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‘So F**king Rock Live’ is being repeated on E4: Sunday 1st November at 23.10. So if you’ve been snoozing and not yet seen it then tune in and let Tim rock your funky socks…

If you’ve already seen it you may like to watch it again…who’ll know?

Permission to giggle? Granted.

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bob gibb on 28th of February 2010

pleas do a gig in scotland so its actually possible for me/other scotish people to see you live without having to go to london. thankyou

flint on 21st of February 2010

pure quality, clever, and slick. we love you and cant wait to see you gig the east of england…..

Blossem on 10th of January 2010

I love Tim Minchin.
His comedy is hilarious and he always makes good points. Stand up must be the only place you can get awayy with saying somet things, annoying but true.
I’m searching for him on 4OD to watch him again but 4OD has to be the worste site in the world.
<33 Tim Minchin.

Mark on 9th of January 2010

Tim I would love to see you live for once but you never come to Tasmania

Fiona on 9th of November 2009

giggle? I cried and for the second time!! I love Tim’s intellegence but his songs are just amazing. You grew on me like a tumor is really beautiful !

Lucy Davies on 7th of November 2009

just discovered you, genius! when are you touring England next?

zoe on 7th of November 2009

Ive alredy watched it on e4 but I watched it again,
Every time I watch it, it gets more funnier.

cooljooles on 6th of November 2009

Watching this got me majorly obsessed with Tim. He is brilliant…so pleased I saw it!

Jacque on 4th of November 2009

I wish that the US would run this! We are in desperate need of some Tim! ;-) Philadelphia perhaps?

Trisha on 3rd of November 2009

watched it (for the first time)… “what can I say” I Love Your Style!!

beth on 3rd of November 2009

Purple shoez

will parker on 3rd of November 2009

I love you Tim XxXxXxXxX

Amy Lawrence on 2nd of November 2009

Very annoyed that the signal on my box wasn’t good and wouldn’t let me watch your show. Even more annoyed that i couldn’t watch it on 4oD. Saw you’re Ready for this? at Northampton Royal & Dernagte in person and thought you were aboslutely hilarious! (POW!!) Very annoyed that i couldn’t watch your previous tours. Can’t wait for your next one :) x

Joe on 2nd of November 2009

Got the DVD. Same show, but without the adverts. Much better.

Sarah (Ireland) on 2nd of November 2009

Watched most of it last nite, but had work this morning plus hangover ystrdy, so I missed the last half hour. It’s hilarious, couldn’t stop laughing! Tim’s wife’s baby jokes rock too!

James on 2nd of November 2009

It was quite supremely amazing. I especially loved Rock N Roll Nerd. I have got to see you live sometime, next time your in London Maybe. Anyway Great Performance.


Joe on 2nd of November 2009

I loved watching it lol I always end up with 10ft cock and a few hundred virgins in my head lol cannot wait to show my gf when I move to the usa great job

Tracey/rm on 2nd of November 2009

! :)

Lyndsey Evans on 2nd of November 2009

Thanks Tracey! :)

Stuart Oxley on 2nd of November 2009

Hiya Tim

I have seen the show on E4 about a month ago but watched it again tonight and wanted to say that you really truly are brilliant and I have to see you when you are touring at some point as I think your talent and material is wonderful. The show is tremendous and the song – Not perfect makes me cry ffs lol. You grew on me is very clever btw. All your material is great to see and hear! Seeing you on Friday night with Jonathan Ross show was great too. In particular the piano duet at the end with Jamie Cullum, which I thought, was amazing.

Much love and best wishes

Kieran on 2nd of November 2009

Errr – that would be Mark Watson, not Adam Bloom – so much appreciation, yet so much wine!

Kieran on 2nd of November 2009

Thanks Tim, even better than I hoped. Liked you when you worked with Adam Bloom on Radio 4, reminded of you by the Ross interview – laughed and emoted watching you tonight – fantastic!

Tracey/rm on 2nd of November 2009

No pointy arrows on the tv screening. Hmm. Oh well. I know what I meant.

Laura on 2nd of November 2009

Have been watching, i adore him, he uses his comedic intellect and is obviously very talented. Truly amazing, i became a fan of his at Latitude Festival in 09 and will be a fan until death.

Love and best wishes.

Eleanor on 1st of November 2009

WAAAAAAH Im so watching that. Screw school tomorrow, Tim’s more important

Toria H on 1st of November 2009

aww I dont have Sky+ and tis on soooo late! Bummer!! Will watch it as I fall to sleep, :o) x

Hayley parrish on 1st of November 2009

My fires lit, got popcorn and onion rings ready for 2nite my kids are upstairs listening to ready for this cd, and my ready for this dvd arrived from oz yesterday.We are all happy.

Jayne (H) on 1st of November 2009

Giggle??? I just about fell off my chair in excitement, ran straight to my sky box and set it to record so’s I could watch it. Loooove iiiit.

rachael on 31st of October 2009

yay, love you. we left you a note at glasgow!!

Helen on 31st of October 2009

I confused. In the description on virgin it says tim minchin confronts the pressing issues of the day; sex, death, dancing bears and ginger body hair. Dont think thats right! I was under impression bears dont dig on dancin is part of ready for this not so rock.

