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by Tim 13th Oct 2007 | 91 comments

Well would you look at this: I finally got me a fancy new site. Although to be honest, it’s kind of a similar site to my old one – it merely looks all new and funky. I do hope you like the new vibe. Some people might claim my compulsion towards skintight bodysuits is indicative of a certain dearth of aesthetic sensibility. To them I say, “you just can’t handle the confronting beauty of the curve of a lycra-clad bollock.” Again, I lie. I don’t say that. I actually say, “Are you saying I’m fat”? And there are tears: silent tears, swept uncaringly away by the winds of reality which are, in turn, generated by the fan I take with me everywhere I go.

Oh yes, the News. Gee I love News. Especially when it satiates my voracious desire to consume the misery of people who are kind of like me but not actually me. Mmmm, human misery. Yummy.

Right. Let’s do it…

Look, to be honest, I think we’ve covered this one. Moving right along.

This is really exciting. SO LIVE is a big, fat, two-act show filmed at the Sydney Opera House Studio in May 2007 which combined all the best bits from my shows, Dark Side and So Rock.

The DVD also contains extras including clips from the ABC’s Spicks and Specks and Sideshow, the BBC’s Comedy Shuffle and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala. For full details or to preorder now, go to the STUFF page.

Officially on sale on November the 7th in cool stores* that sell cool DVDs with me in them.

* Please note, for various boring reasons, SO LIVE will only be available to buy in stores in Australia and New Zealand. If you are elsewhere in the world, it can be easily ordered online and mailed to you with very reasonable postage fees and all that jazz. Also, unfortunately the DVD is PAL, which means some (most I think) US machines won’t play it. Which is a bugger. However, don’t fret sweet Americans, because…

I will be performing the following dates in the US in November:

New York City: 12th, 13th, 14th at The Ars Nova 511 West 54th Street.

Las Vegas: Saturday 17th as part of the HBO Comedy Festival at Caesar’s Palace.

Los Angeles: 19th and 20th at the ACME Comedy Arts Theatre, 135 N. La Brea Avenue.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be doing some shows in the US. But I’ll try: wahoo. I’m very much looking forward to meeting some of the American YouTube / Myspace friends I’ve made in the last few months. (When I say friends, of course I mean potentially mad stalkers who I convince myself are friends in order to quench my unquenchable thirst for love.)

I’m doing six big chunky two-act shows at the Brisbane Powerhouse between the 12th and 16th December. Tickets are selling encouragingly fast so, y’know, get onto it Brizzy humans. Some of my Myspace friends are flying from far-flung cities just to see me. Frickin weirdo stalkers. (By which I mean, hot lovely ladies).

I’ve decided to add a last-minute, pre-christmas Perth show. I did a couple of shows at His Majesty’s back in April and they went really well. So I’m doing another one on December 19th. Tickets on sale now from bocs.

By the time this site goes live, filming will have begun on the as-yet untitled boxing movie being made in Perth, West Australia. I’ll be on set in late November, shooting my scenes in which I play a… wait for it… funny musician called… wait for it… Tom. Hmm. I’m actually very excited about it. Fun. Catering. Yum.

OK. I think that’s all for now. Feel free to comment me below, and let me know how my News made you feel in the trousers. Or wherever. And don’t forget, there’s a rather cool (if I do say so myself) community of my online friends who like to discuss stuff at Linzy’s rather humblingly me-oriented forum, which you will find on the angryfeet forum.

And don’t forget to sign up to my mailing list if you haven’t already done so!


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lista facebook para roxy club on 8th of September 2012

Thank you for every other informative website. Where else may I get that type of info written in such an ideal manner? I’ve a challenge that I’m simply now operating on, and I have been on the look out for such info.

. on 16th of January 2009

You should do a show in Toronto for your Canadian fans!

Becky on 22nd of December 2008

I live in the US and would love to get a copy of the new DVD; however, I am concerned about the comment that most DVD players here will not play the PAL format. Is there any way to obtain a copy of the DVD that has been converted?

Newtown Punk on 23rd of December 2007

Not impressed till we get an Enmore Theatre show here in Sydney/Newtown.

And some of you people commenting here are bat shit obsessed.

Dawn Reynolds on 22nd of December 2007

Hi, friends and I saw you earlier this year at the Lowry this year – you were fantastic.

