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From Anaheim to Montreal

by Linzy 12th May 2011 | 11 comments

And the North American dates just keep on coming in!

First up, on July 2nd, Tim will be returning to California, this time to the City National Grove of Anaheim, in, erm, Anaheim. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon from Ticketmaster.

Secondly, after appearing at both Just For Laughs Chicago and Just For Laughs Toronto, Tim will be heading to Just For Laughs Montreal with quite a busy schedule!

He’ll be doing three solo shows on 28th, 29th and 30th July at L’Astral, as well as taking part in Modern Love: The Relationship Show at Place des Arts on 29th July and doing two shows with Bo Burnham for Amp’d at Club Soda, both on the 28th July. Phew! I hope someone’s going to be keeping him topped up on caffeine!

Tickets for the solo shows go on sale on Saturday at 10am, with the others being available to buy soon, from the Just For Laughs website.

Update: The Amp’d shows seem to have been taken down from the JFL website. We’ll update if and when they come back.

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ShawnGBR on 31st of July 2011

Saw him on the 29th at L’Astral as part of Just For Laughs. He’s a humanistic genius. Well worth it.

stephanie on 1st of June 2011

Holy cats Tim! Take a day off once in awhile! Don’t go all Bob Seagar on us!

Joseph on 13th of May 2011

i *HAVE* to work for you somehow! the thing about me that i’ve been trying to figure out for 100 years is HOW TO BE LIKE YOU…but i never imagined YOU existed.

How brilliant you are to advance art forward in a powerful and meaningful way. I *hope* that more people understand what you’re doing. I’ll do my best to get the word out.

Robert on 13th of May 2011

Would absolutely love to see Tim in the Washington DC area while he is in North America.

Laura on 13th of May 2011

Come to San Diego please!!! :-D

Betsy on 13th of May 2011

for the love of science and logic, please make a stop somewhere between Anaheim and Portland! San Francisco (or Sacramento) is ready and waiting for you!

Robyn Brocklehurst on 13th of May 2011

We just saw him in New York! Amazing! Simply amazing!! He is the most talented individual I have ever seen. I can’t wait to see him in Chicago in June and now if he is playing in Montreal we may just need to make a trip there!! We love you Tim!!!

Nicolee Murrell on 13th of May 2011

What Cathy said!
We want him back in Aus too!
He is massively awesome, but he’s still only human!

lap on 13th of May 2011

yay !!!

Nicole on 12th of May 2011

On behalf of North America, I promise we won’t kill him, but we may keep him for a while. ;)

Cathy (traineeflorist) on 12th of May 2011

Ok … a bit worried … he’s not going to die of exhaustion is he? Please don’t let him die, we need him back here in the UK!! :o)))

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.