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It’s been six years since I wrote my little tribute to Christmas, and I’ve finally recorded a studio version. Huzzah!

You can get it here. I’m sorry it’s only on iTunes at the moment – we finished mixing it only hours ago and just wanted to get it up somewhere as soon as possible.

As in previous years, all proceeds from the sale of this song during the month of December will go to the National Autistic Society.

Hope you like it!


Update: Now available on Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US) too, for “non-apple people”.

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Merry Christmas 2013 – SooF Productions on 2nd of November 2021

[…] Go buy the song  – the links are here […]

Dan on 20th of June 2015

Tim – absolutely love this song – should become the no. 1 Australian Christmas song.
Wondering if you have an SATB arrangement of this that our choir could sing.
Would love to make this a staple for our Christmas concerts.


Rich on 25th of December 2013

I’m not a dad and I don’t live in Australia but still this song gets to me and reminds me how important friends and family are. Call me a sad old git but I just think this song sums up what is best
about this time of year. Love it.

Dee on 22nd of December 2013

Love this. I live far from home. It makes me very sad because I was not able to afford to bring my kids home to my parents for Christmases. It’s an expensive time to travel

Colin Cowie on 18th of December 2012

p.s. the use of the word “mum” made me cry! Not used to hearing it in song instead of the yank equivalent. My own mum died many years ago, she would have loved this! Unfortunately my wife died recently too…leaving me with my son and daughter without a mum… So poignant, but so wonderful and hopeful, makes me look forward to my children leaving the nest and striding across the world, hopefully coming back to me each christmas time!

Colin Cowie on 18th of December 2012

Just watched this on youtube and then just bought it on itunes. Simply wonderful. It states what a lot of us who arent religious, with families, think about christmas. It has important ideals, we like presents, and we love our families. “God” bless!

Laurie Ross on 17th of December 2012

My husband & I just recently stumbled on one of your videos (confessions) and we find ourselves checking out your videos a lot! However we ran across White Wine in the Sun, it has become one of my favorite Christmas song and I must say Thank you!

ACT-Autism Community Training on 11th of December 2012

A lovely and sentimental holiday song by a funny guy. Proceeds from the sale of this single (http://www.timminchin.com/2012/11/30/white-wine-in-the-sun-2012-now-available-on-itunes/) go to the National Autistic Society (in the U.K.)

Kris on 10th of December 2012

A definate download and great to see sharing awareness and support of Autisim. Can’t get enough of Tim Minchin. Missed Homebake. Australia needs more Tim Minchin shows. Pleeeease!

Darren on 9th of December 2012

I saw you play this on children in need and it was the first time my ears had been tuned to this composition. I sat at the piano this morning and though simple (its always best that way I continue to realise) the Amajor, Dm and the following drop is beautiful. It gets me emotional every time you hit the ‘gran’ word….it’s very clever. My gran has been dead for years but somehow this song brings everyone in the family back together, in my mind if nowhere else. Thinking about the sun made it seem like those people from my past could be in the sun (or light) drinking white wine and waiting for me and that was a nice thought. I did think, rather morbidly, that if I was your daughter it might be a difficult song to listen to in the future, especially if circumstances change or when you’re gone. Maybe that’s what makes it so powerful? Christmas can be a really sad time for so many people. Still it’s a good idea to give to charity and a well deserved Xmas no1 I feel. To use your words ‘it’s just sentimental I know but I just really like it’.

Conrad on 6th of December 2012

Absolutely love this song, it makes me cry every time I hear it and got a special meaning to me. 1st, I also live in different country, away from my parents and can’t see them every Christmas, but whenever I hear this song I see their smiling faces. And secondly, my lovely boy is autistic…

Frances on 5th of December 2012

My autistic son thinks it’s great the the ‘Matilda guy’ is behind the NAS, and so do I. Thank you.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Karyn on 5th of December 2012

Campaign to make Tim Minchin UK Christmas number one!!!

I’ve loved this song since forever ago…likewise Tim…and the fact that the proceeds
will go to the National Autistic Society is just unbelievably fantastic!!