Want to take more friends to see you, are you planning on returning to Manchester 2008?

Thanks Dawn

Gus on 22nd of December 2007

I actually sat in my car for twenty minutes outside my house to listen to the end of your christmas show on radio 2 – that makes me old! thanks

Emma on 22nd of December 2007

You rock!
Hope Brisvegans were nice to you.
Please return to UK again.

Alexia on 21st of December 2007

Tim, When are you coming back to London??? Heard your Radio 2 gig again – you are a comedy/ musical genius
Have a great Christmas and New Year

Erin Scales on 19th of December 2007

Dear Tim

Thank you so much for the extra shows in Perth. We had the great pleasure of seeing you perform on Monday night, and laughed (or giggled) our way through the entire show, until your last song……

That Song! (I like Christmas) was so, so beautiful. My friend and I had tears at the end, and while I am already married to a shaved ape, she hopes she will one day meet a man as good as you!

On another note, where the bloody hell can I get a copy of the interval song???? hehehe!! Just have to drive people crazy with that one!

Cheers, Merry Christmas and all that Jazz!


The Daggers on 15th of December 2007

Saw your show on the 14th of Dec in Brisbane. We both have to say that it was the best comedy act we have seen by far. Your warped sense of fun really suits us to a tee.

Thanks for a great night.

Sue Mawson on 15th of December 2007

Dear Tim,

Saw you at the Brisbane Powerhouse on 13th December. Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic show, myself and two daughters had such a laugh. Great music, clever lyrics………….awesome.

(We were in the middle of the front row; between the girl stalker in black, Yvette,and the loud girl who kept shouting out irrelevant stuff e.g f**kwit; what was all that about?????)

Anyway, thanks again. Hope you enjoy living in London; our original home-town, before moving to Brisbane in May.

Sue, Louise & Katy

Marion Mitchell on 14th of December 2007

Love your DVD. Have introduced new people to it. Will you be coming to Newcastle NSW in the near future? If not why not? Are you doing the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala this year? Will keep an eye out for any future gigs in Oz – Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle in particular. Good luck in the US and UK – they’ll love you and then you’ll be too big a star to come back regularly – bummer for us. Hope it all goes the way you want it to.

Liam on 14th of December 2007

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Why won’t a diagnosis cheese a handler?
Why does the starved forum blink under an etymology?

told you i was random
random kid

Liam on 14th of December 2007

sorry my last, last post says, i wanted to know what rating your BPH show goes for, i meant to say what rating is it? M, MA, R, S, T, U, V, W
thanks again, god i have to shut up one day!!

Random kid,
minchi yove min! yove i you love you tin! inchi love ti love m tinchin!!! inchinchinchinchimi tinchi love lou mim tinchim i love lou love tin!!!! m inchin! imimin! you lou inchi tim love i i i in!!!! minchi love i inchimin!!!!! tin! imin!!!!!!!! love you imi mi lou in! inchinchimimimiminchi lou ti love lou lou yove you timin!!! yove tin! mi m in! you yove love miminchin!!!!! ti love i yove you minchi you m inchi minchin!!!!! lou love i m in! mi yove you m m you imi tinchinchi lou imiminchi im m i

Liam on 14th of December 2007

oh yes i forgot to add!
where may i find your sheet music?
i want to be able to play like you one day
llama. elephant. monkey. tranquiliser. tinny. pixel.
random kid!

Liam on 14th of December 2007

Hey Tim,
I wanted to know what rating your brisbane powerhouse show goes for?
I was soooo…. desprate for tickets my dad had to beg michael lynch for his!
cant wait to see you on sunday
Strange random kid who adores you

Anna on 14th of December 2007

Your Brisbane show was awesome!! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in such a short space of time.

Tracey on 6th of December 2007

I have to know……. are you and Claire Hooper related? Both from Perth, profile is amazingly the same…. same speech pattern…. both incredibly talented…… oh god…. just watching the dvd and watched Sideshow every week… you have to be…..

