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UPDATE: For those watching the ABC2 broadcast, the audio problem in the first half was caused by the delayed ABC transmission. The second half is being broadcast live and there’ll be no problems. Linzy x

Tickets are well and truly sold out for Tim’s remaining orchestra gigs in Australia but if you haven’t been fortunate enough to get yourself a ticket to one of the shows then it’s not going to be the end of the world, especially if you’ve got a large television!

On the 27th March, Tim’s final concert of this tour, with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and from none other than the Sydney Opera House, will be broadcast live to the nation on ABC2 from 8:30pm!

It’s not the first time ABC2 have done live broadcasts, with previous ones including Shakespeare plays, operas and musicals but this one looks set to be something else entirely, as people who’ve already seen the show will know!

There’s a short trailer for it on the ABC website here, though if you’ve got tickets for a show, it contains loads of spoilers! You have been warned! Also, there’s a bit more information on the show here.

And, of course, a little something from Tim about it all:
“It is an incredible honour to be playing with the Sydney Symphony and such a huge thrill to perform in the Opera House. That people will be able to watch the show live from their lounge rooms fills me with dread and excitement, and will fill the switchboards of right-wing radio djs with calls from the outraged. I can’t wait.”

You’ll all be inviting your elderly relatives over to watch this won’t you? There’s nothing like a live show for spreading the joy of Tim!

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Chris (stompin2) on 4th of April 2011

Loved the repeat, just can’t get enough of Tim. Guess he must have left Oz now. When will I have the chance to see him again? Went to the first show in Melbourne and the Allstars Comedy Gala just to see Tim. He was a wonderful host, very relaxed and full of cheeky fun. A unique talent, hope I don’t have to wait too long to see him again.

Alan on 30th of March 2011

I was so glad that my wife and I were at the concert on Sunday night and not relying on the ABC to do the right thing and just transmit the show. I seem to remember 20 years ago they used to do similcasts with FM radio stations with no problems. How could they get this wrong?

As for the substitution of the “C” word, I’d keep it in the act. It was funnier knowing that he would definitely use it and then doesn’t.

Best concert I have been to in decades.

Cara on 28th of March 2011

They managed to fix the sound issue before broadcasting in WA, but instead they cut out The Fence along with the intermission! Being my favorite of the new songs, I also really hope they repeat or upload to iview.

I was quite surprised to see Tim on Media Watch tonight. Even more so when they talked about audio problems instead of the cut song.

I was also surprised that abc has a problem with the C word when they’re fine with everything else. Such a pity, I love that particular line! :P

Andrew on 28th of March 2011

I attended your concert at the SOH on Friday night and it was fabulous.
I was fuming at how the ABC TV stuffed up the broadcast of your concert.
Today at the office some people said that they perceived that the TV was faulty and turned it off or changed channel, thus loosing you many potential followers.

Some other people who have never seen you before didn’t realise that you were not supposed to sound like that and they turned off with a poor impression of you and what you are about.

In my world view, the ABC defamed you severely.
I hope someone at the ABC gets the sack for what they did to you and I hope that the ABC makes it up to you somehow.

Rita on 28th of March 2011

If it was live how did they manage to fit that bit of Tim talking into it? Genuinely wondering…

Aiden on 28th of March 2011

An Australian DVD with the SSO and Tim would be fantastic, as an Aussie its really good to see Australian talent with the best symphony in Australia all put onto one DVD! Shame about those ships coming into port… :P

paula raccoon on 28th of March 2011

i caught most of it and was gobsmacked at how brilliant this guy is. my husband and i were sinply glued to the tele. awesome tim

Katherine on 28th of March 2011

Yes, please replay on ABC!! Very frustrating to watch and listen to with the audio problems. And they went on and on and on…I was thinking – is this part of the joke? No surely not? Is it???? What I did hear was talented and gutsy and original. Well done.

Merch on 28th of March 2011

only caught the last 5 minutes….. and if i concentrated really really carefully, i could just hear there was a grand piano in the mix. Hope the whole show wasn’t like that.

Gary on 27th of March 2011

Great show!!! I must have tuned in to ABC2 after they fixed the audio issues. Hope it comes to iView or DVD so I can watch the whole show !!!

Deon on 27th of March 2011

Really disappointed with the audio problems experienced here in QLD. I suppose I’ll have to wait for it on DVD

Mel on 27th of March 2011

absolute bullshit, ABC and it’s “live” broadcast…. We can’t hear you TIM!!!!!! you should sue.

bec on 27th of March 2011

sort yourself out ABC2!!

Alarna on 27th of March 2011

OOPS, Brilliant, gotta be record for Australian brodcast of the word Fucker-Congrats

Karl-aksel on 27th of March 2011

Was very disappointed with abc2 and the audio problems when it was shown tonight. Was really looking forward to it. Hope they have a plan to reshow it with proper audio soon, or at least have it on iView with the correct audio.

Alarna on 27th of March 2011

Holy Shit, Poor Tim (and us). ABC2- what a bunch of wankers. The camera work is terrible, and the sound is rotten and distorting and now overlapping. Funny, Tim was expecting outrage about his content but I think there will be more outrage about not being able to hear his content. Oh the Irony. Here’s hoping ABC2 replays this. Although suspiciously just as the pope song is beginning, Tim has popped up to announce Ready for this?????????? technical difficulties or clever way of not being assasinated by the vatican :)

siouxb on 27th of March 2011

Soooo disappointing ABC!!! I have been waiting all week for this.

