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UPDATE: For those watching the ABC2 broadcast, the audio problem in the first half was caused by the delayed ABC transmission. The second half is being broadcast live and there’ll be no problems. Linzy x

Tickets are well and truly sold out for Tim’s remaining orchestra gigs in Australia but if you haven’t been fortunate enough to get yourself a ticket to one of the shows then it’s not going to be the end of the world, especially if you’ve got a large television!

On the 27th March, Tim’s final concert of this tour, with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and from none other than the Sydney Opera House, will be broadcast live to the nation on ABC2 from 8:30pm!

It’s not the first time ABC2 have done live broadcasts, with previous ones including Shakespeare plays, operas and musicals but this one looks set to be something else entirely, as people who’ve already seen the show will know!

There’s a short trailer for it on the ABC website here, though if you’ve got tickets for a show, it contains loads of spoilers! You have been warned! Also, there’s a bit more information on the show here.

And, of course, a little something from Tim about it all:
“It is an incredible honour to be playing with the Sydney Symphony and such a huge thrill to perform in the Opera House. That people will be able to watch the show live from their lounge rooms fills me with dread and excitement, and will fill the switchboards of right-wing radio djs with calls from the outraged. I can’t wait.”

You’ll all be inviting your elderly relatives over to watch this won’t you? There’s nothing like a live show for spreading the joy of Tim!

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Chris (stompin2) on 4th of April 2011

Loved the repeat, just can’t get enough of Tim. Guess he must have left Oz now. When will I have the chance to see him again? Went to the first show in Melbourne and the Allstars Comedy Gala just to see Tim. He was a wonderful host, very relaxed and full of cheeky fun. A unique talent, hope I don’t have to wait too long to see him again.

Alan on 30th of March 2011

I was so glad that my wife and I were at the concert on Sunday night and not relying on the ABC to do the right thing and just transmit the show. I seem to remember 20 years ago they used to do similcasts with FM radio stations with no problems. How could they get this wrong?

As for the substitution of the “C” word, I’d keep it in the act. It was funnier knowing that he would definitely use it and then doesn’t.

Best concert I have been to in decades.

Cara on 28th of March 2011

They managed to fix the sound issue before broadcasting in WA, but instead they cut out The Fence along with the intermission! Being my favorite of the new songs, I also really hope they repeat or upload to iview.

I was quite surprised to see Tim on Media Watch tonight. Even more so when they talked about audio problems instead of the cut song.

I was also surprised that abc has a problem with the C word when they’re fine with everything else. Such a pity, I love that particular line! :P

Andrew on 28th of March 2011

I attended your concert at the SOH on Friday night and it was fabulous.
I was fuming at how the ABC TV stuffed up the broadcast of your concert.
Today at the office some people said that they perceived that the TV was faulty and turned it off or changed channel, thus loosing you many potential followers.

Some other people who have never seen you before didn’t realise that you were not supposed to sound like that and they turned off with a poor impression of you and what you are about.

In my world view, the ABC defamed you severely.
I hope someone at the ABC gets the sack for what they did to you and I hope that the ABC makes it up to you somehow.

Rita on 28th of March 2011

If it was live how did they manage to fit that bit of Tim talking into it? Genuinely wondering…

Aiden on 28th of March 2011

An Australian DVD with the SSO and Tim would be fantastic, as an Aussie its really good to see Australian talent with the best symphony in Australia all put onto one DVD! Shame about those ships coming into port… :P

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.