BELLARiiNA on 6th of December 2007

i like that if you really loved me song.. i have it on my myspace lol

and the one you made for adam hills

i love themm.. i also have a photo of you on there =] you are my idol!

kidding.. Kidding.. on 5th of December 2007

please ignore emily’s invitation to use her couch. How rude. You can share my bed.

emily in New York on 5th of December 2007


we loved you and your shows in NYC and told all our friends. now THEY love you and are pissed they can only find you on youTube. plus, your DVD won’t play here(sucks). now i have to find another christmas idea for my boyfriend – and you’re the only thing that makes him happy. my world is crumbling…

please come back to NYC. i promise things will be good for you here. if you need a place to stay, our couch is open. until then, we’ll be missing you…cheers!

Christy on 2nd of December 2007

P.s my last comment was your 69th Comment WHoooo Hoooo! do i get a prize? a blow up doll perhaps?

Christy on 2nd of December 2007

Much Love Have a great Summer Tim cant wait till ur in melbourne again it would be amazing to finally get to see u live :)


should not be posting, it's time for bed on 1st of December 2007

New York convulsed with glee and aplomb at the michin phenomenum
I saw the last show in NY and he slayed the house, that is how Tim did in the US. We don’t have anything close to anything close to anything close to anything like him. The audience was mesmerized, transfixed and completely under his magnetic spell. Even the inflatable dolls. I’m not kidding. WE LOVE HIM. I hope that helps answer your question. How could you even wonder…well, considering the low level talent the US is churning out, I can understand. This has become an incredibly dense land of the dumb and dumber. But Tim cut through it all. WE LOVED (AND LOVE) HIM. We want to have his (extra) babies.

Jim on 30th of November 2007

1 dot How’d the U.S. tour go? As a septic tank living in Australia and recently exposed to the, ahem, phenomenon that is Tim Minchin, I’m extremely curious how the unquestioning masses received your combination of humor and truth.

2 dot Please, please, please get off MegaUpload. If there was ever a more useless download site.

Dan on 29th of November 2007

Woooo, new site AND a DVD?!? You are truly scaling the heights of stardom, kudos to you Mr Minchin :D

Come back to the UK soon, i was at your Swindon gig and have yet to get my fill of your whimsical musical stylings!

anon on 28th of November 2007

You Don’t Eat Pigs! In Arabic…

You don’t eat pigs!
Antom la ta’koloon al khanzeer!

We don’t eat pigs!
Nahno la na’kol al khanzeer!

It’s been that way forever.
Laqad kaanat hakatha lel abad

So, if you don’t eat pigs!
Falaw Antom la ta’koloon al khanzeer

And we don’t eat pigs!
Wa Nahno la na’kol al khanzeer

Let’s not not eat pigs together!!!!
Fahayya la na’kol al khanzeer ma’an

johanna on 28th of November 2007

You really should stop drawing children to you (“Tess, et al). It makes it difficult for menopausal women with raging hormones to compete. I would like you to stop.

Tess on 28th of November 2007


Tess on 28th of November 2007

hi i left u a message before so hello sunshine u r so funny when im on utube

that probally didn’t make sence and yes i can work the internet machine.

still working on the spellin’

johanna on 27th of November 2007

if tim wrapped himself in bleeding babies, I would still be first in line at the next show. get a grip.

Andy Stuart on 27th of November 2007

As an admirer of your crusade against plastic bags – indeed I was inspired to start a petition against them (or rather to levy a tax) on the No 10 website in the UK (see under the environment section) – I was somewhat perturbed to see you ina bodysuit on your new website. Surely it isn’t made of Lycra, which is plastic. If, however, it is made of canvas (and I hope it is), how does it fit so snugly, and can you offer tips on how to avoid chafeing of your bollocks caused by such rough, tough material? If not, your poor, raw scrotal sack must be a sight to behold. No wonder you look so pained in the photo.

Johanna (Ars Nova) on 27th of November 2007

Isn’t it time that TIM posts his own news. I don’t generally keep track of time (it was 1963 just five minutes ago) but the man in the tight lycras and bulging bullocks has not posted in ages and ages. And the world, we have agreed, revolves around him, it does, it does, it bloody does. So, come on. What’s going on in Tim’s world? What’s Tim doing right now? Is Tim happy? Is he sad? Is he jumping off his piano? Holding his lovely blond child? Kissing his dark humored wife? Okay, that’s too much information. He needs his privacy. I will settle for any little juicy bits. How was his breakfast? Are things working aright in his digestion? Is he feeling at all constipated? Please God know that these are jokes. these are jokes. but seriously, Tim. Speak!!!!