Kim on 27th of March 2011

Looking forward to this all week and f-ing ABC run sound for rock n roll nerd over LIVE show. Idiots!!!!!!!

Nikie on 27th of March 2011

Am currently trying to watch Tim’s show on ABC, it is so unfortunate that whoever was in charge of the sound editing needs to be sacked!!! It ruined Tim’s show, hopefully it will be fixed and replayed ASAP. Still a big Tim fan but can’t say the same for ABC.

Hannah on 27th of March 2011

I saw last night’s show in Sydney. And you can bet your life I’m going to be glued to the TV tonight to watch it again. Tim’s really deep.

Alarna on 26th of March 2011

Just got back from tonights gig, and am wiggly with glee at getting to watch it again tomorrow. I can’t explain how brilliant tonight was even if I did have to knife someone for tix. And I second the notion. . . . DO THE POPE SONG!!!!! see how quick ABC can go to an ad break :)

Helen Sumner on 26th of March 2011

Hahaha….Can’t wait for all the ” outrage “..hehhe.. Another Feeter and I are getting together to watch this on Sunday night.. Will be awesome to watch him, again. xx

Corinne on 22nd of March 2011

I want to know if it’ll be put online, on abc iview?

Josh on 16th of March 2011

can i watch this in England? i would love to do that? if so, where?

anya on 14th of March 2011

please someone tell me that this will be put online somewhere. hatin’ uk right now.

Victoria on 14th of March 2011

darn it…why aren’t i australian??

robyn moody on 14th of March 2011

can’t be as good as Melbourne Symphony Orchestra gig (of course), but can’t wait!!!!!!!!

Chick on 12th of March 2011

Yay!!! Brilliant – and on my birthday too. Thanks Tim.

ProfUgo on 11th of March 2011

Please do the Pope Song, Tim. Pleasepleasepleaseplease do it. I dare you. I double-dog dare you. :)

Anita on 11th of March 2011

Tim, just saw your show in Adelaide. Awesome as always! Missed your boob song this time though… Love your lullaby, you really need to be a parent to completely appreciate it.

Beth on 11th of March 2011

Somebody call HBO, have them broadcast the show from New York in May!!!!

Beth Mitchell on 11th of March 2011

Sooooo Jealous in Kansas City, Missouri

Danielle on 11th of March 2011

Intensely jealous in the US. I would pay an indecent amount of money to anyone who could record that and send a DVD to Texas.

Jonty on 11th of March 2011

Well, even though I’m seeing him on the 24th, it will still be great!

Jim on 11th of March 2011

Finally all the friends and family will get to see what I’ve been banging on about for years. Superb news.

Stewart Greenhill on 11th of March 2011

Fab! Thanks Tim. I enjoyed your show in Perth, but would love to revisit in a more intimate venue.

Alison Supple on 11th of March 2011

Thank you. I am hundreds of klms away from his nearest concert…so so grateful…thank you! Excited!

Nomes on 11th of March 2011

Hoorah! I’m a good 600km from the nearest concert and couldn’t afford the travel and accom this year (managed last year tho!). So stoked that I’m not going to miss it!

Danielle on 11th of March 2011


kenny on 11th of March 2011

im in the UK, can i see this online, cos i loved the tour and would love to see this again.

Lisa on 11th of March 2011

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (using Meg Ryan’s enthusiasm). OMG….how freaking fabulous! I have popped it into the iphone calendar all ready to go!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine on 11th of March 2011

At last! A reason to switch on the TV on.

Mel on 11th of March 2011

you bloody beauty!! We are seeing you in Brisbane on the 18th March, and will now get an encore performance! WOOO HOOOO!! love you Tim!

JennyMo on 11th of March 2011

Oooooh! I hope this show is going to be a DVD too – I saw it in Brighton and it was fantastic!

K Sturgess on 11th of March 2011

There’s a review of the Kings’ Park Perth show on Token Skeptic podcast this week and a short Australian interview with Tim – glad that it’ll be broadcast for those who missed seeing it live! :)

Patrick L. on 11th of March 2011

Outside Australia? Pretty pleeeeeeease…..

Kerry on 11th of March 2011

Hooray! I didnt take the kids to the Melbourne concert on the 26th ( a couple of rock and roll nerd t-shirts made up for this a little!). They will be thrilled to be able to see the concert for themselves.

ori on 11th of March 2011

My usual question: will the broadcast be available outside of Australia? *fingers crossed*

Lynn on 11th of March 2011

Yes! Outrage away, you wonderful human !!! I’ll be there watching. . .

Sue on 11th of March 2011

Didn’t get to see you in Kings Park, such a shame. Please use a theatre next time in Perth…..too many mossies and too much wind in the park to get the best from your fantastic shows.
Will be drinking white wine whilst watching your “Live to The Nation”…hope it comes out on DVD.

Andrew on 11th of March 2011

Huzzah! Bells. On.

John B on 11th of March 2011


My children, my wifey and me,
We’ll be watching Tim live on TV,
Whilst drinking wine on our settee…

We’ll the wifey and me that is, Can’t wait :)

Clare on 11th of March 2011

Woooo Hooooo! So glad to see this is going to happen for those of us who didn’t get tickets!! :)

Louise on 11th of March 2011

Yes :) Get to see the magic happen all over again! Does this mean it may also be made into a DVD ……

Vince on 11th of March 2011

So I get to see it again? Bless you Tim.

Emily on 11th of March 2011

YES! Hooray!

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