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There’s something a bit special on the radio today! Tim will be appearing live on In Tune with his Matilda The Musical partner-in-crime, Dennis Kelly. The dastardly duo (Tim’s Muttley, obviously) will be discussing the imminent opening of the musical and Tim will also being performing snippets of songs from the show!

In Tune will be broadcast on Radio Three, today at 4:30pm, and will be available on iPlayer afterwards. Also, as it’s radio, this is will be available for for everyone to listen to!

As if that wasn’t enough to get excited by, Channel 4 (and Channel 4 HD, for those with unhealthy obsession with pores and follicles) seem to be dedicating their late night schedule to Tim this Friday!

The whole thing starts at 10:35pm when Tim will be making his second appearance on 8 out of 10 Cats alongside Rachel Riley, Vernon Kay and Joe Wilkinson. After having to deal with Uri Gellar on his last appearance, this one should be a doddle…

Immediately after 8 out of 10 Cats, at 11:05pm, Channel 4 will be premiering a cut-down version of Tim’s ‘Ready For This?‘! Filmed at Hammersmith Apollo, years ago (approximately two), this will be worth watching if only for the flashy lights and impressive pyrotechnics and choreography. Oh, and there’ll be a weird-looking bloke bashing out a few tunes on a piano too, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Georgia on 25th of October 2011

Quiet is my fave plus it number 14 on the cd which is my lucky number

margaret on 23rd of October 2011

watched `ready for this` on friday,wonderful stuff! thank you for keeping me up so late,tim! xx

Jilly on 23rd of October 2011

Well Shady… I’ve just watched it and he sang his first song to me! “Only a Ginger can call another Ginger Ginger!” I personally got called Duracell! lol

Hope you sing it to me on Wednesday Tim… I’ll be 13th row back in about the middle! Can’t wait!

Shady on 22nd of October 2011

Haha Jilly, Indeed it will be. And I don’t even have to hop over the Humber Bridge. Just get on a bus and I’m 15 minutes away from what’s gonna be the best night of my life :’)

anya on 22nd of October 2011

OMG first time i have seen you today – my life was totally empty until today – ha ha ha amazing energy, charisma and notes

love the songs specially the ginger one

i just an not explain the emotion the show caused in my body

Sarah on 20th of October 2011

I feel ridiculously excited about the opening of Matilda, especially as I live in Sydney and can’t be there – well not yet, anyway. I have ordered the CD and am trying to live vicariously through the podcasts etc available on the internet. It sounds as though it will be a magical success, and I am really, really hoping it is. It will be so well deserved. At least I can look forward to seeing Tim again in Sydney in February (already have our precious tickets and are bringing family this time) and am looking forward to the DVD release with the Heritage Orchestra. Now, if the BBC will just produce a DVD of the Comedy Prom, that might keep me going for a bit longer. This obsession with Tim and his work is crazy – probably like a drug, but in the nicest possible way. GOOD LUCK!

Daffy on 20th of October 2011

Ohmygod, the Matilda songs are so amazing!

Jilly on 20th of October 2011

This will be a great ‘warm up’ for us before hopping over the Humber Bridge on Wednesday!

Justine on 20th of October 2011

Just listened to the radio, and cried my eyes out to ‘Quiet’ thank you Tim!

aly on 20th of October 2011

I have asked the Beeb if they intend to release the Comedy Prom 40 on DVD and they are ‘investigating’. I did copy it and accidently deleted it…….what a fool I hear you say. Do you have any idea if this might be a DVD?

Justine on 20th of October 2011

After the day I have had I can’t tell you how happy that has made me, thank you sooo much!!! just hope I haven’t missed Tim on the radio, I tuned in at 4.40

Diane Reed on 20th of October 2011

Thanks, Lizzie. Yippee! Do you have a link for the radio broadcast?

Jules on 20th of October 2011

Whilst enjoying the show at Vicar Street, (how could you not?), I was left just a little disappointed at the lack of new material. Anything in the pipeline??

Marcia Kennedy on 20th of October 2011

Great news…that’s cheered me up. Can’t wait. Lucky enough to have seen him live in Edinburgh with his orchestra… a great pressie from a really thoughtful friend. Rock on Tim!!

Kerry R on 20th of October 2011

Looks like a night of Channel 4 tomorrow night then – Derren Brown followed by Tim. TV heaven!!

Justin Waye on 20th of October 2011

After illness, surfing holidays etc etc Ive managed to miss your shows in or near to the South West (England) Any plans to put on a show in this neck of the woods?

Linzy on 20th of October 2011

Yep, the radio broadcast will be available worldwide and the airing of Ready For This is the same as the one out on DVD in the States.

Michelle on 20th of October 2011

Yepeeeee … Was wondering how I was gonna get through a weekend without Tim or the prospect of Tim … Thanks Linzy

Diane Reed on 20th of October 2011

Any chance any of this will be available for those of us stuck in the U.S.?

Terry on 20th of October 2011

Tim is our hero, had “You Grew on Me” as our first dance at our wedding in June.
Great to have a TV viewing, we need more on TV, how about a dedicated ‘TIM’ channel ?

NiCKEH on 20th of October 2011

I didn’t understand what ‘having to deal with Uri Gellar’ meant, then I googled him and saw ‘an Israeli-born, self-proclaimed psychic’. Understood completely.

Linda on 20th of October 2011

Oh Yessssssssssssssss … Ithought l would be dead by the time l got a piece of Tim again!

Emmy Yeadon on 20th of October 2011

Sky+ set! Wish I was going to see him in Hull next week. Anyone got any spare tickets….? *fingers, toes and eyelashes crossed*

Joannie on 20th of October 2011

Yippeee :o) I will have just got home from work and be comfortably in my pjs ready for a night of Timmmmmy!

maggie on 20th of October 2011

hurrah !! and Im going to see him in Hull next week

Jenny Storey on 20th of October 2011

Whoop whoop whoop that’s tonight and Friday night to look forward too Yipee.Timmy Time, isn’t that the name of a children’s program now ! Xx

Forkoff on 20th of October 2011

Good Stuff! You can never have enough Minchin in your evening lineup! MOAR!!

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