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End of days

by Tim 28th Sep 2005 | 28 comments


Unsurprisingly, my blog efforts have been completely crap. Sorry about that. Blogs are fucking boring anyway.

I’m sitting in Heathrow terminal 4. I’ve been here for an hour and I still have an hour to wait – a result of my compulsion to leave room-for-error. Admittedly, in this case I left so much room-for-error that I probably could have been the victim of an underground bombing incident, crawled to safety, gone to hospital, had some skin grafts, been fitted with an artificial leg, undergone a series of counselling sessions, found a new lease on life as a wheelchair basketballer and completed a phd in comparative religion and still have got to the airport in time to buy some duty free vodka and a sunglasses strap before boarding. Which is obviously absurd, cos I hate vodka.

A point-form analysis of what’s been going down:

– I went to Edinburgh,
– I did my show 25 times and lots of people came and saw it.
– I got some nice reviews.
– I won a prize which – it transpires – was a really good prize to win.
– I flew to London.
– I had lots of meetings and managed to secure a manager. (www.pbjmgt.co.uk)
– I performed “Inlatable You” and “Canvas Bags” at the Royal Albert Hall in front of 5000 people. It was really fun and made me feel really good about myself. If I’d had a couple of fish and a loaf of bread, I swear I could have fed the cunts.
– I did my show twice at the Soho theatre (in Soho, surprisingly) and it went really well.

Other good things include:
– I’m going back to London in October to do my Perrier Award show at the Lyric, which is a big, beautiful theatre on the West End. 23rd October for you Londoners.
– I’m going back to London again in February to do a proper season at the Soho Theatre.
– I filmed a couple of bits of stuff for various tele and radio things. So I’ll be getting some nice exposure in the UK in the next 12 months.
– I got invited to the Montreal Comedy Festival. Which is really good cos it’s a way in to the US market.
– There’s a couple of DVD-making companies who want to sign me up to make a DVD of my show some time in the future. So that won’t be soon but when it happens it’ll be proper.
– I think Sarah and I are going to move to the UK within the next 12 months. I don’t know if that is good or sad… but there’s no choice really, career-wise.

So. Not a very entertaining blog, but perhaps an informative one. It’s been a swell couple of months. I hope everyone else has had nice stuff too. Next stop for me, Tasmania. Launceston on the 30th and 1st, and Hobart on the 6th, 7th and 8th. Come and see the show you crazy Taswegian people. (For the geograpically challenged, Tasmania is the little island thingy on the bottom of Australia. It’s nice and they sell fish there.)


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Ann on 28th of February 2006

Your 6 month appraisal sails through, Tim! I saw you last night and I’m taking all my friends to see you again next week while your in town! CD is brilliant. ‘Not Perfect’ warms my cockles. From a Perrier Sales woman who sat on the front row.

miki on 1st of December 2005

hey timmy, you have a blog? i’ve always agreed blogs are boring too..
i’m coming to your show saturday, this will be the 5th or 6th’s time ive seen dark side? i’ll try not to sing along too obviously..
make sure you say hi at the end?

Alison on 4th of November 2005

tim! saw your stuff in edinburgh–loved it. heard you were coming to london (went on oct. 23–lyric perrier show) and dragged my friends so that i could have a good excuse to go again, but…was disappointed not to be able to get my hands on any merchandise! what’s the story?

Sadie on 27th of October 2005

Hey Tim! Congrats on a fab couple of months… coming down to Melbourne from the wonderful metropolis that is Mount Isa… so would love to catch up with and your gig whilst down there… that goes for you to Mr Barry Tone! xx

Mike on 13th of October 2005

hey. i just saw tickled pink. hilarious. would love to have caught a whole show. congratulations on the award. hope you become rich and very sucessful……and bring a tour into scotland again so i can catch.

Meagan Gorham on 5th of October 2005

Yay for coming to America :D Even if it is Canada…get over here soon bud!! I’ll make sure you have a crowd to make it well worth your while, even if I have to buy out the theater every night

Congrats on everything going so well I’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear more amazing things about you in the future!!

russell clarke on 5th of October 2005

you were amazing at tickled pink mate, rocked, i want an inflateable you of my own now;)
you should try get together with ross noble, together you could take the world, lets face it, you have the hair to be a mad dictator, and he has the beard

Bob on 3rd of October 2005

hey, caught you on tv doing the charity gig in london, very funny – glad your coming to the uk, hope you gig up north – or you could make it really easy for me and gig at my uni, Teesside(we’re better than durham, have a comedy club every other tuesday) we had some good acts last year, youd fit right in

Pissed Mike on 3rd of October 2005

When are you touring to Northcote?

Brad Elliott on 2nd of October 2005

Tim – you are obviously writing all of these blurbs yourself – cause everyone who really knows you, knows your just a selfish, narcissistic cunt – sitting at home watching Dr Phil trying to get your life on track. If only your wife knew about this web page – she would leave you.

