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Due to the phenomenal demand for tickets for the show on the 23rd, causing it to sell out in minutes, Tim will be doing a second and final date On The Steps of the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday 24th February, 2015.

The presale opens on Wednesday 10th December at 12noon and closes on Thursday 11th December, 2014, at 5pm.

The rest of the tickets will go on general sale at 10am on Friday 12th December, 2014, here.

If you didn’t have tickets to the 23rd, we hope this other date will do…

So, if you’d like to see Tim take over the steps of the Opera House with his band, shake out that glorious mane, bust some moves and entertain you wildly with concert versions of his greatest hits (and if you’re lucky maybe a song or two from Matilda and/or his new musical Groundhog Day) best get your wiggle on to grab tickets!

Tim was interviewed on The Morning Show last week and at 07:48 he talks briefly about what you can expect from his show on the steps of the Sydney Opera House and whether he’ll choose a swanky new costume or appear in his “birthday suit”…

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Momus on 11th of February 2015

Re The Australian’s article this morning about George Pell

Somebody with a bit of musical nous should do a satyrical (mis-spelling pun deliberate) version of Peter Allen’s ‘I still call Australia home’ for George Pell.

It would be called ‘I daren’t call Australia home’ of course.

tamsin on 15th of January 2015

I have absolutely fallen in love with this man , he is incredibly witty, refreshing, intelligent, multi talented, i could go on and on …. thank god ( even though i dont beleive in him) have a ticket to the show in sydney …. taking 2 sick days from work catching a plane and sleeping some where in sydney on the 23rd feb??!! who cares after watching almost everything on utube the last 2 and a half days that has been posted on tim, i feel going to his Sydney show is a bucket list tick off! and if i had one of those dinners where you coudl pick who ever to be on your table , Tim ,…. you would be the first ! cos im taking days off work with out informing anyone what i am actually doing , fuck that will be the hardest thing i have done this year! as i find it hard to keep my comments quiet , holy moly !! sooo cant wait to see the man live , ill cry for sure !!!!!

jeff on 25th of December 2014

just had the best news, we have tickets for Sydney. My son purchased them as a Crissie Prez and we will be over from the UK to see you on the steps.Great.

Amanda Sutherland on 12th of December 2014

I’d like to see you on Figz’s front porch in Perth too, failing that, will you be coming to Melbourne?

Kathryn stewart on 10th of December 2014

Please come to melbourne !

Figz on 10th of December 2014

Come to Perth!!!!!! please!!!! If you want, you can play on the steps of my front porch. I will not charge for venue hire if you choose to do so.

jackie cowling on 8th of December 2014

opening pre-sale at noon makes it impossible for people working sadly.. I expect by even the early afternoon when I get in, tickets will be gone again

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.