Ellen (no wait, that's boring, how about 'What? i don't understand, where's the tea?' ) on 26th of November 2007

these comments must get annoying, ah well, so can i. nice no longer so new site and i’ve asked my grandma for so live, so the chances of me not getting it are a gazillion to 0.1. i love getting everything i want and lots of attention. (Unless they’re figments of my imagination created because no one really loves me… damn i should stop while i’m ahead.)

Johanna (Ars Nova) on 26th of November 2007

i hope you read these posts. some of them, well, they just radiate. Tim-aluyah…..can you feel it?
it’s our posts. And they’re fine.

Isabella on 22nd of November 2007

Just wanted to say I LOVE “So Live”. It’s awesome.

Jo Jo Hanna (Ars Nova) on 22nd of November 2007

Dear Abby,

I’m worried that my zealous affection could be interpreted as stalking. Here’s the thing. I’ve been going to some shows in prep for a performance workshop I’ll be taking in December. I’ve seen more comics, musicians and actors than most people have seen bad acid. Wait. No. Wrong decade. Nobody even knows what bad acid actually is. I have not been so riveted by someone’s pure, electrifying and giddy energy/talent since the nights I used to hide in my parent’s bedroom closet just to watch Dick Cavett be really witty, charming and sexy as he interviewed Janis Joplin or William Buckley (I was 7) and it’s his eyes, Abby. This man (Tim) probably has the most gloriously gorgeous almost magical wizardly and shiny-pants sexy eyes that I think I have ever seen. No, this is not stalking, I swear. If anyone understand boundaries, trust me, its me. Oh, Abby, it’s me. But the eyes on this man’s head. Did I tell you? So here’s the thing. I’m 47. I’ve lived too long (trust me). I wondered if you think it’s okay to exit the planet now that I have seen what I believe to be the most beautiful sight it is possible to behold. Uh-oh. Abby? Abby? No, I am not off my meds. I was never on my meds. What is so hard to wrap your head around here? Have you ever seen or witnessed something so awesome you feel like that’s it. You’re done? I’ve had one or two nights (I was 15, remember? and the 26 year young minister drew the outline of my face in the moonlight? That was a “let me die now” moment, you agreed)….His eyes. The most beautiful. The most lovely. Even more lovely than his toes. Abby? Abby? Where are you going? Australia? Abby?

Clare on 20th of November 2007

Hey Tim!

I’m Clare, 14 year-old fan along with my… Associate, Siobhan.

We love your work! Especially on So Live! And that is not because of the fact that it’s the only DVD we’ve got our hands on so far.

We missed your show in Ballarat, Australia and can’t wait for you to swing around again. Because, when you do swing by again, We’ll be there… Watching… Stalking you…

So we’re awaiting your miraculous return to Ballarat, something that we expect to happen some time soon-ish seeing as it is situated in Australia.

Keep on writing!

((And Siobhan…))

winston on 17th of November 2007

You are rad

camilla on 16th of November 2007

my pants are all excited bout this movie of yours!!!!
when will you swing back to sydney???
or melbourne as i may be inconveniantly moving
or conveniantly as it may be, as melbourne is where MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL IS!
or so the legend has it, but don’t trust me, i failed geography!!!
(my teacher was trying to explain ‘evapotranspiration’ and i just said “you are a silly silly man Brammy, TREES DO NOT EVAPORATE!”
if you are just glancing at this message, you may realise that i am lacking in the sanity department…

and this is a real ‘blast from the past’ (or a couple of hours ago) as i am that odd little fan with the obsession with tackling you!

continue rocking, my fucked up, little, try hard, wannabe rock’n’roll nerd!

Spike on 15th of November 2007

Hey! I like the new layout, i think i was on the front page for ages just playing around with the colorful things that appear from behind your head. lol.

M. on 14th of November 2007

Tim, babe, having a new site is great and all, but you need to fill it in with stuff every so often, too… How about once a month?

Though it IS true that we will always want more. That’s why we’re you’re fans.