A cause close to my heart as I have an Autistic son, and quite a few of my family and friends have children on the Autistic spectrum. Some of my adult friends are on the spectrum also…this charity and this song mean a lot to me, and to me personally, you couldn’t get a better pairing! :D

Tim for Christmas number one 2012! xxxx

Kim on 5th of December 2012

Just thanks xxxx for getting it , or getting as well as I do or something like that!! Big love from another autism mum and family ( a very thankful and lucky one :-))

Regina on 5th of December 2012

So glad this song is available to buy now. It’s so beautiful. What a fantastic charity to support too and a cause very close to my heart. Thank you. :-)

Amanda on 5th of December 2012

Well done, thankyou Tim x

Rasmus Hamer on 4th of December 2012

Great message and a beautiful song.
“Skål” from Denmark :-)

Red on 4th of December 2012

What a load of shit.
Buying this awesome track from different countries means a different price.
UK Amazon: £0.89. US Amazon and iTunes: US$0.99. Aus iTunes: A$1.69!

With currency conversion of US.99 = A$.94 and £0.89 = A$1.36 at , it’s bloody ridiculous that because I’m Australian I need to pay so much more for the same digital file.

Does it costs that much more to send the bits and bytes down the wire to my house? No wonder I am the Xmas grinch.

Tim next time please get your publisher to put the file up for purchase on your own site at one flat fee for all buyers.

Megan on 4th of December 2012

Thanks so much for this beautiful song, and the amazing effort to donate to such a wonderful charity.
As an Australian living in London, nothing makes me more homesick (in a largely pleasant way) than this.

Thank you

Colin Forster on 4th of December 2012

Is the whole purchase price donated to the charity? I don’t want any of my money going to Apple or Amazon.

Amy on 3rd of December 2012

Will this be release on cd??

Iain on 3rd of December 2012

Is there going to be a version on non-itunes digital retailers? i don’t have and can’t get itunes, but would love this song on my computerbox

Miriam on 3rd of December 2012

Hi Tim
Just purchased the song and it’s a really beautiful song and this version is gorgeous. Have a fantastic Christmas!!

Christine on 3rd of December 2012

Thanks Tim – our family’s favourite song!! Now looking to buy sheet music so it becomes a Christmas-Eve-around-the-piano family tradition.

Cheers and Merry Christmas

Faye on 1st of December 2012

I love this song, always makes me smile. Thank you for supporting such a great cause too, close to our hearts. Tim thank you

Maree on 1st of December 2012

All strength to your arm Tim.
Have a great Xmas with your family

Robyn on 1st of December 2012

Love the song and love the cause as my son has autism and I wish to truly thank you for the exposure and supporting this. Wish many more celebs did.

Henrik on 1st of December 2012

Fur us non-fruit literates, I hope there will be a release on Spotify, or some old conventional medium?

Mary on 1st of December 2012

Love this beautiful song! I saw it live in Dublin, Vicar Street, and it reduced a rowdy, possibly drunk, crowd of Dubs to tears. Am away to download it, and I hope you have a great Christmas.

Benj on 1st of December 2012

Love it.

Brings a tear to many of my family’s eyes, to the great mystery of our own blue-eyed infant daughter.

Juli on 1st of December 2012

It would be helpful to have a little snippet to share …

Science is the Beauty of Reality on 30th of November 2012

My Angry Feeter pals are lovin this version! Your voice in the studio is marvelous – any chance that this is an appetizer from a new album?
Fancy a glass after the last dress rehearsal in NYC?

Stu Halliwell on 30th of November 2012

I first heard this song on the first night of the Orchestra tour in 2010 which was the day after my dad’s funeral. Just wanted to say how it brought me to tears and it still does now as it reminds me so much of family and christmas’s past.

Keep up the great work Tim :).

Jacqui on 30th of November 2012

As a music therapist I love everything about this in so many ways, as I’m in England I’ll be downloading this in the morning. A great cause and a great song.

Terri on 30th of November 2012

Love the song, love Tim’s stuff. Done and downloaded.

Happy holidays.

angie on 30th of November 2012

You’re a living legend Tim- purchased and listening with my 7 year old!