B on 30th of September 2005

oh well, a move to england simply means you’ll be closer to scotland and will hopefully manage north of the border outside of the festival and come back to edinburgh again soon. glad all went well for you in londonshire. i’m the one who bluetoothed the pic of you in your skiddies after the last late & live whether or not you remember. i’m in london fairly frequently, so hopefully i’ll get a chance to catch your show again when i ‘m down. good luck

Chris on 30th of September 2005

Hi Tim,

i saw you in Preth last year and you were lame, so i dont no what drugs they are on in the uk.

Thank fuck you are goig to taz.

Hugh on 29th of September 2005

Hi Tim, I saw your last show in edinburgh and I was blown away. I go to university at Durham but I hope I get a chance to see one of your london shows. Is there any chance of a Darkside DVD release?

Kaye Madder on 29th of September 2005

After being spellbound by your complete performance, I could see a great future for you. So glad it’s happening! All the very best for your continuing career. Do’t forget Melbourne pleeeeeease!

Tristan on 29th of September 2005

I stayed on my feet for ya last nice Mr Minchin. :)
MOVVINNNGGG?? If it transpires, best of luck with it, but dagnammit us Aussie’s will miss you! You’re OURS remember that… Not in a creepy possessive way, just in a loving, caring way.
Anyhoos, was good to catch ya @ Jangle, Bring on Speigeltent!

Renee on 29th of September 2005

Ryan / Cross-Gartered, I don’t think that Tim’s official website is the best place to ask for bootlegs. Particularly as you didn’t leave any contact details in case someone DID have one.

lily on 29th of September 2005

Sad to see that you’re moving to the other side of the world, but happy that you’re doing so well. Oh, I’m so confused!

Cross-Gartered on 29th of September 2005

p.s. – is there any sort of bootleg DVD or unproduced straight-up recorded performance? I could swear tons of people were recording the show on the evenings that I went and saw it. I’d love any medium of Dark Side captured by recording devices. Anyone who is or isn’t Tim that could help me, by all means let me know, my name’s Ryan. Take care.

Cross-Gartered on 29th of September 2005

Tim! Congratulations on all of the success and movement. I can say I saw you when… well, when you were being successful before being even more successful. I also heard from a Fringe friend in London that he went to see your show and couldn’t get tickets, sold out. Naturally. So good for you. Best wishes for continued accomplishments and accompanying spiritual wealth. Stay in touch.

Renee on 29th of September 2005

Aww, it sucks that good Aussie talent has to relocate. We’ll miss you. :,(

See you in Hobart. :D

Margle on 29th of September 2005

I had mixed feelings last time I saw you. It was at a little hall in the uni, you were after the Law Revue, you had a half-full crowd, most of whom had scored free tickets, we didn’t know who you were and you were the GREATEST COMEDIAN I’D EVER SEEN.

And I thought to myself, “Where is the justice in the world if someone who is so firmly grasping the phoenix of talent, has to play crappy venues at crappy timeslots. Where is the justice?”

So when I heard you won your Best Person Ever prize at Edinburough (sp. Edenborough? Edinbough??) I was very happy. The world had righted itself. Justice was plentiful and thirst-quenching.

Please accept my congratulations.

Beth on 29th of September 2005

Hey Tim.

Please promise that if you move to England, you’ll come back and do shows for us now and then.

OK, you don’t have to promise. But saying that you plan to would make us happier.

So yeah.

Come back and do shows for us as well.

Or we’ll cry.
And then you’ll feel guilty.


Love beth

Sarah on 29th of September 2005

Hey, Tim, you were in my dream last night… and I declared my undying love to you… I wish I was your sarah… but no, I’m sadly not … It makes me sad that your moving to the UK because you havent come to wollongong again yet… you must do that before moving… plus the fact that youll be so far away… well I planned to travel to the UK anyway so I guess it could be good… I love you Tim

Joss on 28th of September 2005

Yay! & Thank you for the new post!

I was the strange girl who asked to have my photo taken with you in the Gilded Balloon bar when you were with your lady, don’t know if you remember – you probably had lots of other strange girls asking the same thing!

I enjoyed your show very much (hence the reason i am still checking your website 1 month on!) and have recommended you to lots of people who will hopefully be coming to see you with me when your in the UK.

Keep us posted about the DVD release and any gigs in the UK – that aren’t just in London :)

I won’t wish you luck for the future – you won’t need it.

See you again soon.

Joss x

Jono on 28th of September 2005

Yo, Im looking forward to the DVD and will miss being able to come to you shows in Melb. But I understand, I’d do the same thing. Best Luck!

Lou on 28th of September 2005

I read the letters ‘U’ and ‘K’ together so many times in that email that I’m really rather excited. *promises not to become a scary stalker*
If you do make the move over here, I hope you enjoy it :)

Geoff Paine on 28th of September 2005

Feeling very jealous of you, you better go and wow them in the UK and don’t forget everything I taught you. See? You’ve forgotten already.

Tim Logan on 28th of September 2005

Geez louise, I hope I can get tix to see you here in Hobart bloke! Congrats on all the well deserved smoke being blown up your backdoor, perhaps this is a sign to all us comedians named Tim…? Can you take me with you? you can throw coins at my feet and shout dance monkey dance!?
Take care and hopefully will see you in Oct!

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