Hannah Taylor on 31st of October 2009

thank god for that!
i’d seen it before and had it saved on sky plus, then it got deleted! :O
this time i shall deffo be keeping it saved, until i get it on dvd (y)
really can’t wait to see the ‘ready for this’ gig, hopefully it’ll come out soon so i can buy it
he was soo good when i saw him at warrington in september
can’t wait now :D

Amber on 31st of October 2009

I shall be watching it, of course; for the 5th time now actually. Funny stuff :)

Kay on 31st of October 2009

My Mum has it recording on Sky+, I don’t think she has realised that we recorded the same thing 3 months ago, last time it was shown on E4.
No one has deleted it.

Actually I think it is locked so it can’t be deleted.


Monda on 31st of October 2009

excellent – although after seeing you at the Reading Hexagon I’ve just bought it on DVD. Damn.
Canvas bags is now an Anthem in our house – especially on trips to Sainsburys. We love Tim.

Kflap on 31st of October 2009

yesssssss!!!!!!! XD

Tracey/rm on 31st of October 2009

Lyndsey, Ready For This? filmed at the at the Apollo will be released during the second half of next year (yay!). (see the fan site here http://www.angry-feet.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1933) :)

Lyndsey Evans on 30th of October 2009

Woo! Yeah! If I’m in I’ll be watching, even though I have the special ed dvd lol :)

Really loved your gig at Apollo by the way. The dancing bears were hilarious! Is there going to be a DVD made of the Sunday night? x

Lucy Arnott on 30th of October 2009

I am obsessed.. Love watching the DVD.. When is Ready For This tour going to be on DVD? Newcastle gig was amazing.. Love Tim ALOT!

Hayley parrish on 30th of October 2009

Is it so f**king rock cause it says he talks about ginger hair and in the dvd i dont remember that, not that i care as long as i see him. My poor dvd will be knackered soon.waiting for ready for this to arrive from oz cant come quick enough.

moira on 30th of October 2009

haha, i order this DVD couple weeks ago and i have not had it off lol.

Even now got my brother liking Tim now, he wants 2 go c him :~D
Will b watchin it 4 sure (again)

Thank 4 this tour Tim, Have an awsome time in Auz hopefuly c u soon again on tour, u wee Rock Star with depth lol. ;~P

becky on 30th of October 2009

YAY that is going to be ace! thanks!

Heidi on 30th of October 2009

that’s awesome! i soo want to watch it, but it’s not possible, we don’t have that channel here in estonia, argh, but anyway good luck to you and keep up very good work! love you!

Fiona Miles on 30th of October 2009

I WILL be watching, even though I’ve got the DVD.
i love’So Fucking Rock’ LIVE ! i love ALL the performances of the songs – especially Rock N Roll Nerd , which was the first song i heard EVER of Tims. Surprisingly enough it was when they showed So Fucking Rock on E4 in July. (Although, in the RNRN perfromance in So Fucking Rock i HATE it when Tim says ‘MOTHERFUCKIN’ private school’ in the Excorcist voice. )
anyway, I met Tim after his Birmingham gig on the 26th Sep . Tim hugs rule!!! xxxx

Fi on 30th of October 2009

ACE!! Obviously I will be staying up way past my normal Sunday night bed-time (like Tim, I’m a nerd who likes to get a good 8 hours every night) to watch it despite owning it on DVD. Thank Tim for having something to look forward to on a Sunday!

Bekki on 30th of October 2009

Tara – Strange how HMV said they had none of Tim’s stuff, I bought ‘So Fuckin Rock’ Special Edition the other day from there. Which is great, I might add.

Tracey, I agree, things always feel good watching them on TV even when you have the DVD. Will be watching that then anyway!

Simon on 30th of October 2009

Saw you last night in Brighton, AMAZING with bells on it, my girlfriend had never seen you before and loved you and your show, pure rock comedy………..

Perfect in every way, never stop, thank you for the laughs.

Tracey/rm on 30th of October 2009

Paul, Tim played 5 gigs in Scotland this year. I [fuckin] found out about said gigs through the gigs section of this site. Keep an eye on that page. The official fan site and Tim’s mailing list are other ways to make sure you don’t miss out-links at the side.

Anyway, yay! For some silly reason watching something on TV always feels special, even when you own the DVD(s). Jolly good :) More fans for Tim (and more audience members getting funny looks at future Tim gig-especially ones with great big arrows pointing at them ;))

Not that this little fact will interest anyone but me but it was an advert for the first showing of So Fuck Rock that introduced me to Tim(then Buzzcocks, then the actual screening).

Tara (Irish Ginger physicist on 30th of October 2009

Tim! I’ll be sky plussing that :) You are a hero! I tried to buy some of your stuff in HMV lately, I just asked if they had “anything at all by Tim Minchin” but they said they didn’t have anything of yours in their database?! I entertained the notion that you may be on some kind of secret banned list! Perhaps the powers that be think that Catholic Ireland isn’t ready for your delicious brand of humor!

Anyway, if I buy your DVD’s online are they likely to play on my DVD player?

Bev hunt, knott end on sea on 30th of October 2009

Tim i am addicted to watching you and listening to you. My friend came to see you and I had never seem or heard if you before. You’re great. My 7 year old loves your music come back to uk and tour again in 2010 the Lancaster grand theatre is a great intimate venue

Patrick Spelman on 30th of October 2009

i love tim

i met you in coventry and i picked you up you are my comedy idol

Paul on 30th of October 2009

Tim (or) Tim’s Main Man! I want(in English, I Would prefer to properly locate(fuckin find out) if or where you will be performing in Scotland. Known about you for a few years but never been advertised enough! or i have been too dormant! where in UK but really in Scotland are you performing next? your interest reignited from woss! X Your too good to miss out!

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