Adrian on 30th of November 2012

Amazing song, me and my fiancé both just purchased it…

Jan Coogan on 30th of November 2012

Love this song so much!! Bought this version just now :) Thanks for supporting the NAS Tim!!! xx

Mary on 30th of November 2012

YES!! This is my favorite Christmas song ever!
Of Tim’s songs, I can’t say a favorite since there are soooo many amazing ones, but this is definitely up there. Thanks Tim!

Sam2 on 30th of November 2012

How wonderful! I am downloading it today in Australia now that it’s December 1 and will tell all my friends too. Thanks so very very much TIm – and research into Autism is such a wonderful cause.

Samantha Gilbert on 30th of November 2012

Hi Tim, great to hear from you! I am a ex-Christian turned athiest and this is just such a beautiful song that nearly made me cry! Shows just how deep you are as a person and that you are such a loving, caring person! Have a fabulous Christmas! I hope you’re able to see your family. Please say hello and Happy Christmas to Sarah, the children and rest of your family for me! Sam. xx

Kirsty on 30th of November 2012

Time to make this the christmas number 1!

Frank Mitchell on 30th of November 2012

My favourite Christmas song also. Will buy it tomorrow.

WolF on 30th of November 2012

Love the song and my daughter has Autism. This is a win-win here.

Stephen-Andrew Dunn on 30th of November 2012

Hi Tim is there anyway the song may be downloadable via Amazon it’s just as much as i would love to download this song i am not setting up an iTunes account just for it i do not believe in the whole iPod, iPad, iPhone,iTunes etc etc, I much prefer buying an album or from amazon i understand that you have just got it available on iTunes but i will keep an eye on it would really love to have a decent Christmas number 1 not had it in UK since Bob the f**king builder :)

Brain Aden on 30th of November 2012

Thank you so much for this! Truly my favorite Christmas song.

Heather Johnson on 30th of November 2012

Yay! My favourite Christmas song & a chance to give to charity!! Will purchase tomorrow when it’s December here in the States.

(Just got my copy of JCS btw – fantastic job to everyone involved!!)

kandy on 30th of November 2012

It’s not December yet (here in the states). So, wait until tomorrow to purchase for NAS to benefit! Thank you, Tim!

Lorna on 30th of November 2012

Purchased! I loved the live version so I just had to have this one too!

alyPally on 30th of November 2012

What a little star you are. Have a great one and thanks for all the entertainment through 2012. Cheers for all the thought provocating words and all the charitable work. You are indeed a great dude. Xx

Jonas Berry on 30th of November 2012

This song has been my Christmas go-to song for a few years now. Glad to see your work on itunes. Would love to see more of your tunes on itunes :D

Kathy on 30th of November 2012

Thx Tim .. no apologies necessary!! You really need to work on that … we all love you and are grateful for everything you do ;) Heading over to itunes now!

Cathy Penrose (traineeflorist) on 30th of November 2012

Purchased. Thanks Tim (and Happy Christmas!) xx

Alexandra Harrison on 30th of November 2012

Love Love Love this song and Love that you’re supporting the National Autistic Society again!!
Splendid chap!!

Dan Anderson on 30th of November 2012

One of my very favorite songs – loved the live version, but the studio version is even better!

Chesley on 30th of November 2012

Love this song, and even more so as the proceeds go to NAS. Buying now in honor of my 10 year son with autism.

Steve on 30th of November 2012

Got a live version of White Wine In The Sun from his Orchestra Tour CD, but I’d love to have a studio version too. Will be downloading for sure, and for a worthy cause. Well played Mr Minchin.

Sam on 30th of November 2012

Loved this song for a long time now…will definitely download this version. When are you coming to Canada?

What led you to support Autism? Great cause.

Elaine Webb on 30th of November 2012

A beautiful song, and this version is simply stunning.
Thanks so much for supporting NAS once again Tim xxx

Mike on 30th of November 2012

Will download this for sure, waiting until December though, great cause!

Liza on 30th of November 2012

Very lovely! Thanks Tim-man.

Emma on 30th of November 2012

Will defo be downloading this!!! I love this song and it brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it!!

Thank you!!!

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