Please write. You’re nice and funny and we sort of enjoy it and that’s why we keep coming back to see if you’ve changed the fancy webpage.


leigh on 13th of November 2007

Hope the US tour goes well and you get the recognition you deserve. Love your work, ever thought about doing a song on the history of time? There is a lot of material there………

Kelle Spry on 11th of November 2007

Please, please .please come to Adelaide…………….. Have just discovered you and will beg…. yep.. beg, not something I EVER do, for you to come to little ol’ Adelaide, Yeah I know it’s the City of Churches, so I reakon it needs a bit of Tim thrown in to spread a little wickness and laugh at the misery in this world… did you know that Adeialde has the sickess murders in the Country?? So with Churches and Murder and water restrictions, by god we need something or someone to laugh with / at…. whatever………

demzel on 9th of November 2007

hey tim,
i so want that dvd cause of the inflatable you song its the best

Erin on 6th of November 2007

Tom Tom Tom.. what can i say? To sum it all up in one swoop.. you just crack me up! If we ever really met i think you would turn a me straight ;) Keep the laughs coming.. not that i really need to say that but yea!

lachlan on 6th of November 2007

TIM YOU ROCK! You make me laugh and giggle till my parents beat me 0.o but other than that minor detail lol YOU R DA BEST! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! my comment is prolly shortest lol

nathan on 4th of November 2007

hi you are a real great guy with a good sense of humor

seaneen on 2nd of November 2007

Great show in Belfast, please come back soon.

Lachlan on 31st of October 2007


Lyn on 30th of October 2007

I have to take offense, Tim. I didn’t WANT to take offense, believe me. I was sitting here, saying to myself “I can see you’re taking offense.. you don’t want to do that. Leave some offense for the others, or save it to snack on later.” But now, I’ve taken it.

Just because someone isn’t flying from a far-flung country to see you, doesn’t mean they’re not a freakish, weirdo stalker type. I myself live right here in Perth and still consider myself a freakish weirdo stalker type to the point that my beloved husband weeps unmanly tears at the sight of eyeliner – any eyeliner. Even on me.

I even have a T-shirt that says “Incredibly committed stalker, call after 5pm for mate’s rates on your ego boost, ya great big saddo” (printed real small so as not to upset the kiddies) and I’m wearing it right now. It might look like it says “Slavery: gets shit done” but that’s only if you’re looking at it with the eyes of the uninitiated.

Allie on 30th of October 2007

OMG! I want to see you in brisbane.

Like really, really want to see you in Brisbane. Are you going to come to brisbane on another date? I mean not to sound obsesive *shifty eyes* But please come again? We brisbanites aren’t that weird… most of us.

Roxy on 30th of October 2007

Hey Tim i am a massive fan, i absaloutly love you! can you please come closer to Melbourne or something like that, because perth and brisbane are to far for me to travel. i really want to meet you :)
Love Roxy x x x

paul chauvel on 29th of October 2007

Tim… See you in New York

Penny on 27th of October 2007


Loved the show tonight in Manchester – genius!
Hope you haven’t caused the break-up of Gemma & boyfriend!!
Feel privileged to have seen you – once you are massive globally (nearly there) the only availability for tickets will be on the Gaza strip!


Sybil on 27th of October 2007

Chocolate… or wine.

Or both….

deb on 26th of October 2007

Yes, I shall admit I am one of the Myspace “friends/potentially mad stalker” American types you’ve made in the last few months, although I have been on the quiet side. Have enjoyed discovering you on The Sideshow and your DVD plays wonderfully in my multi-region DVD player :) Looking forward to your NY gigs.

So is bringing you chocolate an obligation upon attend a gig?

glam lovin kitty on 26th of October 2007

Myself, Kirsty and the other spelling geeks are, I’m sure, having palpitations at the sight of some of these comments…
(I wonder if people who write in text-speak also talk that way?)

ash on 26th of October 2007

OMG Tim ur so f***ing awesum! u rok my sox man! u r the gr8est and funniest comedian guy on this EARTH! i luv ur song infl8able u, its hilarious. hello 2 u frm me and all my best buddeez!!! U ROKKKK!!!
WE LUV U! :)

connor on 25th of October 2007

ur amazing man im a big fan i think ur really talanted ur great > connor reynolds london england

brendan Hoogenbosch on 23rd of October 2007

you’re doing shows in brisbane and perth, but wheres melbourne…. the best state in australia, and youre not going to visit us…. please, please, please come down and play in our lovely state…. would love to see you…

Carrie Millinger on 23rd of October 2007

hi tim. High five to you mate!!u rock!!!


glam lovin kitty on 22nd of October 2007

I posted a comment right after the site went up and it never appeared.
Yours peevedly,

*Sarah* on 21st of October 2007

Tara – Tim has a fansite with lyrics on, here’s the link to Rock n Roll Nerd: http://angry-feet.com/tim/cds/darkside/5.html
Some of the lyrics have changed over time, but they’re essentially the same.
Tim, what they said: you were great on sideshow.

