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Shiny New Music Video

by Linzy 5th Apr 2010 | 39 comments

If you’re a fan of Tim’s on Facebook (and if you’re not, the only excuse is that you’re not on Facebook, and who’s not on Facebook these days?) then you’ll probably already know that we have an exclusive Easter Monday treat for you, and boy what a treat it is!

The producer of ITV’s Comedy Cuts, Rohan Acharya, has kindly allowed us to upload to YouTube, for your viewing pleasure, the video for ‘If You Really Loved Me’, which is taken from the forthcoming series of the said ITV programme.

Do you like abandoned warehouses, dancing and men in tailcoats? If so, this video might just make your day!

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James Harvey on 18th of June 2010

Tim, I saw your show on the Gold Coast in march last year. I’ve been trying to find your ‘ruffle shirt’ since then without luck. Any hints??? Cheers

Lauren Palmer on 12th of June 2010

how have i only just seen this?! it was released on my birthday too!! Would have been marvellous if I saw it then haha :)
Nice on timmyyy!

nel pollard on 1st of June 2010

god! i love you! GENIOUS.

Susie Husted on 10th of May 2010

Fucking hilarious and so true. Thanks for posting!

Durzarina on 25th of April 2010

You NEVER dissapoint me. Brilliant :P
but i did miss the piano solo :S
your songs always make my day Fan-dabbi-dosie =3
love love

Hester on 19th of April 2010

Ohw me friggin’Lord, what a sexyey song!


Jessica Haywood on 16th of April 2010

Ahhhh, awesome :D When will it be on tv?

Missing the lovely piano solo though :( but loving the dancing and tailcoat. Ooooh, and the ruffle-y shirt. :D And your bloody lovely voice :)
Have you ever noticed that you couldn’t possibly dot the ‘I’ in ‘I love you’ with a star, as it’s a capital ‘I’? You’re asking for an impossible thing, Tim, love!
Please, please, PLEASE can you come and tour the UK again? I’m 16 now, I can go! Pleeeease? I’ll train some cockatoo? I’ll sing you passages from the Qu’ran in nothing but a Bob the Builder hat to the tune of Waltzing Matilda? I’ll buy you a Chinese kid? I’ll get you on MTV(you’ve already been on rage!) PLEASE?
Ta. ;D
Glad you’re moving up in the world :) though I’ve kinda liked being one of the monority who knows about you…
P.S. Why the FECK are you wearing shoes? x)

Sarah Whtehurst on 16th of April 2010

Tim, you simply out-do yourself time after time! I am hoping you become bigger (in popularity I mean…although if you did get fat I couldn’t possibly imagine the amazing stuff you’d write about yourself then!!! Maybe you could start your next live act in a fat suit then surprise your guests by deflating after the first song!).

I hope all your ambitions come true so you can write more hilarious stuff.

Much love x

Erin on 13th of April 2010

PLEASE put this on iTunes! I love it and SO want to download!

MEGUMI on 11th of April 2010

Hi Tim ! I totally knocked out your songs! Funny,Naughty,silly,beauty!!
If Japanese ppl can understand English, they would love you like I do.
We LOVE this kind of sense of humour
Keep on Rock !!!!

Jennifer on 9th of April 2010

Lol Tim isn’t wearing shoes I guess obviosuly he’s outside but … lol then he should have sung in a location where he could show of his affectation of bare feet.

Hannah on 9th of April 2010

Hehee :) Very Nice Tim xD One of my favourite songs :)) <3 x

Angela on 8th of April 2010

AWESOME! Your songs are great Tim and I just love this one…. Play it all the time on my iPod and quote it to…lol
You Rule… Come back and play a show in Adelaide Australia we miss you down here.

keep up the great work

Patrick Spelman on 6th of April 2010

TIM although the video seems rather simple just seeing your face when you said the word bum made my eyes burn in a satisfying manor well done tim 5 STARS

Helen on 6th of April 2010

Beautiful :O I loved the tailcoat, and OMFG actually wearing shoes?! Haha, nice simple video to showcase the brilliance of the song. High five, Tim, and 10/10! xox

Kit on 6th of April 2010

SHINY….. @[email protected]

Sandra Romano on 5th of April 2010

Oh my…, it is great!! When are you coming to Spain? (Ok, this was a joke…)

Tracey/rm on 5th of April 2010

Wonderful :)

I love this song, especially as the line about adopting to stay thin seems to get a particularly high amount of gasps from audiences, which is odd given the amount of shocking things that you/Tim actually says/sings….

Madeline on 5th of April 2010

I love the video I faved, gave it a thumbs up =D love the video Tim when can I see the programme on television?

melissa graham on 5th of April 2010

i seen it and it’s kool i really like it :D :)

Kon on 5th of April 2010


Martin Grantham on 5th of April 2010

Started my day of with a laugh, a great way to start .. Certainly up there with my favourites of Tim’s .. how about touring the UK after you finish with Aus – or am I just out of touch as usual!

Ellen paaal on 5th of April 2010

I love it more than i love my mum. congrats.

Kate Webster on 5th of April 2010

Like that a lot. There was just the barest suggestion of a tap routine there – your inner choreographer’s coming out again. I definitely feel we should see more of that tailcoat.

Thanks for sharing.

Chrissy on 5th of April 2010


smoki on 5th of April 2010

omg ur wearing shoes!!!

Jimshout on 5th of April 2010

Love the song – loved seeing you in concert doing the song. Can’t see how video adds in this case…please let me make your next one!!!

Elaine on 5th of April 2010

Just brilliant (even though it’s missing my favourite bit of this song, the rousing piano solo ;-)

Mykala on 5th of April 2010

You’ve probally heard this before but your awesome Tim. You’re so dedicated and passionate, your music is both silly & intelligent and very well composed.

Frances on 5th of April 2010

love it.. thanks for the shiny new treat xx

Jane on 5th of April 2010

Probably the best Monday morning ever..and it included all the music video cliches…warehouse, sitting backwards on a chair, rain…loved it!

Stephanie Vick on 5th of April 2010

You look weird with shoes on. Somehow I’d expect to see you in bare feet if I ran into you on the subway.

Lauren on 5th of April 2010

Awesome song by an extremely awesome person :) Keep it up Tim (and please come to Australia again soon as it may be a bit hard to convince my parents to send me to England for a gig) ;) xx

Laura C on 5th of April 2010

That was a lovely way to wake up in the morning – thank you kindly x

Pip on 5th of April 2010

Genius! Keep em coming!

Teddy on 5th of April 2010

Hmmm great song, I like all of the older stuff. The video is good, but come on Tim, something shocking?

Love your work.

Whitney on 5th of April 2010

Bwhahaha! I love this song! Such a good video clip for it! Congrats Tim! Love your work!

Tony McFadden on 5th of April 2010

One of your best…

Angela on 5th of April 2010

Bravo, Tim.

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