2012

Congratulations on this award, you really have had an amazingly diverse year. Your portayal of Judas ought to win a few awards it’s so raw and emotional; I got totally caught up in your death scene it was beautifully done and, in my opinion, more poignant than the actual crucifixion.

Helena Guerrero on 24th of September 2012

Congratulatiosn Tim on this award and an amazing year of successes…You are awesome!!! I just watched last night some YouTube clips of JCS and your performance is excellent, I have no doubt you will win some awards for it too….

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.