Tara-K Trewhella on 21st of October 2007

Hi Tim! Could you please post the lyrics to the ‘Rock Nerd’ song you sang on the 20th October Sideshow in Australia? I’d love you forever… more than I already do!

david lang on 21st of October 2007

saw you on “sideshow” …
you are truly the rockstar my friend..
funniest man ive ever had the pleasure of viewing..
i will never wash my eyes again..

Wawa on 20th of October 2007

Tim- your Sideshow performance tonight was excruciatingly humourous. When you performed “Angry” I love the way you say it- you have the most amazing expressions, they are really good. I have already bought tickets for your Perth show, I can’t wait!

Jonathon Holmes on 20th of October 2007

OMG! Finally – the perfect Tim Minchin package! Can’t wait!

Katrina on 20th of October 2007

Hey Tim!
Love the new site, its pretty dam awesome! :)
Anyway im very pleased that you decided to put a show on in perth which i will, of course, be attending (as i obviously live in perth…) it’ll be the first time im actually lucky enough to see one of your shows, having missed the last one here
See you then,
Kat xox :)

Lou on 18th of October 2007

Ahh Timothy, more of my hard earning cash will be heading your way, via the Madman site. Exciting that there’s finally a DVD though, about damn time! At work I have to look through all the newspapers and cut out our adverts (I’m an intern… so yes, I get the crappy jobs) and actually yelped aloud with shock twice when I turned the page to find a picture of your face looking out at me from the pages. It was a nice surprise though. Good to see you’re taking over the world, one high-brow newspaper at a time. I need to sleep now. Bye!
PS – I liked how, back in the ‘Burgh, you made Mitch Benn peep out the curtains to see the lighters … :)

Kylie on 18th of October 2007

Hello! I am a very new fan-yay. I love all your songs. I think you are hilarious, and I hope to get to go to a gig sometime. Sadly you come to NY just a day after I would be leaving. Too bad.
Until next time

Nicola. on 18th of October 2007

Oh thankyou Timmy. Thankyou ever so much for the Perth show. You did tell me in Melbourne that you’d come back with it but I didn’t want to believe it too much because you’re such an international megastar now and the disappointment would have been crushing. I hope I finally get to hear The Interval Song. My friends have never ceased mocking me.
Also that advertisement over there –>
for the DVD is possibly the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Horse Han on 18th of October 2007

Yay, working comments! Silly me can’t remember what I wanted to say on here before, but it’s fantastic that you’re doing a movie. And your character is called Tom. I’m really looking forward to that and the DVD. What was happening with that free canvas bag offer, though? I haven’t seen anything else about it anywhere. Were you just being tricksy? You evil genius you.

Han x

Krissi on 17th of October 2007

Hey! My friends got me incredibly interested in your music, and you in general! But hey, two guys walking down the streets of Melbourne late at night singing Inflatable You, Dark Side and repeatedly and at the top of their lungs is a pretty good way of getting interested. So now we’re probably going to the Perth show! Good on you for coming all the way over to the West Coast. Thanks pal!

jac on 17th of October 2007

hi tim

love hearing all your news. and really like opening page to site v cool rainbow bling action…was excited to see you going to u.s. – me too, but not till dec (we might have been able to say hey like we never do in syders) but youre a busy man and im just darn lazy so yes i will definitely be buying your dvd, or at least renting it from the dvd shop, nah ill buy it i promise. happy everything. jac.x.

Mark on 16th of October 2007

finally… I can leave a comment yay!

anyway, the site is very snazzy and I like it! what a surprise it was when I stumbled upon it a few days ago (you’re welcome Sarah!) I nearly fell out of my chair…

oh, and the DVD looks fantastic, can’t wait to get it.

and one more thing, have fun in the US!

cory on 16th of October 2007

wow, just blody wow.

Max Newton on 16th of October 2007

Hi Tim

We went to see you in Sheffield on 11th October. We knew who you were after hearing ‘Inflatable you’ on the radio. But we don’t care about Rugby Union.

