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Tim’s second live UK DVD, Ready for This? was filmed in front of a justifiably enthusiastic audience during a sell-out, 3-night run at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, in London.

In this spectacular show, Tim confronts the pressing issues of the day: environmentalism, rationalism, prejudice(ism) and his amour de boobs(ism). The universal human experiences of love, truth… ginger body hair and um… dancing bears?…are all there to enlighten us and make us giggle.

Ready For This? features: Prejudice, If I Didn’t Have You, Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing, Canvas Bags, Confessions, White Wine In The Sun, the acclaimed nine minute beat poem; Storm and many more.

The DVD comes with an exclusive 28-page ‘Songbook‘ of, often handwritten and annotated, lyrics and with some photos from the tour. The show is also available on Blu-ray but the songbook is not available with that format.

Extras on both formats include: the animated internet sensation Pope Song, an interview and performance of 5 Poofs and 2 Pianos from Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and a music video: Google Street View, made for The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, 2009.

Here, for your delectation is a lovely clip from the show: Tim singing ‘If I Didn’t Have You’ in a in a pair of delightfully uncomfortable, yet stylish, skinny jeans and featuring a particularly fine example of the, now world famous ‘Wiggle’…oh yes.

Ready For This? will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and iTunes from 29th November 2010.

You can pre-order your copy now, here.

Psstt! We’ll be announcing an exciting competition in relation to this release, very soon, so keep an eye on this site from time to time…just one eye…no need to overdo it.

EDIT: To answer a couple of questions that are already popping up:
This is a new recording for the UK DVD but it is the same show as Ready For This? recorded at the Enmore in Sydney and released in Australia already. There are brand new ‘talky bits’ and ‘If You Really Loved Me’ replaces ‘You Tube Lament’ – this is reflected in the ‘Songbook’. The Extras are…extra too.
For those not based in the UK, if you cannot order via the link then it will be available from this site and other retailers who ship worldwide, at some point.

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Paul J on 27th of December 2010

I was there!!! :P

Jenny on 29th of October 2010

Hey, I’m wondering… does anyone know if the disc would work on a play station 3 in the U.S.? Because I want this video dammit.
Would they even send it to me here?

whykie on 18th of October 2010

The Canadians and Americans who stated above they believed they couldn’t purchase the DVDs — read Tim’s FAQ:

I don’t live in Australia or the UK – how can I buy your merchandise?

The “from” on the merchandise page simply indicates from where the merchandise is being sent; both the UK shop and the Australian shop will happily ship things internationally.

Tracey/rm on 17th of October 2010

Filming of Lost, I mean. That will teach me to comment when I should have been parenting (it probably won’t though). Don’t judge me.

Tracey/rm on 17th of October 2010

Two DVDs I’ve been looking forward to this year, this, and the last season of Lost. (ok, 3 if you count Toy Story 3, 4 if you count any avatar special editions). I was there, both days (and the Friday too, well colour me stalker) so I know this will be amazing, if only I had been there for the filming off Lost…

The extras sound brilliant!

And I’ll keep one eye casually on this site from time to time.

It’s probably really dorky off me, but I think it will be really lovely to have a DVD of something I saw live. I know lots of people already have this, for various things, not just you/Tim, but I don’t.


Chuck on 15th of October 2010

I pre-ordered this as soon as it was available to do so. I was lucky enough to be there on the Saturday, second row centre. The show was freakin’ sweet and I’m totally looking forward to the next one at the O2 in December! I hope there will be a DVD release of that one as well.

mandy campbell on 15th of October 2010

I now do the wiggle to that song.You are hilarious and my hubby and I love your work x

jen on 15th of October 2010

I second the vote for you to come to western canada! I would adore seeing you live again…and sharing your brilliance with all my friends ( not that I haven’t already made them watch all your youtube videos…)!!! much love

Mysticl on 15th of October 2010

Love you Tim! So does my husband ;) You seriously speak for us with just about every song you do! Please keep it up .. especially the irreverent bits! I wish you’d come to western Canada sometime ..lots of us with twisted humour out here.

I would love to order the DVD for my husband for Xmas but I understand I can’t cause I live in Canada? Say it’s not so!!!! */cry*

Rik Remus on 15th of October 2010

Hey Timmi, is it ok to call you i sure as hell hope so. The song from the video above love it, along with drowning, and angry feet and happy lil afrikans and and and, ya get the point, I leave in a few days to walk 6500 miles fro meth abuse awareness, bullshit aside Im walking 6500 miles for 1 stupid girl. one very special stupid girl. anyways long story short I will carry your great songs, poems and uhm whatever you call the rest of it like tony the the fish etc. Yes we are right, that little tiny group of us yanks that uhm well are right the entire time and expose as many as I can to your wierd freaky mutated in a good way sense of humor. Im not just blowing smoke up your arse either, you truly have a great mind.I hope that you will follow my endeavors as I have followed yours my notes will be updated by me mums (uhm yeah she really hates when I say it that way but he loves your comedy). face book under the name Rik Remus keep making us laugh tim you Rock

sarah b on 14th of October 2010

Yes I am ready for this!!! Been waiting way too long since seeing the show! XxxX

Sarah B on 14th of October 2010

I would do :-)

Chezza on 14th of October 2010

Worth it just for that rear vision wiggle!

Hannah Taylor on 14th of October 2010

that wiggle is so damn sexy! can’t wait to get the dvd, been waiting long enough for it’s release, can’t wait to see you in manchester :D x

Junior Ginger Pie on 14th of October 2010

i have been waiting on this about 3 months already as that is how long ago i pre ordered it .Bring it Tim ! wow me with your musical whimsey

Elyse Mcfly on 14th of October 2010

pretty pretty please, could you make you’ve talents available for purchase in Canada! PLEASE! I don’t have enough money to go to the UK and buy it! or strong enough arms to swim. So pretty please with a cherry on top!

Conleth on 14th of October 2010

Just in time for christmas !! Ok Family.

keith on 14th of October 2010


Shel, Tim, etc…

Those of us in the US who love you need to be able to buy this too! Please get a US distributor!

MJ on 14th of October 2010

It can only be delivered in the UK :S

ren on 14th of October 2010

isn’t the competition thing over? or is there another one planned?

sarah on 14th of October 2010

fab and its only took a year to be released which is good as almost fogot the talky bits now loveing the extras to will drive neighbours mad with pope song x

Ali Ganley on 14th of October 2010

We really want you back!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tim-Minchin-4-Ireland/133420256705269?v=wall

keith on 14th of October 2010

Can US fans buy this from this site?

Abi on 14th of October 2010

Woohoo! I’ve pre-ordered this, and I can’t wait for it to arrive! Looks great! :D

Elaine on 14th of October 2010

Ooh, exciting! (But shouldn’t that be “sneeky peak”…? ;-)

Cathryn on 14th of October 2010

I Love ‘the wiggle’ hehe :)
Can’t wait for this DVD…

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