In order to try to quench your unquenchable thirst for love,I’d like to say that we thought you were brilliant! Thanks very muchly!

Jenny Wynter on 16th of October 2007

Congrats on everything Tim – so very much deserved. Hope the family life is travelling just as well.

Wow, I hope I get to catch you on one of your USA jaunts…was considering jetting down to the HBO Festival myself, we’ll see. Either way, hope it goes awesomely well – do you know yet if you’re going to be in Montreal in 2008? There’s only two things I know for sure – one is that I will never again not feel tired, the other is that I will be at Montreal Comedy Fest next year. Woot! Will hope to catch up with you there, if not before.

Kick some hairy American buttocks!

Amber on 16th of October 2007

Hey Timmy

So pleased that you’re coming to the US of A, but so sad that your
tour dates directly coincide with our trip back to Perth. Tragic in
the extreme. However, I’m going to strongly encourage everyone we
know to drive up to LA for your show. Best of luck and hope it is a
success so you can come back. Hope all’s well with you, Sarah and
little Violet.

xx Amber

Jas on 16th of October 2007

Comments started working and no one informed me!?

BRILL’ new site!
I wish to lick my screen now.

M. on 16th of October 2007

Is this the very first comment?

I feel privileged…


curtain on floor on 16th of October 2007

Yay comments work!

Very pretty site Tim :)

Gosh, i’m glad Linzy’s around to keep us updated :P

*Sarah* on 16th of October 2007

Against my better judgement, I’m gonna post the comment I originally tried to leave Saturday night when I discovered this site…it’s rather long and excitable:


Oh, this is all a bit too exciting, I might have to have a little lie down before I can complete this comment. No, wait, I’ll soldier on. Don’t you just love the bravery of your fans?

I LOVE the site (and I apparently love being gushy about things as well, I never knew that). No seriously, the site is very, very cool and exciting and soon after writing this, I shall whizz off to go and check out the rest of it. But so far, I love it with all my heart.

(By the way, I’ve never really studied the form of a lycra-clad bollock before, but it sounds pretty exciting. Maybe I’ll have to get my boyfriend/housemates/any willing male one of those bodysuits and study away. I’ll say you recommended it)

Tim, honestly, I’m actually a bit annoyed at you for launching this new site. We all know that I write a lot of waffle at the best of times, but the excitement of finding this site (thanks Mark!) has proved a bit too much, and now I just cant. stop. talking.

What else can I say, argh! Ooh the film sounds very exciting, that too is a mistake as the more dvds I have with you on them, the more I’ll end up writing out of excitement and adoration.

Oh, and I also love the advert for So Live at the side of the screen *points like a lunatic*

I think I really have to stop talking now. I shall try never to leave a comment this long and excitable ever again. That’ll teach you to launch a new site when everyone else seems to have gone to your gig and I’m lonely.

(Apologies to any potential new fans that I’ve just scared off)

Kate on 16th of October 2007

Certain dearth, indeed.

The site looks lovely, and I’m very excited about the DVD.

Linzy on 16th of October 2007

Thought it was worth mentioning that this “as-yet untitled boxing movie” now has the title ‘Two Fists, One Heart’.

At least one of us has to be in the loop with these things you know!

Marie-Louise Read on 16th of October 2007

Hi Tim and Sarah,
Great new website Tim. Very fetching catsuit. Good to hear from Jane your whole family is doing very well. Sarah, I hope you have a good network of mums and other friends in London and wherever you travel! We are expecting another girl on 21 Feb 08. That’s right, 3 days after Leila’s birthday! We think we will call her Ruby. Suggestions for middle names welcome. Hope to see you in November/ December! Lots and lots of love from Marie.

Sybil on 16th of October 2007

YAY it’s working!

Loving the new site timmy!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Love, one of the abovementioned lovely hot ladies. Hmm..


ChrisTina on 16th of October 2007

Kudos in Haiku form:

Outcry: Mazel Tov!

Freshly Redesigned
Portal: Bodacious.

And tickled to be the first post.
The new & improved site has a definitive wild west feel.
You would make a curious John Wayne.
Fashion diva says, “all the cool cowboys are sporting spandex this year.”
Love the look of the updated site!

tim on 15th of October 2007

yay that worked.

tim on 15th of October 2007

test comment by me

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